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dlllingworth, George Skeen, 116
Nithsdale rd. Pollokshields
c^Jaap, John, & Co. 268, 270
Buchanan st
Johnson, J. Y. ofiice for registering
patents and trade marks, 116 St.
Vincent st.; handbook on regis-
tration gratis
dJohnston, R. Espie, 2 Finnieston st
Keller, F. 489 Dumbarton road,
eZKinninmont, A. (pharmaceutical),
261 Maxwell rd
Kitchin, Geo. S. 116 Nithsdale rd.
rfLaing, Alex. .383 Gt. Western rd
dLambie, Hugh, 22 Nithsdale rd
Lamont & Co. sundriesmen, 263
Argyle st
dL&W, Wm. T. 380 Dumbarton rd.
(night bell), Partick, and 5
Douglas pi. Bearsden
Lawrence, John, 469 Sauchiehall st
Lawrence, Thomas Gentle, 554
Sauchiehall st
Lees, K. & Co. sundriesmen, 32
Stockwell st
dLivesey, Alfred, 11 Eosehall st
Lorimer & Moves, wholesale sun-
driesmen, 66 Howard st
dLyh, Wm. Kennedy, & Co. 559
New City road.
tZM'Clelland, W. 422 Argyle st
M'Donald, C. 512 Rutherglen rd
efM'Donald, George, 7 Hampden
place. Mount Florida
dM'Donald, H. S. 51 London st
•SM'Donald, Marion, 136 London rd
Mackay, David R. 23 Queen st
Mackay, John, & Co. 76 Lance-
field st
tZM'Kellar, A. 99 S. Portland st
M'Kenzie, Thomas, pharmaceutical,
196 St. Vincent st
dMackie, George, 73 Renfield st
Macilree, Wm. 446 Springburn rd
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (beeswax,
carbolic, talc, pumicestone, rot-
tenstone, capsules, bottles, corks,
&c.), 134 St. Vincent st
/tZM'Leod, Thomas, & Co., 11 An-
derston quay
M'Leod, W. G. & Co. medical flat
vials, lints, cottons, and general
sundries, 6, 7 Nicholson st
^M'Millan, John, 17 Gt. Western
rd. city; 8 Buckingham build-
ings, Hillhead ; and 6 Queen
Margaret pi. N. Kelvinside
^M'Nicol, John, 362 Hamilton pi.
Manson, Geo. & Co. 130 Sauchie-
iiall lane
Medicine Chest Depot, 188
Mercer, T. B., agent for The
Wallace specifics, London, 88
St. Vincent street
£?Miller, A. (dispensing), 567 Duke
dMiller, John Wilson, 209 and 211
Byars rd. Dowanhill
Motfat, 162 Argyle st
Moir, David, 7 Kilmarnock road,
dMoir, James, 447 Victoria road,
(ZMurdoch Bros. 249 Sauchiehall st
dMuir, George, 166 Cumberland
street, s.s,
Nairn, John, 338 Scotland .st
rfNeil, John, 657 Sauchiehall st
dNew Apothecary Co. 57, 59 Glass-
ford street
dNicoI, Wm. 248 London rd
Northern Drug Co., Ltd., 250
Buchanan st
Old Drug Warehouse, 38 Trongate
dPaterson, Archd. 133 Govan rd
Paterson's Chemical Manufg. Co.
Ltd., 94 Hope street
Paterson, Eobert, 556 St. Vincent
Peacock, John R. dispensing. 83
Stirling rd
Pocbin, H. D. & Co. Limited, 19
Waterloo st
Poths, H. & Co., sundries, Lon-
don; importers, 113 W. Regent
rfProudfoot, Wm. 51 Elderslie st
Bae, W. M., 126 Gloucester st
Raimes, Clark, & Co. wholesale,
96 Renfield street
Rait & M'Nicol, 154 and 362
Dumbarton rd., Partick
c^Rait, R. C. (of Rait & M'Nicol),
154 and 36 ;i Dumbarton road,
Rankin & Borland, pharmaceutical,
King St. Kilmarnock
dReld, D. S. C. 156 New City rd
Reid, George, 42 Kent st
c?Reid, Hugh, 462 Argyle st
Robertson, A. M. 27 Main st
Robertson, D. S. 70 Caledonia rd.
cZ Robertson, Geo., 4 Dowanhill pi.,
Robertson, M'Intosh & Co. brokers,
17 Oswald st
dfRobertson, Wm. 350b Duke st
c? Robinson, Thomas, 47 St. Vin-
cent street
dRodman, J. & E. 285 Duke st
rfRussell, J. A. 212 New City rd
(iSanderson, Joseph, 124 Main st.
Shields, Thomas, & Co., Ltd., 37
Dundas street
Sieberg, Henry E. & Co. analytical,
11 Bothwellst. Central chambers
Sieberg, C. (analytical), 182 West
St. B.S.
Simpson, Wm. & Co. 623 New
City rd
dSmith, Eobert F. 2 Gordon place,
Spears, Thos. & Co., Ltd., 25, 27
Great Western road
Spite, Francis, & Co., Ltd., 26 St.
Enoch sq. and branches
St. Rollox Apothecaries Co. Ltd.
176 Castle st
Stoddart, Wm. 376 Argyle st
Sutherland, A. G., 88 Trongate
(^Sutherland, A. G., 223 Dumbarton
road, Sandyford
Tatlock, Eobert R. F.E.S.E. F.LC.
F.C.S. analytical and consulting
chemist, 156 Bath street
Tatlock, E. E., Readman &
Thomson (analytical and con-
sulting), 156 Bath st
Taylor Bros. 74 Nelson st
Taylor, J. 132 Trongate
(^Thompson, M. F. (the Central
Pharmacy), 17 Gordon st
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. (medical
flats, vials, and all druggists'
sundries), 47 E. Howard st
(TThomson, Wm. 9 Eokeby terrace,
Thomson, Wm. 363 Duke st
Townsend, Joseph, Ltd., 19 Craw-
ford street, Port Dnndas
Turnbull, W. S. 37 W. George st
Turner, H. 2 Bellgrove street
dWalker, D. P. 112 New City rd
Walker, G. & Son, 48 French st
Wallace & Clark, 138 Bath st
cAVallace, Mungo, 193 St. George's
d Wallace, Wm. 89 St. Vincent st
(iWard, William A. 31 Norfolk st.
Watson, David, 476 Cathcart rd
Watson, David (night-bell), 558
Cathcart road
rfWeir, W. 12 Bridgeton cross
ciWhite, J. & J. (pharmaceutical),
13 Morrison street
dWhitelaw, Jas. 496 St. George's rd
Wilson, John, 353 Garscube rd
Winterton, T. & Co. (wholesale),
4 York st
(iWyllie, Andrew, 718 Gallowgate
Wyllie, Chas., 81 Jamaica st
Wylie, J. & Co. 584 Govan st
Yuill, Stephen, 44 S. Woodside rd
Aikman. C. M., D.Sc, F.ES.E.,
128 Wellington st
Baird, Wm. & Co. Ltd. 168 West
George st
Ballardie, Holden, & Co., Clyde
Works, Boundary st. Liverpool
Barbour, 0. E. & Co., 6 Soho st
Barony Chemical Co. 35 Stanhope
Bell & Co. , 41 Buchan st. s.s.
Blythe, Wm. & Co. Ltd. 4 West
Regent st
Bovril, Ltd., 113 Bath st
Bratby & HincLlifFe, Limited, 81
Robertson st
British Chemical Co. Ltd. 149 St.
Vincent st

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