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Anderson, J. D., & Co., 5 West
Regent st
Arnott, W. H., 90 Mitchell st
Bennett, J. B., 116 West st., s.s.
Christie, Jas. P., 23-27 M'Farlane
Donald, James T., & Co., Ltd., 35
M'Alpine street
Donald, R. M., 40 St. Enoch sq
Easdale, R. M.,& Co., 100 and 102
Houldsworth st., Cranstonhill
Galbraith, Samuel, 37 Charles st
Gait, Geo., 92 Bishop st., Anderston
Greer, Jas. C.,& Soq,62 Buchanan
Gourlay, Peter, 8 Tunnel st
Henderson, Charles, & Co., 73
Robeitson street
Hillia, Marrs & Co , London; agts ,
Sibbald, Dtans & Co , 157 St.
Vincent street
Jack, Samuel, 122 So. Portland
Jackson, John, & Co., Balmoral
IroD "Yard, South st., Scotstoun
Jenkins, Ross & Co., 20a Cook st
Kidston, A G., & Co., 81 Great
Clyde st. ; and 155 Feuchurch
St., London, E.C. — See Advt. in
Kitson, Reuben, 109 King St., city
Law & James, 140 W. George st
M'Intee, Chas., 76 Crookston st
M'Kenna, John, 48 Kelvin street,
M'Kenzie, John, 173 George st
Mackde & Ingram, 43a Stockwellst
Mackie, John, 569 Garscube road
MacKinlay, R. W., & Sons, 121
Gt. Wellington st. , Kinning Park
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd., 129
M'Murtrie, John M. (arguzoid),
120 Waterloo st
Martin Bios , 7 and 9 Cessnock St.,
at Cessnook Subway Station
Menzies, D. P., 196 St. Vincent st
Murphy, James 291 Abercromby st
Nielson & Maxwell, 142 St. Vin-
cent St. and 503-506 Coronation
house, 4 Lloyd's av, London,E.C.
Park & Paterson, Ltd., 22 Back-
causeway, Parkhead
Phillips, Joseph, & Co^ 68
Elcho st
Phosphor (The),Bronze Co., Ltd.,
Southwark, London, S.E., manu-
facturers of phosphor bronze
ingots or castings in " Cog-
wheels," "Vulcan," and " Duro"
alloys, white anti-friction metal,
plastic metal, phosphor tin,
phosphor white lining metal,
white ant, bronze, &c. ; sole
agents for Scotland, A. G. Kid-
ston & Co., 81 Gt. Clyde st.
and 155 Fenchurch st., London.
— See Advt. in Appen.
Richmond, John, & Co., 56 West
Regent st
Shearer Brothers, 23 David st
Stedman, Crowther & Co. ; agents,
Alex. Brown & Co., 233 St
Vincent street
Steel, John, 18 Polmadie st
Stevenson, Wm., & Co., 72 to 80
Brown street, city
Trainer & Allison, 158 Surrey
lane, s.8.
Tunbridge, W. W., 7 York street
Williams, E., & Co., 63 East
Miller st
Braby, Fred. & Co. Ltd. Eclipse
Works, Petershill road
Hurabolt Works, Kalk ; agents,
A G. Paterson & Co., 179 West
George st
M'Naught, John (punching and
boring iron and si eel flat or round
bars), 81 Hospital st., s.s. ; P.O.
tel. 3249; Nat. 258 Gorbals
Allan, John, & Co., Ltd., 18
Chalmers street, E
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Co. Ltd. Birmingham ; sole
agent, W. F. Ritchie, 47 Water-
loo street
Broughton (The) Copper Co.,
Ltd., Manchester, copper
smelters ; agent, Charles W.
Wild, 49,51 Oswald st
Carroll, John, & Son, 22 Summer
Central Metal and Smelting Co.
284 Crownpoint road
Easdale, R. M , & Co., 100, 102
Houldsworth st, Cranstonhill
Fulton & M'Connell, 45 Hope st.;
works, 15 Hydepark st
Gemmell, Wm. & Co., 492
Argyle st
MacKinlay, R. W., & Sons, Kinning
Park Smelting Works, Great
Wellington st
M'Robie, John, & Sons, 62 Elliot
Osborne & Co. 15 Osborne st
Park & Paterson, Ltd., 22 Back-
causeway, Parkhead
Phillips, Joseph, & Co., 68
Elcho st
Reid, James, & Co., 7 M'Neil st
Sachs, C. F., 25 Stockwell place
Shearer Brothers, 23 David st
Steel, John, 18 Polmadie st
Williams & Co., 4 Moncrieff lane,
Birmingham Battery & Metal Co-
Birmingham ; sole agent, W-
F. Ritchie, 47 Waterloo st
Booth, James, & Co., Birmingham;
agent, Peter Smith, 112 Bath st
British (The) Aluminium Co. Ltd.;
agents, Alexander Brown & Co.
238 St Vincent st
Broughton (The) Copper Co. Ltd.
Manchester ; agent, Chas. W.
Wild, 49, 51 Oswald at
Clifford, C. & Son, Ltd. Birming-
ham ; agents, T. B. Caoipbell &
Sons, 29 Wellington st
Delta (The) Metal Co. Ltd., agents,
Alexander Brown & Co. 233 St.
Vincent st
Earle, Bourne & Co. Ltd., Bir-
mingham; agent, Wm. C. Weir,
72 Waterloo street
Grice, Grice, & Son, Ltd. ; sole
agents, Gen. J. Robson & Co.,
130 West Nile st
Hudson, Edmunds & Co., Ltd.,
Birmingham ; agents, Alex.
Brown & Co., 233 St. Vincent st
Midland Art Metal and Brass-
foundry Co. ; agent, W. W.
Tunbridge, 7 York street
Mint (The) Birmingham, Ltd.
Birmingham, 115 Waterloo st
Nevill, Drnce & Co. London and
Llanelly; agents, Chas. Hender-
son & Co., 73 Robertson st
Powells, Ltd., Vauxhall, Birming-
ham ; sole agent, Andrew R.
Findlay, 34 Robertson st
Williams, Foster & Co. and Pascoe
Grenfell & Sons, Ltd., Swansea
and London ; representative,
James S. Nisbet, 7 Royal Bank
Scottish agents for the Birming-
ham Guild of Handicraft, Ltd.,
Wm. Meikle & Sons, 19 Well-
ington street
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited)
Eclipse Works, Petershill road
Brown & Co. 63 Wigton street,
Carrick, James G. & Co. 23 No.
Wallace st. Parliamentary road
Clark, Wm., & Son, 100 John st,
M'Haffie & Co. 135 West street,
M'Naught, John, daiiymen's
tanks, boiler.s, &c., 81 Hospital
street, s.s.; P.O. tel. 3249; Nat
258 Gorbals
Sandeman Bros. Ruchill, Maryhill
Smith & M'Lean, Ltd. Mavisbank,
Govan road
MacCallum, Douglas A., F.C.S., 93
Hope street

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