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Irvine Patrick, Esq. 61 Broad st
Jamieson Alex. Esq. Cocklaw
Kane Mrs. Jane, 1 Harbour st
Kidd Mrs. — , 12 Prince st
Kidd Mr. Robert, 20 Jamaica st
Knox Mr. Thomas, 18 Broad st
Leslie Mr. Wm. j.p. 24 Jamaica st
Lockie Mrs. Jane, 59 St. Peter st
LumsdenMr. Robert, 47 Maiden st
M'Combie Mr. James, 3 Jamaica st
M'Donald Mr. John S. Wanchi
Cottage, King st
M'Dougal Mr. Wm. 28 Queen st
Mackie Mr. George, 15 Prince st
Mackie Mr. Wm. 12 Jamaica st
M'Kinnon Mr. Lachlan, Keith
Mackie Mrs. Isabella, Prince st
Maitland Mr. Robert, 25 Queen st
Maitland Mr. Geo. 17 Charlotte st
Martin David, Esq. 6 Jamaica st
Martin Mrs. — , 7 Maiden st
Martin Mr. Robert, 6 Prince st
Martin Mr. Wm. 50 Queen st
Milne Mrs. — , 11 Prince st
Mitchell Mr. George, Wallace st
Mitchell Mrs. Helen, Berryhill
Mitchell Mr. Wm. 9 Ship row
Mitchell Mr. James, Chfton House,
Queen st
Morgan Rev. Morgan, m.a. The
Parsonage, Queen st
Morrison Miss Ann, CairntrodUe
Mudie Miss Margaret, 23 St,
Andi'ew st
Munro Mr. Wm. 14 Prince st
Murray Mr. Alexander, 4 Maiden st
Napier Mr. John, 2 Jamaica st
Niven Mrs. — , Thorndale
Paul Rev. John, St. Peter st
Prain Rev. John, Tanfield House
Ritchie Mrs. Catherine, 13 Prince st
Raid Mr. James, 6 Lodge walk
Robb Miss — , 12 Queen st
Robertson Mr. Alex. 18 Harbour st
Robertson Alexander, Esq. (town
clerk), 1 St. Peters st
Robertson Robert, Esq. 58 St.
Peter st
Robertson Peter, Esq. Welbank
Russell — , Esq. of Aden, Buchan-
ness Lodge, Boddam
Russell Rev. — , Peterhead
Salmond Mr. Wm. King st
Sangster Mr. James, Newfield
Scott Mr. David, 4 Narrow lane
Scott Mr. James, Queen st
Scroggie Mr. Alex. King st
Simpson Mrs. Jas. St. Andrew st
Simpson Mr. — , 41 Queen st
Simpson Mr. Alex. 26 Jamaica st
Smith Mrs. — , 12 Queen st
Smith Miss — , 9 Prince st
Smith Mrs. — , 10 Prince st
Smith Mr. Thomas, 2 St. Peter's
st, and Derran bank (by Mintlaw)
Stables Rev. Clark N. Boddam
Stephen Mr. Wm. 4 Wallace st
Stewart Mrs. Eliza, 68 Queen st
Stewart Rev. James, The Manse
Stewart Mr. Wm. Grange
Taylor Mr. Alex. 9 Prince st
Taylor Mr. James, 15 Prince st
Taylor Mr. W. L. 67 Queen st
Thomson Rev. George, Blackhill
Tod Mrs. Janet, 22 St. Peter's st
Tod m. Wm. 17 Charlotte st
Volum Wm. Esq. Kinmundy
Walker Alexander Esq. Richmond
Cottage, Grange
Walker George, Esq. of Balmoor
Walker Robert, Esq. Richmond
Wallace Mr. James, c.e. 37
Merchant st
Warnham Mrs. Jessie A. Meethill
Will Mr. John H. Downielull and
Jamaica st
Wilson Mr. James, Hayfield
Young Alexander, Esq. Mount
TuiU Rev. James, 56 Queen st
Yule Mr. James, Cairntrodie
Anderson John & Co. 9 Queen st
Birnie Alexander, 32 Broad st
Bruce John, 77 Longate
Cowie Robert, 22 ErroU st
Green Wm. C. Chapel-street build-
Hacket Wm. 87 Longate
M'Intosh John, 20 Marischal st
M'Lean, Son, & Co. Rose st
May Robert, ErroU st
Saint George, 81 Queen st
Urquhart Wm. 69 Longate
Watt John, 51 Broad st
See also Insurance Offices Sf Agents.
Aiken James (for W. & A. Gilbey's
wines and spirits, and M'Call and
Stephen, Adelphi Biscuit Mann
factory, Glasgow), 6 Rose st
Alexander W. & W. A. (for Hud-
son's Bay Co.), 35 Broad st
Baxter Wm. (commission & custom
house), 19 Harbour st
Findlay Wm. (for Barclay & Spier,
manure manufacturers, New-
castle-on-Tyne), 4 Narrow lane
Hem-y Charles (for the Free Press,
People's Journal, People's Friend,
& Dundee Advertiser, & Selby,
Wood, & Co. music sellers), 4
Broad st
Hutchison & Macbean (house and
land), 77 Queen st
Hutcliison Robert B. (commission).
Windmill st
Leask & Co. (commission), 12
Harbour st
Minty George A. (for Wilcox &
Gibb's sewing machines, and
PuUar & Sons, dyers), 6 Broad st
Mitchell George (to the Edinburgh
Roperie & Sail Cloth Co. Allan
Line of Steamsliips, and custom
house), 8 Bridge st
Morrison Alex, custom house and
commission), 5 Bridge st
Reid James (carting agent to Great
North of Scotland Railway),
Lodge walk
Robertson Alexander (commission),
18 Harbour st
Sandison & Olson (commission),
L^nion st
Sangster Wm. (commission), 3
Bridge st
Stephen & Hay (commission, emi-
gration, and for Peacock &
Buchan's metallic paints), 17
James st
Taylor Wm. L. (newspaper), 8
Broad sb
Aberdeen Town & County Bank
(branch), 18 Broad st (draws on
the head office, Aberdeen, and
London Joint Stock Bank, Lon-
don), Thomas Knox, agent — See
City of Glasgow (branch), 45 Mer-
chant st (di'aws on the head office,
Glasgow, and on the London
Joint Stock Bank, London), Robt.
Anderson & James P. Anderson,
joint agents
Commercial Bank of Scotland
(branch), 55 Broad st (draws on
the head office, Edinburgh, and
London & Westminster Bank,
London), Thomas John Bremner,
North of Scotland Bank (branch),
35 Broad st (draws on the head
office, Aberdeen, and the Union
Bank, and Barclay, Bevan, &
Co. London — Wm. Alexander,
agent — See advertisement
Union Banking Co. (branch) Broad
st (draws on the head offices,
Aberdeen & Edinburgh, / and
Glyn, Mills, & Co. Londc^), A.
& W. Boyd, agents — See advt
Savings' Bank, Town's House
Mitchell Robert & Son (and engi
neers & iron founders). Maiden st
Simpson. James & Go.
inventors and makers of
the new broadcast sowing
macliine for grain
grass seeds), Prince st
Findlay Wm. 4 Narrow lane
Hutchison & Macbean, 77 Queen sti
Eieid Alexander (Turkish),
42 Marischal st
Florence George, Farmers lane
Fowler Wm. 10 Rose st
Fi'aser Lachlan, Albion st
Gavin George, Denholm
King Charles (and tool maker), 1
Castle st, Keith Inch
M'Lennon Alexander (shoeing),
Wallace st
Mitchell Robert & Son, Maiden st
Scott Gordon, Constitution st
Simpson James & Co. Prince st
Smith Wm. Cocklaw
Stephen & Forbes, Bridge st
Thomson Wm. Invernettie
Wilson Wm. Helm moss
Wood David, Park la,ne
Henry Charles (and agent
for the "Free Press and
People's Journal"), 3 &4
IBrQad st

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