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Norwich and London Accident Insurance Associa-
tion, 75 Buchanan st.; A. Craig Muir, agent.
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society;
head oiBce for Scotland, 105 St. Vincent st. ; John
Large, manager for Scotland ; William C. Rankin,
c assistant manager; telephone No. 3674 ; telegraph
address, " Norwich," Glasgow. — See Adv. in App.
Norwich Union Life Insurance Society;
Head office for Scotland, 105 St. Vincent street ;
R. Alesander Gardner, manager for Scotland.
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Roger W.
Muir, agent, 75 Buchanan st. and 23 Moss street.
NOTMAN, A. Finlay, commercial traveller, 57 Oswald
st. ; ho. 670 Dumbarton road, Partick.
Notman, Jas., bellhanger, 201 Byars rd. ; ho. 14
Church St., Partick.
Notman, Mrs. Thomas F., 34 Hill st., GarnethilL
Nova Scotia Steamship Office, J. & A. Allan, 25
Bothwell street.
Noxine Manufacturing Co,, blacking manu-
facturers, 47 Oswald st.
NUTTER, John, steam, gas, and printers' engineer,
134 Renfield st. ; house, 106 Taylor st.

OAG, Wm. , collector, British Workman Assurance Co. ,
Ltd.; ho. 19 Garturk st.
Oakbank Oil Co. (Limited), manufacturers of
mineral burning and lubricating oils, cylinder and
engine oils, paraffin, wax, sulphate of ammonia, &c.,
39 St. Vincent place; works, Midcalder
Oakbank Public School, 9 Camperdown street.
Oakbank Weaving Co., 454 Garscube road.
OASTLER, James, doctor of medicine, 5 North
Woodside road ; ho. 5 W. Prince's st.
Oaths, Commissioner for English and L-ish, J.
Muirhead, writer, 30 Gordon street.
Oaths, commissioner for English affidavits, W. R.
Buchan, writer, 227 West George st.
Oatlands Free Church (Buchanan Memorial), 423
Caledonia rd. ; Rev. A. C. FuUarton, minister.
Oatlands Parish Chm-ch, Oatlands square, Rev. A.
W. Wotherspoon, M.A., minister.
Oatlands Post Office, 590 Rutherglen road.
Oatlands Pubhc School, Caledonia road; Jas. Liddell,
head master.
Oatlands United Presbyterian Chm-ch, So. York st.,
Caledonia road; Rev. Geo. Blair, minister.
OATMAN, Francis, & Co., slaters, 14 Holmhead st.
Telephone No, 4330.
OATTS, J. Lumsden, writer and notary public (of
Lindsay, Meldnun & Oatts, wi-iters), residence,
Crossbill house.
Oatts, Wm. M., general secretary. Young Men's
Chi-istian Association, 70 Bothwell street ; house,
33 Berkeley terrace.
O'BRYEN, Frank, drill instructor, Central Police
Office; ho. 135 Gt. Hamilton st.
O'Brien, James, fish salesman and auctioneer, 12
East Howard street and Fishmarket.
O'Brien,, J. P. (of Horgan & O'Brien), house, 31 Rose
St., Garnethill.
O'Brien, Thos. (of Gillespie & O'Brien), ho.
30 Northburn st.
O'Brien, Wm., supt. engineer (Fairfield Works, Govan),
ho. 21 Ibrox ter.
O'Brien, Mrs. Agnes, wholesale clothes dealer, 20
Jail square ; ho. 20 Monteith row.
O'CONNOR, Rev. Peter, B.A., D.D., 68 Abercromby st.
O'DONNELL, John, manager (at Dick & Parker's),
ho. 35 Rose St., Garnethill.
O'Donnell, Roger, dairyman, 56 George street.
O'DRISCOLL, Rev. Jeremiah, R.C. clergyman, St.
Patrick's church, 11 Oak st.
O'GORMAN, W., lift manufacturer, 42 Dorset st. ;
ho. 80 Gt. Western road.
O'HALLORAN, Henry, H.M. Customs, 3 Parkgrove,
Gordon Park, Whiteinch.
O'Halloran, Joseph, H.M. Customs; house, 3 Hayburn
crescent, Partick.
O'HANLON, Wm., & Co., warehousemen, 20 South
Frederick st.
O'HARA, Jas., grocer, 9 West st., s.s.
O'Hara, James, clothier, 62 Clyde place.
O'Hara, John, wine and spirit merchant, 140 London
road ; ho 351 Gallowgate.
O'Hara, Margaret, broker, 40 Carrick st.; house, 37
Dumbarton road.
O'HE A, P., collector Inland Revenue, 280 George st.
O'HEAR, James, pawnbroker and salesman, 261 and
263 Main st. Maryhill; ho. Braeside, 2 Albert
terrace, do.
O'Hear, Joseph, B.L., solicitor, 95 Bath street; ho,
15 Nithsdale road, Strathbungo.
O'LANYER, Loui.s, claret shipper, Bordeaux; agents,
Robert Brown & Co., 45 Washington st.
O'MALLEY, Michael, hamcurer and provision mer-
chant, 76 and 104 Govan street; house, 142
Crown street.
O'Malley, Patrick, shoemaker, 659 Govan rd.
O'Malley, Patrick, stevedore, 4 Houston street.
O'MAY, Daniel (of Blythswood Stained Glass Co.),
Melville st., Falkirk.
O'May, Thomas, church officer (Tron Parish
Church), ho. 2 St. Andrew's sq.
0']May, Wm., provision merchant, 15 J Duke street ;
ho. 15 Ladywell st.
O'NEIL, Chas., general dealer, 3 William st., Cow-
caddens; ho. 201 Garscube rd.
O'Neil, Felix, gi-ocer and provision merchant, 43
Rosehall street.
O'Neil, P., haurdresser, 454 Rutherglen rd.; ho. 231
Mathieson st.
O'Neil, Rev. Paul M., R.C. clergyman, 52 Parson st.
O'Neill, Robert, fmit merchant, Bazaar ; house, 25.
North Albion street.
O'Neil, Mrs. Wm., grocer, 10 Byars road, Partick.
O'REILLY, Patrick, provision mercht.,95 Sandyfaulds
St., S.S.; ho. 39 Caledonia rd.
O'Reilly, Rev. Thomas P., M.R., R.C. clergyman, St.
Alphonsus' ; ho. 17 Gt. Hamilton st.
OCEAN Accident and Guarantee Corpora-
tion, Ltd., James Beattie, res. secy.; accident,
burglary, employers' liability, and fidelity guarantee
insurance, 79 W. Regent st; ho. 147 Nithsdale rd.
See Adv. in App.
Ocean (The) Coal Co., Ltd., Cardiff, coalmasters, 37
West George st.; C. T. Grant, agent.
Ocean Steamship Co., Glasgow, Liverpool, China,
Japan, and Java steamers ; Colin Scott & Co., 94
Hope street.
Odams' Manure and Chemical Co., Ltd., London;
Odams' improved fluid sheep dip a.nd cattle cleanser,
Odams' powder sheep dip, Odams' fluid disinfec-
tant and powder disinfectant. Representative for
Glasgow and West of Scotland, Wm. Finlayson,
junr., 17 Argyle st., Glasgow,

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