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M'Allister, John, & Sons, 24 St.
James' at. Paisley road
M'Farla-.e, John, & Co. 147
Shields road
rM'Kenzie, Richard, 11 Plantation
street ; ho. 6 Brighton pi. Govan
M'Kinnon, Hugh, 4 Abercromby
ter. Ibrox
rNiven, John, & Son, 6 Water st.
rPaterson, Geo. & Co. Ltd. 14
Springfield lane
Rose, Geo., & Son, 32 St. James'
St, Paisley road
Ship Chandlery and Sail Works
Co. 18 Finnieston lane
Thomson, Arch. Black & Co.,
Ltd., 68 Anderston quay
Aitken & Co. 69 Osborne st
Bower, T. R. & Sons, 4 Vork street
Currie & Co Ltd. 18 Bolhwell st.
tel. Nos. P.O. 544; Nat. 647
and 548 Argyle
Gilchrist, Jas. & Co. 37 Carrick st
Hannah, Samuel, & Co. 189
Rntherglen road
Jamieson, J. & Co. 13 Commerce st
Kerr, Wm. J., 26 Carlton conrt
M'Taggart, D. (of John Nisbet &
Co. ), Custom House Quay, Great
Clyde st
Mersey Salt Co., J. Fairie, C.A.,
secretary, 82 West Nile street
Nisbet, John, & Co. Custom-
house quay, Gt. Clyde st; tele-
phone Nos. Nat. 4112 Royal;
P.O. 518
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 24 George
Eowat & Co. (bottle and packet
packers), Craigton rd. Govan
Somerville, Jas. & Sons,7-9 Cleland
Walker, George, & Son, Ltd.
(packet and export), 48 French
street, Bridgeton
Wilson, Edward, junr., & Co., 39
Stockwell st
Duff & Co. (only men employed
under thorough supervision),
49 Cadogan st; P.O. tel. 611
Macgregor, Rob Roy, 57 West
Campbell street
Pollock's Circular and Sample
Express, covered lock-fast hand
vans for house-to-house de-
livery ; estimates of quantities
given for any district or town ;
52 West Nile st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 335 St.
Vincent st
Crystalline Glass Co. 53 Candle-
Meikle,Wm., & Sons, 19-21 Well-
ington street
Argon Asphalte Co. 67 Hope
Bain, Alex. & John, 34 St. Enoch
Budhill Coal & Sandstone (iron-
founders' sand). Station road,
Currie & Co. Ltd. 18 Bothwell st.
and at Greenock, Edinburgh,
and Leith; telephones, P.O.,
544; Nat. 547,548 Argyle
Lyle, Robt., & Co., Mineral station,
Miller, Gavin, 284 S. York st
Mitchell, W. M., & Co., 57 Hope
Murdoch, Alex. 11 W. Regent
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce
street; lei., Nat. 1791 South-
Side; P. O.X 98
Ni8bet,Calder, & Co. (Belgian silver
sand), 144 St. Vincent street
Prentice, Robt., 119 and 121
Baird st., Townhead, and
Custom-house quay
Renwicfe, W.K,& Co.. 95 Bath st
Robb, George, N.B. Mineral stn.,
Wbiteincb; Nat. teL, 1258 Hill-
Woodburn & Co. 40 St. Enoch sq
Allan, Jas., sen r., & Son,Elmbank
Foundry, 12 Possil road
Boyle, Robert, & Son (latest
patent " air pump " ventilator),
110 Bothwell street
Brown, Robt. & Son, Ltd., Fer-
guslie F.C. Works, Paisley, The
Sanitary Earthenware Works
Paisley ; Glasgow office, 50 Wei
lington st ; depot. Port Eglin
ton station, Salkeld street, s.s.
telephone No.s. Nat. 34m Gorbals
P.O. X 34 ; private direct wire
to works. Paisley, No. 5209
Royal. No charge for use
Buchan's Patent Sanitary and
Ventilating Appliances, 38 Ren-
frew street
Campbell, T. B. & Sons, Ltd. show-
rooms and warehouse, 29 Wel-
lington street
Clutha (The) Sanitary Appliances
Co., manufacturers ana patentees
of sanitary appliances, syphon
flushing ; w.c. cisterns a speci-
ality, 411-413 St Vincent st
Craig, J. & M. Ltd. makers of
enamelled sinks and washtnbs,
Buchan's sanitary appliances,
sewage pipes, and every descrip-
tion of fireclay goods and sani-
tary earthenware, 98 Commerce
street; telephone Nos. National,
1791 South Side; P.O. X 98
Currie & Co. Ltd. 18 Bothwell St.;
telephone Nos. Nat. 547 and
548 Argvle; P.O. 544
Donald & Donald (ventilating and
sanitary), 60 Bothwell circus
Doulton & Co. Ltd. 38-40 Both-
â– well street
Falkirk Iron Co. 34 Bothwell street
Glendinning, John, & Sons, 90
West Campbell street
Hutchison, P. & A, Caledonian
chambers, 87 Union street
M'Leod, Wm., & Co., 62 Robertson
Miloe, James, & Son, Ltd., Ill
St. Vincent st
Morrison, Wm. B., & Son, 117 W.
Regent st
Musgrave, G. & D., Ltd., 95
Bath street
Ross, Wm., & Sons, 27 Thistle
street, s.s.
Saunders & Connor, Sanitas Works,
Cross Arthurlie St., Barrhead
Shawsrigg Fire- Clay and Enamel-
ing Co., Ltd., 370 Eglinton st
Smith & Sods, Daroley Works,
Standard Sanitary Manufacturing
Co., Ltd., Pittsburg, U.S.A. ;
agents, T. B. Campbell & Sons,
Ltd., 29 Wellington st
Stevenson, Wm. & Co. 72 to 80
Brown street, city
Tullis, D. & J., Ltd., engineers,
Kilbowie Iron Works, Kilbowie
Twyford's, Ltd. 95 Bath st
Watson, Gow, & Co., Ltd., Etna
Foundry, Lilybank road
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., The
Sanitary Earthenware Works,
Paisley; Glasgow office, 50 Wel-
lingtou st; depot, Port-Eglinton
station, Salkeld st, s.s. ; teleph.
Nos., Nat, 349 Gorbals; P.O.
X 34 ; private direct wire to
works, Paisley, No. 5209 Royal.
No charge for use
Craig, J. & M., Ltd., 98 Com-
merce St., s.s. ; telephone Nos.,
Nat. 1791 South side; P.O.
Currie & Co. Ltd., 18 Both-
well street ; depot, Greneral Ter-
minus, 308 Paisley road; stores,
278-292 Wallace street, Kmg-
ston, s.s. ; telephone Nos. Nat.
647 and 548 Argyle j P.O. 644

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