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Brown, John, fish salesman and steam trawl owner, 208 Market
st., h 10 Marine ter. ; Telephone No. 607
Brown, John S., compositor, 63 Desswood place
Brown, M., fishmonger, Commercial rd., h 2 Regent quay
Brown, Richard Gavin, M.B., deputy Inspector-General R.N.
53 Desswood place
Brown, Robert, manager (Bon-Accord Ice and Cold Storage
Co., Ltd.), h Maryville, Stocket
Brown, Robert, pianoforte and musicseller, 251 Union
street. Telephone No. 903 ; h 44 St. Swithin st.
Brown, Thomas, shoemaker, 19 Great Western rd., h 2 Allan st.
Brown, T., picture frame maker, stationer and tobacconist,
99, h 109 Holburn street
Brown, Wm., & Co., fishing tackle makers, 64 George street
Brown, W. M. (Davidson & Garden), 8 Holburn road
Brown, Wm., postman, 14 Thistle street
Brown, Wm. (of J. Brown), 215 Union st, h 156 Bon-Accord
Brown, W. S. {Evening Express), 30 Irvine pi.
Brown, Wm. B., accountant (City Chamberlain's office), 22
Desswood pi.
Blown, Wm., storekeeper (Abdn. Storage Co., Ltd.), Regent road
Biown, Wm., messenger (Savings Bank), Union terrace
Brown, Wm., fiesher, 37 Chattan place, h 166 Gt. Western rd.
Brown, William, salesman (J. A. & Sons), 18 Gt. Western pi.
Brown, Mrs Robert, 52 Beaconsfield place
Brown, Mrs J., grocer, 559 Great Northern road
Brown, Mrs David, 118 Desswood place
Brown, Mrs G., hosier and woollen draper, 281, h 283 George
Brown, Mrs, 75 Whitehhall road
Brown, Mrs James, 1 Rubislaw place
Brown, Mrs James, 78 Carden place
Brown, Mrs, lodgings, 38 Thistle street
Brown, Mrs, 58 Spital
Brown, Miss, 104 Crown street
Brown, Miss A. E., grocer, 14, h 16 Menzies road
Brown, Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 41 Victoria st.
Brown, Misses, 19 Albert street
Bruce, Edwards, & Milne, manufacturers and wholesale ware-
housemen, 60 and 62 Bridge street and 35 Crown ter.
Telephone No. 230
Bruce, A. S. R., solicitor (D. & G.), 31 Beechgrove ave.
Bruce, Alex., manager (N. Co-op. Co. Mills), Millbank, Berry-
den, h Barkmill House, Berryden road
Bruce, A. L., chemist and druggist, 181 Crown street, h 70
Ferrvhill road

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