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Adshead, N., & Son, 11 and 92
Union &t
Baxter, Thomas S. 40 J('hn st
Boardman, James (in all metali),
55 Charlotte lane. — See Advt.
in Appendix
Boots, cash chemists, 101-105
Sauchieball st; tel, P.O., 4437;
Nat, 768 Douglas
Burns, Alex. C. (relief), 383
Sauchiehall at. and 46 Arg} le
Canninghame, D. jun. (relief), 48
Buchanan street
Findlay, Jas. 7 Mitchell lane
Laidlasv & Frastr (relief), 15
Drary st
Lumsden, Jas., Son, & Co. Ltd., 21
York street
Ljon, Wm. 389 Sauchiehall st.
and branches ; wholesale, 474
Sauchiehall st
Miller, John, Ltd., 116 Renfield st
Mollison, W. M. &Co. Ltd. (melal)
Morison Bros., L*d., 52 Benfieldst
Reid, James, & Son (relief), 43
and 45 Mitchell st
Robertson, Wm. & Sons (in metal)
62 Ar^yle st
Smith, John, Son & Co. (rulief),
97 West Campbell st
Walker, Wm. & Co. (in metals only),
125 London st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 335 St
Vincent st
Berger, Saml. «& Co. Bromley-by-
Bow, London, E. ; agent, Jas.
Wardrop, junr. 65 W. Regent st
Cljde Soap Co., Pelersbill road
Hay, Wm., & Co. 53 Candleriggs
Vnderson, Jas. & Co. ; office, 124 St.
Vincent st. ; works, 48 Surrey
Angel, F. G. & Co., 153 St. Vin-
cent st; head^office, 110 Fen-
church st, London
Berger, Saml. & Co. Bromley-by-
Bow, London, E. ; agent, Jas,
Wardrop, jr. 65 W. Regent st
Brown & Po'son ; agent, John
Millar, 118 Queen st
Browns & Co. 12 Mair st. Planta-
Bryce & Rumpff, 223 W. G«orge st
Clyde Chemical Co., 87 Hamilton
st, Govan
Clyde Soap Co., specialties for
laundry purp' ses, Petershill rd
Colman, J. & J., Ltd., London;
Glasgow iffice, 7H Howard St.;
P. 0. tele , No. 49
Hardie, H, D., & Co., 176 Ingram
Hoffmann's starch agents, Jackson
Bros. 60 St. Enoch sq
Hyland, Thos. & Co. 61 Rose st,
Johnston, J. & G. (also corn flour)
12 Waterloo st
M'Intyre, John (agent for Duyvis
& Co., Utrecht), 52 St. Enoch
" Orlando Jones' Starch ; " Glas-
gow office, 76 Howard street;
P.O. telephone 49
Sharp, J., & Co. 79 Hutchfson st;
ageDts for Lamm Bros. & Co.,
Thomson, William, sole agent for
Remy's starches and Remylina
(cornflour), 5 Carlton place
Tulloch, Wm. & Co. 7 W. Geo. st
Walker, John C, 67 East Rose st
Wilson, B., Johnstons, & Co., Ltd.,
Adelpbi Starch Works, Paisley
Wotherspoon, W., Glenfield Starch
Woiks, Paisley; Joseph Black,
agent, 25 Wellington st
Young & Strang, 121 W. Geo. st
Blackwoods Limited, Springfield
Bleach Works, Glasgow
Hamilton, R. & S.n, 19 Wilson st
M'Connell, J. & H., Neilston, aud
32 John st, Glasgow
Simpson, T. & Co. Ltd. 19 Graham
St. Bridgeton
Those marked a are also librarians
Abercrombie, A. 48 King st. ciiy
Adam, D., & Co., 54 Union st
Adam, Robt. 146 St. George's rd
Adam, Miss, 215 Parliamentary rd
Adshead N. & Son, 11 Union st
Aird & Coghill, Ltd., 24 Douglas st
Aird, Isa S. 389 Eglinton st
Aitchison, Maiy, 242 Paisley rd W
Aitken, D. 44 Nelson st. s.a
Aitken, Robt. 477 Duke st
Aiikenhead, R. A., 13 New City
Allan & Ferguson, 126 Renfield
Anderson, F., 1401 Argyle st
Anderson, Robert (wholesale), 142
W. Nile st
Anderson, Robt. 144 New City rd
Anderson, Wm. 174 Ingram st
Anderson, Jessie, 450 Duke st
Angu.«, J. B., 77 Wallace st, s.s
Angus, John, 620 Argyle st
aAnnandale, Miss, 1041 Cathcart
Asher, Wm., & Co., Ltd..
Howard street
Auchterlonie, Agnes R.
Polloksbaws rd
Ayton, Mitchell & Co., 38 Stock-
well st
Baillie, Wm.,& Co. Burgh Printing
Works, Barrhead
Bain, Robert, 384 Rutherglen rd
Baird, Alex. & Son (artistic),
Kelvinbridge Works
Banks «& Co. Ltd. 65 W. Regent
Birber, F. W. 472 Gt. Western rd
Barbour, Mrs. 156 Rutherglen rd
Barrowman, Robt., 480 St. Vincent
Barton. Misses, 387 Vict )ria road
Begg, Kennedy & Elder, 33 Hope
Begg, Currie & Russell, 70 and 72
Waterloo st
Bell, Arthur, 68 Buchanan st
Bertram, P. & Sons, 335 Argyle at
Binnie, Wm., 988a PoUokshaws
Bissett, W. S , 37 Jamaica st
Bissett, W. S., jun., 37 Jamaica st
Black, George H. 285 Parliamen-
tary road
Black, Walter, & Co. (wholesale),
209, 211 Cambridge street
Blair, Andrew, 649 Govan road
Biair, Jas. 22 Gibson st. Hillhead
Blair, T. W., 642 Cathcart road
Bland, F. P. (maaufactariag school)
4 Germiston street
Blyth, J. & M. 625 Duke st
Bogle, John, Ltd. 634 Govan rd
Boland, Miss Mary, 81 George st
Bone & Hulley, 35 Dnndas st. city
Boots, Cash Chemists, 101-105
Sauchiehall st. ; tel. Nos., P.O.
4437 ; Nat. 768 Douglas
Bowie, M., 252 Crow rd., Parlick
Boyd, Miss J. 1228 Dumbarton rd.
Braid, Robt. & Son (wholesale),
36 Ingrdm st
Braithwaite, J. S. 78 Cowcaddena
Braverman, Samuel, 19 Waterloo
Brodip, Mrs. Annie, 162 Calder st
Brown, Isa, 176 Saltmarket st
Brown, Jaa. & Son (nautical and
shipping), 5i-56 Darnley st
Brown, John, 264 Dalmamock
Biown, John, & Gray, 63 West
Regent st
aBrown, Miss, 170 Nithsdale rd
Browse, Mrs., 60| Thistle st , s.s.
Bruce, James, 42 West Nile st.
Bryson, Augusta C. 234 Great
Western rd
Bryson, Augusta C. 177 Hyndland
Bryson, A. & Co. Ltd, 92 Trongate

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