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Campbell, Wm. M., 2 Dee place
Clark, John H., 61 Hamilton pi.
Colville, G. G., 85 Irvine place
Counon, Alex., Chrysolite, 456
King street
Cook, N., 20 Clareraont street
Crighton, D., Walker rd., Torry
Davidson, Wm. L., Eliott Villa,
Donald, James, 36 Salisbury ter.
Dove, Anthony, 226 Union grove
Dowman, Henry, 234 Union grove
Femister, John, Glengairn Cot-
tage, Cults
Fernie, A. D., 12 Caledonian pi.
Findlay, Wm., Cuthbert Cot-
tage, Bright street
Fraser, James, Stanley Cottage,
67 Duthie terrace
Glegg, R. , 17 Braemar place
Gordon, J., 52 Loanhead ter.
Gray, Francis W., 22 Bank street
Grubb, George, 44 li'vine place
Guthrie, John D., 49 Stanley st.
Hadden, George, 57 Braemar pi.
Hall, Alex,, Stirling Cottage,
156 Hutcheon street
Henderson, John, 83 Hamilton pi.
Henderson, Joseph, 20 Gladstone
Hutchison, John, 379 Holburn
Hurry, Andrew, 24 Braemar pi.
Joiner, James, 28 Thomson street
Joss, Wm., 47 Rosemount place
Laing, J. S., 253 Union grove
Lawson, J., 22 Loanhead ter.
Leask, J. B., Ferryhill road
Levie, Alex., 37 Carden place
Linklater, Alexander, 27 Mary-
well street
M'Bain, G., 87 Regent quay
Main, Alex., 79 Constitution st.
Main, W. L., Forest road south
Marchant, J., 340 Holburn st.
Matthews, John, 30 Loanhead ter.
Michie, D., 12 Burns road
Melville, Wm. G. B., 22 Polmuir
Milne, Geo. C, 22 Summerfield
Milne, John, 55 Stanley street
Milne, T. M. , 7 Argyll place
Morrison, Wm. , 7 Constitution
Murray, James, 12 Forbesfield rd.
Murray, Robert, 41 Argyll place
Mutch, Geo. , New Mains, Seaton
Philip, Alex., 114 Mid Stocket
Philip, Wm. , 188 Great Western
Phillips, Robert, 60 Carden pi.
Proctor, Geo., 14 Ferryhill ter.
Ritchie, G. L., 7 Fonthill ter.
Ross, Alex., 59 Irvine place
Ross, Andrew, 80 Union grove
Ross, Peter, 9 Constitution st.
Scorgie, John S., 1 Strawberry
Sim, J. N. , 9 Canal street
Sim, James, 13 Crown terrace
Spence, A, R, , Orient Cottage,
Pitmuxton, South Mile-end
Stephen, W,,'40 Bon-Accord ter.
Stewart, John, 19 Summerfield
Stewart, John, l7Hartington rd,
Strachan, John, 58 Union grove
Stuart, John, 6 Forest road
Symmers, John, 83 Irvine place
Taylor, W, J,, 77 Waterloo quay
Turriff, Alex., 10 Gray street
Walker, Thos., 118 Union grove
Ward, Thomas, 139 King street
Watson, Alex., 356 Holburn st.
Watson, Chas., 18 Caledonian pi.
Watt, Charles D., 95 Leslie ter.
Webster, W., Menzies road
West, James, 14 Duthie terrace
Wilson, Wm. , 24 Argyll place
Wood, Alex., 24 Bonnymuir pi.
Wright, And. , 324 King street
Young, J, S., 371 Great Western
Shore Porters.
See page 69.
Shorthand Writers.
Cooper, Robt., 498 Union street
Lawrence, 0. M., 198 Union st.

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