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Wilson, William, miller and corn merchant,
Swanfielcl flour mills — house, Swanfield
villa, Newhaven road
Wilson, William, wine and spirit merchant,
68 and 70 Causewayside
Wilson, Wm. grocer, 2 and 4 S. Richmond st.
Wilson, William, 67 Cumberland street
Wilson, William, 8 Roxburgh terrace
Wilson, William, 59 Broughton street
Wilson, William, joiner, 57 Potterrow
Wilson, William, dairyman, 36 Northumber-
land street
Wilson, Wm. jun. baker, 1 Barony st. — ho. 3
Wilson, William, gardener, Lixmount cot-
tage, Trinity
Wilson, William, 13 Melville street
Wilson, William, 5 Haddington place
Wilson, Wm. refreshment rooms, 24 Thistle st.
Wilson, William, West cottages, Granton
Wilson, William, 9 Shrub place
Wilson, William, gilder, 8 Moray street
Wilson, William, 2 Gladstone place
Wilson, William, broker, 65 St Mary's wynd
Wilson, Wm. engineer, 7 St Andrew st. Leith
Wilson, William baker and confectioner, 1
Archibald place
Wilson, Wm. EUangowan, Abbotsford cres.
Wilson, William B. smith, 49 Couper street
Wilson, W. R. printer, 4 Brown square — ho.
70 Buccleuch street
Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 24 Salisbury street
Wilson, Mrs, 14 Brandon street
Wilson, Mrs, fishmonger, 6 Charlotte st. Leith
Wilson, Mrs, 39 Dublin street
Wilson, Mrs, draper, 73 Broughton street
Wilson, Mrs, 15 Chapel street
Wilson, Mrs, 4 Litttle King street
Wilson, Mrs, 26 Buccleuch street
Wilson, Mrs, 5 West Claremont street
Wilson, Mrs, 1 East Adam street
Wilson, Mrs, provision dealer, 10 Home st.
Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Clerk street
Wilson, Mrs, midwife, 8 Calton Hill
Wilson, Mrs, 12 Rankeillor street
Wilson, Mrs, fishmonger, Stockbridge market
Wilson, Mrs, 5 Macdowall street
Wilson, Mrs, 62 Northumberland street
Wilson, Mrs, 2 Maitland street
Wilson, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Castle street
Wilson, Mrs, temperance hotel, 166 High st.
Wilson, Mrs, draper, 32 Leven street
AVilson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 Lady Stair's
close, 477 Lawnmarket
Wilson, Mrs, draper, 21 So. Richmond street
Wilson, Mrs, 31 Drummond place
Wilson, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Hamilton place,
Wilson, Mrs, 71 Clerk street
Wilson, Mrs, 1 Randolph jalace
Wilson, Mrs, 48 Grove street
Wilson, Mrs, midwife, 4 Arthur's court, Allan
Wilson, Mrs Alex, lodgings, 30 Royal circus
Wilson, -Mrs Francis, 45 S. Clerk street
Wilson, Mrs F. lodgings, 42 Lothian street
Wilson, Mrs George, 13 Parkside street
Wilson, Mrs J. 21 Maitland street
Wilson, Mrs J. 31 Buccleuch place
Wilson, Mrs Jane, 6 Fishmarket
Wilson, Mrs Johnstone, of Stroquhan, 14
Dean terrace
Wilson, Mrs Robert, 7 Windmill street
Wilson, Mrs Sarah, 1 Archibald place
Wilson, Mrs Thomas, 7 Leith street
Wilson, Mrs W. 6 Gayfield square
Wilson, Miss, tobacconist and stationer, 1
Great Junction street
Wilson, Miss, 5 Rutland place
Wilson, Miss, 24 Duke street
Wilson, Miss, dressmaker, Johnstone place
Wilson, Miss, ladies' nurse, 14 N. Melville pi.
Wilson, Miss, dressmaker, Simpson's court,
Wilson, Miss, 1 Bellevue crescent
Wilson, Miss, 65 Lauriston place
Wilson, Miss, 51 Melville street
Wilson, Miss, 13 Grange road
Wilson, Miss, milliner, 16 Elm row— house,
5 Gayfield place
Wilson, Miss, Woodville, Canaan lane
Wilson, Miss, 1 Park street
Wilson, Miss, 33 Minto street
Wilson, Miss, 8 Hamilton place
Wilson, Miss, 24 Duke street
Wilson, Miss, Sciennes gardens, Murray st.,
Wilson, Miss, 7 St Anthony place
Wilson, Miss, 8 Minto street
Wilson, Miss, 30 Albany street, Leith
Wilson, Miss Helen, 8 Albany street, Leith
Wilson, Miss Jane, 11 Castle terrace
Wilson, Miss Sophia, 9 Greenside place
Wilson, Miss, teacher, 19 St John street
Wilson, Miss, 17 Arthur street
Wilson, Misses, stationers and news-agents ,
23 William street — house, 17
Wilson, Helen, draper, 17 Riddle's close
Wilson, M. rag dealer, 10 Calton street
Wilton, Mrs, ladies' underclothing and baby-
linen warehouse, 21 Earl Grey street .
Winchester, Alex. 5 Henderson place
Winchester, Jas. W. LL.D. deputy inspector-
general of hospitals [sec. Scottish National
Constitutional Association), 42 Inverleith
Winchester, J. French polisher, 11 Fountain-
Winchester, Mrs Colonel, 6 Warriston cres.
Winfield, Mrs J. Falkener, 2 Archibald plaCe
Winlay, Jas. A. 6 Walker street
Winlay, Matthew, confectioner, 89 Kirkgate
Winnick, Mrs, spirit mercht. 97 Kirkgate
Winter, David (//. M. Registrar-GenefaVs
office), 9 Newington terrace
Winter, Mrs, Palmer's buildings, 17 West
Nicolson street

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