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214 ROB— ROD
Robertson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 6. Lotliian street
Robertson, Mrs ditto, I. James' square, south side
Robertson, Mrs ditto, Middleton's entry
Robertson, Mrs ditto, mid Rose street
Robertson , Mrs ditto, Gavinloch's land, Lawnmarket
Robertson, Miss miUiner, 27. South bridge
Robertson, Miss Dewar^s close, West bow
Robertson i Miss milliner, 59. South bridge
Robertson, Miss 8. north Union place
Robertson, Miss dressmaker, 23. George street, south
Robertson, Miss boarding school, Gilmore place
Robinson, Ainslie and Paterson, W. S. 2. Hill street
Robinson, Benjamin tailor and clothier, 12. Prince
Robinson, Charles Knowles of Auditors-office,— house,
5. Duke street east side
Robinson, George esq. W. S. 2. Hill street, — house,
and county tax-office, 20. south Frederick
Robinson, William Rose esq. advocate, 20. south
Frederick street
Robinson, Mrs Professor, 6. Albany row west
Robson, James victual -dealer, 9- St Patrick street
Robson, William furnished lodgings, John's coffee-
house. Parliament square
Rocheid, James esq. of Inverleith, Inverleith house
Rochead and Sou, musical instrument makers, 4.
Greenside place,— -house, Castlehill
Rock, A. manager of the theatre, 26. Leith street
Ptock, Peter, furnished lodgings, Boyd's close. Canon-
Rodger, A. pastry-shop, 18. north Hanover street
Rodger, Arch, shoemaker, 7. College street
Rodger, David tailor, St Mary wynd

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