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Taylor, Jolm, heating engineer, 71 Woolmanliill, h 1 Baker
Taylor, John, house carpenter, 3 Henry street
Taylor, Jonathan, comtnercial traveller, 13 Constitution st.
Taylor, P., commercial traveller, 6 Wellington place
Taylor, Eichard (Derwent Steam Tug), 4 Canal terrace
Taylor, Eichard, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Justice street
Taylor, E., shipmaster, Diamond Cottage, Holburn place
Taylor, Thomas, draper, 148 George street
Taylor, Wm., traveller (J. & A. Gibb), 1 Devanha terrace
Taylor, Wm., flesher and poulterer, 187, h 185 Crown street
Taylor, Mrs A., 39 Victoria street west
Taylor, Mrs James, 41 Constitution street
Taylor, Mrs, 13 East North street
Taylor, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Virginia st.
Taylor, Mrs, coffee and dining rooms, 39 Eegent quay
Taylor, Mrs, midwife, and lodgings, 75 Union street
Taylor, Mrs, sick nurse, 31 Huntly street
Taylor, Mrs, 4 Langstane place
Taylor, Mrs, stoneware merchant, 24 West North street
Taylor, Misses, dressmakers, 3 Henry place
Taylor, Miss, 14 Springbank terrace
Taylor, Miss, lodgings, 20 Harriet street
Templeton, George, commercial traveller, 57 Eosemount pi.
Templeton, Wm., M.D., 11 Osborne place
Tennant, John, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 106 King
Tennant, Joseph, draper, 67 King street, h 22 Wellington
Tennant, W. M., draper, 80 Eosemount place, A 19 Mount
Thain, Mrs, 21 Garden place
Thirsk, David, (Northern Agricultural Co.), 22 Bank street
Thom, David, gardener, 10 Bank street
Thorn, James, cutter, 2 Westfield place
Thom, W. S., 9 Albert street
Thom, Wm., feuar, Outseats, Pitmuxton
Thom, Mrs James A., grocer. Bridge of Dee
Thom, Miss, 20 Albert terrace
Thompson, Cornelius, shipbuilder, 17 Albyn place
Thompson, George, jun., & Co., merchants and shipowners,
insurance brokers, and underwriters, 40 Marischal st.
Thompson, George, jun., of Pitmedden, 5 Golden square
Thompson, Geo., spirit dealer, 18 Upperkirkgate
Thompson, James T. (late Burnett & Thompson), watch-
maker, jeweller, and cutler, 17 St. Nicholas street, h
146i George street

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