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Bank, Limited ; Parr's Bank, Limited ; Manchester and County Bank,
Limited ; Bank of Ireland ; Hibernian Bank, Limited ; Munster and
Leinster Bank, Limited ; National Bank, Limited ; Northern Banking Co.,
Limited; Ulster Bank, Limited; Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited;
Banque Maritime, Paris ; Credit Lyonnais, Paris ; London and San Francisco
Bank, Limited ; Nederlandsch Indische Escompto Maalschappy, Amster-
dam ; Munroe & Co., Paris ; Bank of Australasia ; Bank of British North
America ; Bank of New Zealand ; National Bank of New Zealand, Limited ;
Knauth, Nachod & Kiilme, New York and Leipsig ; the Bank of Africa ;
Williams, Deacon and Manchester and Salfoi-d Bank, Limited.
Negotiates bills on all towns in Great Britain and Ireland where there
is a banker.
Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society.
Established 1862, and Registered Pursuant to Act of Parliament.
Head Office, - - 213 George Street, Aberdeen.
Reserve Funds, - £60,000. Annual Income, - £12,500.
Membership, over 41,000.
Trustees— Sir David Stewart, LL.D., D.L., Ex-Dean of Guild Macdonald, J.P.
and Ex-Lord Provost Daniel Mearns, D.L.
Chairman- Councillor Robert W. Wishart.
Vice-Chairman— Lewis Anderson, Inspector.
Bankers — The Aberdeen Savings Bank.
Auditors — James Meston & Co., C.A.
Actuary — Reuben Watson, A. LA., Nottingham.
Secretary — James Robertson. Inspector- William Gorman.
Treasurer— J. F. MacPhail Massie, J.P.
Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society.
Established 1831.
Office, - - 63 Union Street, Aberdeen.
President— Robert Simpson, J.P.
Vice-President — Andrew Munro, shoemaker.
James Thomson, valuator
John A. Davidson, clerk
James Mortimer, Registrar
James Fraser, mason
James Tawse, reedmaker
William Georgeson, coach builder
Auditors— Alexander Tawse, W. F. Pratt, and J. F. McP. Massie.
Secretary — George Falconer, advocate.
Medical Officer.— -Dr. George Williamson, 256 Union Street.
Bankers — Bank of Scotland.
John Johnstone, warehouseman
Thomas Morice, messenger
John M. Simpson, sculptor
George Wilson, stonecutter
John T. Clark, coachbuilder
The Caledonian Insurance Company.
Founded 1805.
The Oldest Scottish Insurance Office.
Head Office, 19 George Street, Edinburgh
Aberdeen Office, ... 13 Bridge Street.

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