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Cnim Alexander and James, manufa6lurers and linen-
printers, Ihop Gallowgate, No. 12
Outers James, merchant, head of the Bridgegate
Outers Lav/, do. do.
Cuthbertfon William, fen. maltman and brewer, Calton
Cuthbertfon William, merchant, Bell's wynd
Cullins James, beef ftake houfe, back of the Exchange
Currie John, taylor and broker, Gallowgate, No. 134
jAle David, merchant, weft fide Charlotte-ftreet, his
cotton-twift wareroom High-flreet, above No. 18
Dalrymple John, hofier firft clofs next to the Exchange,
Dalmahoy Alexander, tanner, faddler, and bridle-cutter,
Dallas Alexander, grocer, eafl fide Jamaica-ftreet
Davidfon John, grocer, Ihop Gallowgate, No. 128
Davidfon Wm. tanner, tan-yard, weft fide New-wynd
Dawfon John, brafs-founder. Miller's clofs, weft fide
Dennifon James, fen. Efq. of Colgrain, 2d flat firft clofs
weft from Miller-ftreet
Dennifon James, jun. merchant, ift flat Horn's land
corner of St Enoch's ftreet
Dennifon Richard, merchant, eaft fide Miller-ftreet
Dennifon James, manufa6lurer, wareroom, ift ftair eaft
fide High-ftreet
Dempfler Anthony, painter, Gallowgate
Dempfter James, druggifl, Gallowgate, No* 38

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