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The Scottisli Emplojers'
£iS6ifity Sn6 SenerSC
instipSnce Co., £imite6.
(Established I88I.)
Capital and Reserves exceed - - £200,000.
Head Office— 9 KING STREET, Aberdeen.
I. Personal Accident Insurance. — The Company's "Record" Policies
cover Disease, Accident and Blindness, Paralysis, Pleurisy,
Pneumonia, etc., with an Annuity for Life under certain con-
ditions. The best and cheapest Policy issued. Double benr^its
for Railway Accidents.
II. Fidelity Bonds are issued to Travellers, Cashiers, Collectors and
Judicial Factors, Solicitors and Secretaries, at rates varying from
4S. per cent, to 80s. per cent. This Company's Bonds are ac-
cepted by H.M. Government and the Court of Session.
III. Employers' Liability Insurance. — Policies are issued, w"s, .• —
(i) To cover all claims under the Employers' Liability Act (1880) and at
Common Law.
(2) To cover all Claims under the Workmen's Compensation Act (1897
and 1900). Farmers are now included under this Act.
(3) To cover all Accidents of Occupation to Workmen.
(4) To cover Indemnity Claims by Third Parties against Cab Pro-
prietors, Hotel Proprietors, Building and General Contractors,
Chemists, Druggists, Merchants and others using Vans, Lifts, etc.
Prospectuses and full information on application to any Agent of
the Company, or to
General Manager,

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