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Dick, W. & R. boot and shoe
■warehouse, 91 Main street
Picksou, James, Rosendale dairy
ho. 18 College st
Donaldson, James, grocer, 51 Her-
iot st. ; ho. 9 do
Dow, A. C. R. flesher, 25 Heriot
Dow, James, 150 King st
Dow, Robert, Low Cartcraigs
Dow, Thos. flesher, 27 Main st
Dow, William, flesher, 152 King
Dow, Wm. accnuntant, property
agent and house factor; tire, life,
accident, and plate glass insur-
ance ageot; secy. Eastwood
Model Building Societies, 6
Pleasance sf. ; ho. 6 Grautly
gardens, Shawlands
Downie, J. flesher, 66 Main st
Drummond, Bobt. wine and spirit
merchant, 88 Pollok st. and 2
Maxwell st
Duncan, T. Watson, secretary,
Torrance lodge, Maosewood
Dunlop, Jas. , banker and insurance
agent, Clydesdale Bank Ld., 128
King St.; ho. 130 do
Dunlop, John, spirit merchant, G4
Maxwell st
Dunlop, John, egg merchant, 31
Maxwell street
Dunlop, Wm. carrier, 31 Wilson
Eastiwood Beetling Co., bleachers,
dyers, and finishers, Co^an st
Eastwood Conservative Associa-
tion; secy. John M. Campbell,
writer, Auldfield place
Eastwood Liberal Association,
secy. John Campbell, Town
Eastwood Model Building Societies,
secy. Wm. Dow, accountant,
5 Pleasance st
Eastwood Parish School Board ;
clerk, Robert Guy, writer, 67
King st
Edgar, John, Mineva, Mansewood
Finlay, A. U. grocer, 41 Rosendale
Finlay, John, tinsmith and gas-
fitter, 39 Main st
Finlay, Robert, High Cartcraigs
Finlayson, A, spirit dealer, 83
King st
Frame, Mrs. J. Central Dau-y, 106
Main st
Fraser, Mrs., tobacconist, 108
Main St.; ho. 6 Maxwell cross
Free Church, King st
Gardner, Sergeant-major H. drill
instructor, 3rd V.B. Argyle and
Sutherland Highlanders, iiauk-
head cottage
Gardiner, R. boot and shoe maker,
132 Main St.; ho. ^ Eockvilla,
Gardiner, Rev. Wm. B. Original
Secession Church ; ho. Pollok
villas. Shawlands
Gas Office, M 'Arthur St.; Wm.
Anderson, secy. ; ho. 4 Wood-
lands terrace, Langside
Gas Residual Products Co., Ltd.;
Alex. Mackie, secy.
Gibson, David, cartiug contractor,
Haggs rd
Gibson, Jilrs. J. fancy goods mer-
chant, 113 Kiog st
Gillespie, Wm. boot and shoe mcht.
128 Main st
Gilmour, Samuel, wine and spirit
mercht, 27 Pollok st.; ho. 67 do.
Glasgow Corporation Gas Works,
9 Factory street ; John Adam,
Glasgow Desiccated Cocoanut Co.
11 Wil-ion st
Goldie, Geo. licensed grocer, 59
Main st
Govan, William, sen. 19 High Cart-
craigs st
Govan, Wm. jun. smith, Cart-
Govan haugh Paper Co. paper
Graham, Robert, grocer, 24 Main
Graham, Mrs. Wm. 119J King st
Grant, Jn. Hillhead lodge, Manse-
Grant, Jn. greengrocer, 51 Main st
Gray, Andrew, newsagent and
confectioner, 55 Pollok st
Gray, Wm. confectioner, &c., 12
Maxwell st
Guthrie, Wm. at Eastwood Beet-
ling Co.
Guy, Robert, writer, clerk to
the Eastwood Parish School
Board; ho. The Wern, Mansewood
Guy, Robert, writer and bank
agent, The Wern
Haggan, Jn. boot and shoe maker,
67 Pollok st
Hall, John, grocer, 105 Kins; st.
Hatnilton, Andrew, boot and shoe
maker, 43 Heriot st
Hamilton, Captain David, of the
3rd V.B.A. & S.H. ; res. Fern-
cliffe, Mansewood
Hamilton, John Teviotbank
Hamilton, Robt. janitor, 6 Cogan
Hamilton, Mrs. Robert, milliner
and dressmaker, 146 King st
Hanlon, Peter, carrier, 47 Heriot
street ; stables, Auldhousefield
Hannah, Wm. saleroom, 40 Pollok
street; ho. Rosendale rd
Harrison, Mrs., newsagent, 13 Heriot
Harper, Samuel, Low Cartcraigs
Hart, James, agent, Gresham In-
surance office, Auldfield pi
Hart, Mrs. James, postmistress,
Auldfield place
Hart, Thomas, writer and N. P.
63 Renfield st. ; ho. Cartbank
Hart, Mrs. Thomas, Auldfield pi
Hay thorn, J.(ofHaythnrn& Stuart)
Ivy cottage, Mansewood
Headquarters of the 3rd V.B.A. &
S.H. Bankhead cottage
Henderson, C. baker, 35 Pollok st
Henderson, W. T. (of Cjustonholm
Weaving Co.), ho. 19 Princes
sq. Regent park
Henderson, Miss J. 19 King st.
Hendry, John, Low Cartcraigs
Hendrie, Mrs. John, spirit mer-
chant, 1 Cross s(.; ho. Cart-
Hepburn, Wm. Hillhead house
Heron, Jas. gardener, Pollok gar-
dens ; ho. Pollok House, gardens
Heughan, Rev. George, minister of
U.P. Church, Howford, Manse-
Higgins, Miss, draper, 97 Main st
Hill, Mrs. William, Low Cart-
Holding, G. F. Alvensleben, Manse-
Holding, William, Alvensleben,
Hood, Wm. boot and shoe maker,
38 Heriot st
Hooks, Mrs. 16 Rosendale rd
Howat, Brjce, smith ; ho. Low
Howat, Jas. V.S. 125 King st
Howat, John, veterinary surgeon,
High Cartcraigs st
Howie, Robert, farmer, Nether
Howie, Mrs. Jane, Nether Auld-
house farm
Hunter, Geo. carting contractor,
Green lane
Hutchinson, Sam. coal merchant,
Pollok st
Ingram, John, wine and spirit mer.
22 Main st
Jack, Miss, tobacconist, 124 Main
Jackson, Robert, grocer and pro-
vision merchatit, 1 1 Heriot St.;
ho. Ulster buildings. King st
Jamieson, James, wine merchant,
50 Main st
Johnston, John, 67 Pollok st
Johnstone, Matilda, boot and shoe
warehouse, 43 Main street ; ho.
64 do.
Jones, Mrs. spirit mercht. 87
Main st. ; ho. 85 do.
Kennedy, J. dairy, 53 Pollok st
Kennedy, Thos. coal merchant, 116
King st
Kennedy, Mrs. James, Low Cart-
Kennedy, Mrs. draper, 33 Pollok

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