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Gibson, Robert, surgeon, Admiralty street
— — Robert, (of T. <5,- R. Gibson,) 10 Wellington pi.
T. and R. haberdashers and linen drapers, 1 and
2 Kirkgate
Thomas, (of T. 6$ R. Gibsori) Cassels place
William, tailor, 47 Kirkgate
Gilbert, John, pawnbroker, 39 Tolbooth wynd — house
47 Kirkgate
Gilchrist, George, painter, 71 Kirkgate
Giles, William, esq. of Westbrook, 8 St Anthony st.
Gillespie, Mrs G., 1 Cromwell street
Gillies', Robert, esq. Frithfield baths
Robert, publican, 8 Coalhill
Gillon and Rule, wine & spirit merch", 2 Mitchell st.
— — James, wine and spirit merchant, Chapel lane
John, merchant, (of Gillon &j Rule,) so. Fort st.
John, baker, Junction street, north
— Mrs James, 2 Mitchell street
Gilmore, Andrew, grocer, Hillhousefield
Mrs, lodgings, 1 Cannon street
Girdwood, William, of soapwork — house 2 Eastfield
Gladstone, Mrs, 4 Albany street
Glasgow Carriers' warehouse, 9 Bernard street
John, London porter agent, Water lane
Glen, John, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 5 Con-
stitution street
Richard, of Transport office, 30 Constitution st.
Glover, John, and Son, wrights, 100 Giles street — ho.
Queensferry road
James, teacher, 74 Constitution street
Thomas (of Watson and Glover,) Leith mount
— — William, esq. merchant, Janefield place
—— Mrs, midwife, 38 Tolbooth wynd
Gaolen, Thomas, wright, Duke street — ho. 56 Giles st.
• Miss, silk and worsted shop, *6 Giles street
Goddard, William, & Co. merchants, Meeting-house
green — house * John's place
Goodall, John, Excise officer, Riddle's close
Goodlet, George, and Co. wine and spirit merchants,
Bernard street — house 7 James place
— — Mrs, 6 John's place]
Gordon, Alex, baker, 3 Sandport street
John, of the Customs, 5 London row
Mrs J. G. 52 Giles street
Mrs, 13 St Andrew street
Mrs Charles, midwife, Bath street
Gorrie, Daniel, officer of Excise, 80 Kirkgate
Gourlay, David, manager Old Shipping Company, office
77 Shore — house 38 Charlotte street
Gow, Daniel, tinsmith, 40 Yardheads
James, vintner, 72 Kirkgate
John, C. spirit merchant, 35 Queen street
Gowan, John, merchant, 5 Constitution street
Greeme, David, vintner, upper Drawbridge, north
Graham, Wm. haberdasher and clothier, 25 Kirkgate
— house 75 Constitution street
■ Andrew, grocer and spirit merch', 2 Cannon st.
Robert, wine merchant, 1 Links, head of Elbe st.
Thomas, shipmaster, 44 Bridge street
Grandison, Wm. linen manufacturer, 18 Yardheads
Grant, Alex, builder and lath- splitter — ho. 1 Eastfield
— — Andrew, teacher, 2 Bath street
— — ■ Rev. James, 3 Cassels place, Leith walk

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