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(iO Grocers — Tea dealers ^ and T^ictualUrs.
Paton, Mrs., 102 King street.
Paton, Hugh, 5 Regent street.
Paton, Misses, 12 West George street.
Paton, Robert, 10 West George street.
Porteous, William, 35 Low Giencairn street.
Rankin, William, and Sons, 96 King street. *
Raid, Hugh, and Co., 14 Cheapside. *
Reid, Hugh, 14 Regent street.
Richmond, William, St. Marnpck street.
Ritchie, John, 20 Regent street.
Roome, George, 9 Regent street.
Scott, William, 6 Cheapside.
Scott, Thomas, 24 Low Giencairn streets
Shannon, William, 26 Fore street.
Simpson, William, 12 Fore street.
Smith, William, Sandbed.
Stewart, William, 22 Low Giencairn street,
Symington, Mrs., 5 Fore street,
Taylor, Peter, 20 King street.
Templeton, John, 38 Low Glenculni street.
Tod, James, Cattle Market.
Torrance, Mrs., 18 Waterloo street.
Wallace, William, 5o Portland street.
Wallace, Thomas, Dunlop street.
Walker, John, 25 King street.
Wilson, John, 34 Portland street.
Wholesale Victuallers are Marked (*) thus,
Adam, Elizabeth, 40 High Giencairn street.
Aird, Andrew, 10 High Giencairn street.
Anderson, James, 38 High street.
Auld, Mrs , 40 Titchfield street.
Brown, Hugh, 52 Portland street. *
Brown, James, 32 Low Giencairn street.
Brown, Mrs. Hugh, 13 West Shaw streets
Brydon, Samuel, 50 Robertson place »

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