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Millar, Dr. James, 50 King street,
Millar, James, Gardener, 60 Titchfield street.
Millar, Thomas, Victualler, 68 Portland street.
Millar, John, Baker, 2 Bank street.
Millar, James, Grocer, 3 High Gleneaim street.
Millar, Jasper, Grocer, Gleneaim square.
T^Iillar, James, Sewing Agent, 24 East Shaw street.
Millar, Alex., Spirit dealer, 40 Low Gleneaim street.
Millar, Mrs. Robert, Bentinck street.
!Millar, Robert, Pawnbroker, 27 King street, house m.
Clerk's Lane.
Millar, Alex., Pawnbroker, Fore street.
Millar, Robert, Mason, 59 Robertson Plaee.
Millar, James, 3 West Langlands street.
Millar, Matthew, Dyer, 2 High street.
INIillar, Mrs., Victualler, Fore street.
Mills, Mrs., Rosebank, Braehead.
Merry, John, Manufacturer, Bowring Place, Dean sfc„.
Merry, John,, Baker,. 8 Waterloo street.
Merry, Mrs., 33 King street.
Mitchell, John, Angel Inn^, Market Lane.
Mitchell, William, Shoemaker, 1 Titchfield street.
Mitchell, Mrs., Dressmaker, 1 1 Titchfield street.
Mitchell, John, Boot and Shoe manufacturer, 33 Port-
land street,, house in Titchfield street.
Mitchell,, James» Heddler, 76 Titchfield street.
Mitchell, William, Printer, West Nethertou street.
Mitchell, James, Shoemaker, Langlands street.
Mitchell, James, Weaver, Dean street,
Mitchell, Peter,, Printer, Armour Place, Boyd street
Mitchell,, Archibald, Cabinet maker, 33 Boyd street.
Mitchell, James, Spirit dealer and Shoemaker, 44 For©
Mitchell, James, Shoemaker, Titchfield street.
Moffat, John, manufacturer, 30 Titchfield street.
Moodie, .)ohn. Grocer, 34 High Gleneaim street.
Morison, Rev. James, Manse, Clerk's Lane.

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