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Thomson, Wm. & Co., horticultural builders, 74 Woolman*
lull, h 4 Gilcomston steps
Thomson, Wm., inn and stabling, 6 Mealmarket street
Thomson, Mrs Dr., 28 Victoria street west
Thomson, Mrs T., 29 Victoria street west
Thomson, Mrs Wm., Springbank House, Dee place
Thomson, Mrs Wm., 13 Marischal street
Thomson, Mrs, 166 Union street
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 61 Dee street
Thomson, Mrs, 162 Crown street
Thomson, Mrs, 5 Huntly street
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Marywell street
Thomson, Mrs, midwife, 13 Commerce street
Thomson, Mrs, grocer, Margaret place, Euthrieston
Thomson, Mrs, broker, 118 Callow gate
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 45 Park street
Thomson, Misses, 47 St. Nicholas street
Thomson, M., lodgings, 4 Thistle street
Thow, George, tailor and clothier, 9, A 10 Black's buildings
Thurburn Cooking Depot, 38 Market street; matron, Miss
Copland ; Robert Cran, 46 King street, secretary
Tindal, Jas., blacksmith and bellhanger, 15, A 17 Back wynd
Tindal, Eobert, blacksmith, 15, h 39 Back wynd
Tocher, Robert, agent, 28 Queen street
Tocher, Mrs, servants' register, 28 Queen street
Todd, Alex., grocer, 76 West North street, h 20 Constitution
Todd, Gavin T., manufacturer, 15 Eubislaw terrace
Todd, James J., manufacturer, 6 Eubislaw terrace
Todd, John, manager, bakery department (N. Co-operative
Co.), 4 Richmond terrace
Topp, William, gatekeeper, Footdee Ironworks
Topping, John (late customs), 23 Ferry hill terrace
Torrie, Miss, 19 Union place
Torry Brickwork Co. ; office, 30 Exchange street
Tough, A., grocer, 122 King street, h 79 Park road
Tough, Charles, timber merchant, 50 Upper Denburn
Tough, Charles, late toll-keeper, May Cottage, near Broom-
Tough, Charles, 2 Schoolhill
Tough, George, silk mercer, linen and woollen draper, 132
and 134 George street, h 14 Mount street
Tough, George, spirit dealer and cab proprietor, 32, h 14
Castle street ; stables, 70 John street
Tough, John, furnishing tailor, 190 George street
Tough, John, wright, 6 Windmill-lane, h 38 Whitehouse st.
Tough, Mrs, 38 Whitehouse street

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