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Incorporated under the Building Societies' Act, 1874.
Chairman — John Lyall Grant, merchant.
Vice- Chairman — William Watt, editor.
Robert Henderson, draper.
J. F. M. Massie.
Jolin S. Sutherland.
Johnston K. Pirie.
Thomas H. Moir.
John Whyte, painter.
Samuel Milne, builder.
Adam Pratt, clothier.
James Ross, advocate.
Solicitor — Harvey Hall, advocate and C.A. Surveyor — William
Kelly, architect. Managers and Treasurers — Marquis
& Hall, advocates and C.A.
BanTcers — The North of Scotland Bank.
THIS Company affords a very safe and profitable Investment
for Sums from 2s. a month upwards, repayable with in-
terest at 5 per cent, and a share of Surplus Profits at the expiry
of 15, 12, or 10 years, as the Member may elect at his entry. If
entry for 15 years, the Monthly payment per Share is 2s. ; if for
12 years, 2s. 8d. ; and if for 10 years, .3s. 5d.
A payment of 2s. monthly for 15 years amounts to £18. In
return for this the member will receive at the end of 15 years
£25, with a Share of Surplus Profits. The Surplus Profits are
declared every year. Any number of Shares may be held by a
Deposits of £10 and upwards will be received by this Company
payable on a day's notice, on a month's notice, and for one year.
No interest will be allowed if deposits are withdrawn before the
expiry of one month.
Loans on Security of Heritable Property granted to Members,
repayable as may be agreed on, in 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 years, in
Monthly or Quarterly Instalments. Loans are granted on ap-
plication, and no Commission is charged. Borrowing Members
are entitled to a share of the Surplus Profits.
Members may withdraw at any time on one month's notice to
that effect. Interest allowed on Shares withdrawn, and also
Surplus Profits, after being Members for 2 years and 5 years
respectively, in terms of the rules.
Any further information may be had on applying to —
MARQUIS & HALL, Advocates and C.A,,
Managers and Treasurers,
222 Union Street, Aberdeen, June 1895.

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