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MncLehose, Jas. & Sons, 61 St.
Vincent st.
Marshall, Miss, 15 Gower street.
Paisley road
Muir, John, 62 St. George's place
Robertson, Miss C. 213 Albert rd.
Sample, T. 151 Gt. Western rd
Smith, Crawford, 285 Byres road
Smith, John E., 375 Gt. Western
Stirling's and Glasgow Pnblic
Library, 48 Miller st.
Taylor, Mrs. M. 367 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Wallace, I., 581 Alexandra parade
Clark, Wro. S. & Co., 27, 29, 31
Tunnell at
Connal & Co., Ltd., 34 West
George street
M'Clellarid, David, 4 Lome st
Macormack & Ewlnsr, C,
Prince's Dock
Taylor, Arch., & Son, 1 Robertson
Christie, R. sole agent for the
Cameron Jackson Life Belt
Backs, 29 Waterloo st
Currie, Thomson & Co. (airproof),
45 Jamaica st
Steedman & M'Allister, solid cork
life buoys, life belts, and cork
fender manufacturers, makers to
the Admiralty and Indian Gov-
ernment, sixteen International
Exhibitions gold and silver
medals awarded (established
1854), 35 Ardgowan st.; tele-
graphic address, " Steedman ; "
telephone Nos. National, 1611;
P.O., X 16
Wilson, John, & Co. (solid cork
life liuoys, life belt & cork fender
manufacturers, contractors to
the Government, 41-45 Fairley
St., Govan ; tel. No. 99 Govan
Bergtheil & Young, Ltd., London,
makers of '• Bandy " push but-
ton controlled electric hoists for
all services ; Loudon & Clark,
68 Gordon st
Steven, A. & P., Provanside
Engine Works, 179 St. James'
rd. (electric, hydraulic & power
lifts for passengers and goods)
Baird, Arch. & Son, Ltd,, Peacock
cross, Hamilton
Brjden, John. & Sons, 60 Renfield
street (band paver service lifts)
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Ltd. 35
and 87 M' Alpine st
Fairbanks Co., 54 & 56 Bothwell
Gibbins, R. C, & Co., Berkley
st, Birmingham; agent, John
S. Bishop, 51 Cadogan st
Mackay, Neil (City Roperie), 66
West Howard st
Pickerings, Limited, sole represen-
tative, W. M. Anderson, 102
Union st
Priest, Rowland, Pulley Block
Wo'ks, Cradley Heath (whole-
sale only) ; agent, J. Thomson
Macleori, 76 Robertson street
Tangyes Ltd., Ill Hope st
The North British Lifting
and Moving Appliances
Co., Ltd. (hoist, pulley blocks,
slings, ropes), 66 & 58 Robert-
son st
Thomson, William, & Co. (Thom-
son's patent self-sustaining
pulley blocks), Smith st, Kin-
ning Park
Willetts, Cbas., jr., Cradley Heath;
agent, J. J. H. Crnickshank, 95
Bath st
Hamilton, Robert & Son, Thistle
Truck Works
Koppel, Arthur, portable truck
points and crossings, turntables,
tipping wagons, &c. ; agents,
Burns, Morrison & Co , 134 St.
Vincent st
Anderson & Munro, 136 Bothwell
Brydeu, John, & Sons, 60 Ren
field st
Dixon & Corbitt & R. S. Newall
& Co., Ltd., 41 St. Vincent pi.;
warehouse, 76, 78 Hydfpark
St. Nat tel. 4838, P.O. Cen-
tral 4838 ; tel. reg. address
" Wirerope "
Espie, James, 178a St. Vincent
Fulton, T. Crichton, C.E., A.LE.E.
(inspecting and testing, &c.), 44
West George st
Geddes, John, & Co., 1103 Catb-
cart road
Haggle Bros. Ltd. (not fitters), 134
St. Vincent st
Hutcheson, James, 199 Bath St.
MacLellan, A. & Co.63 Waterloo st
M'Whirter. Wm. & Son, M.LE.E.,
212-214 Holm st
Newall, R. S. & Son, Ltd., 19
Exchanee sq
Newall, R. S. & Co., now Dixon &
Corbitt and R. S. Newall & Co.
Ltd., 41 St. Vincent pi; ware-
house, 76-78 Hydepark st
Robb, James, jr., 104 Green st.,
Robb, James, 164 Sprit gfield rd.
Nat. tel. 2617 ; P.O. Y 400
Stewart, W. W., & Co., supply
their conductors to public works,
builders, or any others who may
require or favour them with
their orders, for either band or
cable wire conductors. Esti-
mates given by sending dimen-
sions and length required.
Stewart, W.W. & Co.'s conductors
are all solid copper, and their
Terminal Rods are made of the
finest metal, with sciew coup-
lings, secured with gun metal
brackets and holdfasts.
Stewart, W. W. & Co. fit up their
improved lightning cmductors
on church spires, chimney stalks,
oil tanks, powder magazines, or
any other structure requiring
the same. Estimates free for
all or any part by return. Con-
ductors exanfiined and tested.
Office, 365 Scotland street ;
telegraphic address, "Skyward,"
Glasgow ; telf phones, Nat. 1604
South Side : P.O. X550
Tosh, David, & Son, 77 Queen
Agricnllural lime, builders' lime,
and hand picked Irish lime for
plasterers ; The Firhill Co.'s
Lime Kilns and Stores, 60 Fir-
hill road
Arden Hydraulic Lime Works (A.
M'Ara), oflSce, 65 Morrison
street, s.s.
Arden Lime Stores (Gardner &
Greensbields), 318 Paisley road;
office, 8 Dixon street
Arden Lime Works, Nitshill, near
Glasgow ; Allan Kirkwood, office
67 Gt.Clyde St.; store, 101 Pollok-
shaws road ; telephone Nos. Nat.
3468, P.O. 2455; telegraph
address, " Kirkwood," Nitshill
Ca-.tlecary Fire Clay Co., Limited,
Castlecary, near Glasgow, and
2 Royal Exchange pi., Middles-
Cobbinshaw Coal & Lime Works,
Alexander M'Ara, office, 65
Morrison st. s.s. telephone Nos.
Nat. 1775 South- side, P.O.

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