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Booth, Alex., jun., chimney sweeper, 12 Frederick street
Booth, Alex., pipe-top manufacturer, 1 Cross street
Booth, A. F., piano tuner and maker, 93 Union grove
Booth, James M'Kenzie, M.A., M.D., CM., surgeon, 1
Carden place
Booth, James, church officer, Albion St. Cong. Union Church,
21 Justice street
Booth, James, chimney sweeper, 83 Windmill brae
Booth, Jas., manager (J. & J. L. Brebner), 33 Orchard street
Booth, Matthew, dairy, 7 Mid Stocket road, h Woodhead,
Booth, R., foreman, Central Fire Station, 254 and 256 King st.
Booth, Thomas, jobbing gardener, 21 Gilcomston steps
Booth, Williamson, M.A., solicitor and notary public, 148
Union st. Telephone No. 277 ; h 8 Westfield ter.
Booth, Wm. P., ironmonger, 62 George street. Telephone
No. 103 ; h 59 Watson street
Booth, Wm., chimney sweeper, 2b Thistle st.
Booth, Wm., jobbing gardener, 24 Westburn road
Booth, Mrs Rose, librarian, Anderson Library ; h 5 Elmbank
Booth, Mrs W., 48 Rosemount pi.
Borland, W. A., district inspector, Scottish Union and National
Insurance Company, 33 St. Swithin st.
Borthwick, Andrew, silk and woollen
dyer, scourer, cloth fuller, and dresser ; dye works,
76 Loch street ; shop, 3 Summer street
Borthwick, Wm. T. (of A. Borthwick), 25 View terrace
Boswell, William, meteorologist (King's College), 35 Laurel-
wood avenue
Bothwell, Alex., wholesale and retail confectioner, 23, h 25
Loch street
Bothwell, Alex., violin maker, 27 Jasmine terrace
Bothwell, George, grain and straw merchant, 27 Princes street
Bothwell, W. I., cashier (G. & W. D.), Broomlea Cottage, Dyce
Bottger, Adolf, hairdresser, 26| St. Andrew st., h 5 Jamaica
Botting, R. G., manager (Elec. Eng. Co., Ltd.), 40 Grosvenorpl.
Boulton, Wm., M. Inst. C.E., Lond., 7 Gladstone place
Bourne, John, artist, 78 Waterloo quay
Bow, George, familv grocer, 42 Clifton rd. (Clifton rd. Post
Office). Telephone No. K 76; h 10 Calsayseat rd.
Bow, Mrs, 56 Gladstone place
Bow, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Calsayseat rd.
Bower & Florence, polished granite manufacturers and quarry
owners, Spital Granite Works, King's crescent Tele-
phone No. K31

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