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Provident Clerks' Associa
. tions (for life, accident, work-
. men's compensation and fidelity
guarantee) ; Archibald Sliman
& Fisher, 68 Gordon st. Tele-
phone Nos., P.O., 703; Nat.,
703 Argyle
Provincial Fire Insurance
Co,, Ltd. ; agetit, A R. Sten-
house, 154 St. Vincent street
Provident Life OflBce, 158 St.
Vincent st
Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. 71
Renfield st
Public Liability Insurance —
Empire Gua>antee & Insurance
Corporation Ltd., 247 West
George so
Railway Passengers' Assurance Co.
49 West George st
Bock Life Insurance Co., 100
Weat George St.; secretary for
Scotland and Ireland, G.
Duncan Deuchar
Royal Exchange Assurance, 163
W. George st
Boyal Insurance Co., 106
Buchanan street
Royal Liver Friendly Society, 34
St. Enoch square
Royal Scottish Insurance Co., Ltd.,
92 West George street
Salvation Army (The) Assurance
Society, Ltd., 38 Bath street
Scottish Accident, Life, & General
Insurance Co. Ltd., 59 Bath st.
Scottish Alliance Insurance Co.
Ltd. (now merged in Union
Assurance Society), 151 St.
Vincent street
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance
Society, 35 St. Vincent pi
Scottish Boiler Insurance
and Sngine Inspection Co.
(Ltd.); head ofSce, 111
Union street ; managing
director, J. D. Young
Scoltiah (The) Commercial Plate
Insurance Co., Ltd.; S. Easton
Simmers, C A., Jas. E. Turner,
insurance broker, joint managers
and secretaries ; head offices, 58
Bath street
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance
Society; P. W. Purves, res. secy.,
155 West George st.
Scottish Equity Plate Glass Insur-
ance Co. Ltd. 87 St. Vincent st
Scottish (The) Licenses Mutual
Insurance Association, Ltd. J.
Munn Ross, C.A. 117 Welling-
ton st
Scottish Life Assurance Co. (Ld.),
68 St. Vincent st ; James Mac-
Nab, res. secy. — See Advt. in
Scottish Live Stock Insurance Co.
Ltd., 142 St. Vincent st. ; E.
E. Clutterbuck, res. secy
Scottish Metropolitan Life Assur-
ance Co. Ltd. 107 Wellington St.;
Scottish National Key
Begistry and Assurance
Association, Ltd. • branch
office, 12 i Wellington street
Scottish National Life Insurance
Collecting Society, 223 St. Vin-
cent street
Scottish Plate Gla^s Insur-
ance Co., Ltd., 132 West
Rctjent street
Scottish Provident Institution for
Life Assurance, 29 St. Vine. pi. ;
W. M. Wisely, res. secretary
Scottish Sickness and Accident
Insurance Co., Ltd., 223 St.
Vincent street
Scottish Sprinkler Fire Insurance
Co., Ltd., 116 Hope street;
Servants', Shop Assistants', and
Workmen's Insurance Co. ; J.
Farie, C.A., 82 West Nile st
Scottish Temperance Life and
Accident Assurance Co. (Ltd.)
head office, 105 St. Vincent
Scottish Union and National In-
surance Co. 150 West George st
Scottish United Reform Friendly
Society, 128 Wellington st
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assur-
ance Society, 114 W. George
street ; resident secy., Go van
Hewat. — See Adv. in Append
Sickness (mental and physical),
Accident, Old Age Pensions arid
Life Assurance, Western Friendly
Society of Glasgow; estab. 1832;
reg. office, 142 St. Vincent st.;
manager, John Mann, C. A^.
Sickness Insurance and Accidents
of all kinds, The General Acci-
dent, Fire and Life Insurance
Co, Ltd., 142 St. Vincent st ;
E. E. Clutterbuck, res. secy
Sickness Insurance — Empire Guar-
antee and Insurance Corpora-
tion Ltd., 247 West George st
South British Fire and Marine In-
surance Co. of New Zealand ;
agent, Hugh Baird, Royal
Exchange buildings
Standard Life Assurance Co., 102
Hope street
Standard Plate Glass Insurance
Co. of Scotland (Limited),
69 St. Vincent st
Star Life Assurance Society,
140 W. Gporge st
State (The) Fire Insurance
Co., Ltd., of Liverpool, 141 W.
George st. — See Advt. in App.
Sun Insurance Office, estab. 1710,
Sun Buildings, 42 Renfield st;
A. Guthrie, branch manager. —
See Advt. on Cover
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada,
147 Bath street
Sun Life Assurance Society
estabd. 1810, Sun Buildinga:
42 Renfield st; Charles R. B'
Kirkwood, resident secretary
Svea Assurance Co. 134 St. Vin-
cent street
The Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.,
John Robertson & Sons, 55
West Regent st
The British Crown Assurance!
Corporation, Ltd. ; capitali
half-a-million sterling; headi
office, 183 West George street '
The British Dominions Marinei
Insnnnce Co, Ltd. (of London);)
agents, Richird Gibson & Go.,(
87 Union st
The British Law Fire Insnrancei
Co., Ltd. ; John R. Watson,i;
A. I. A., and Andrew Penn, joint:
district secretaries, 105 West
George St. ; P.O. tel. No. 614;
Nat tel. No. 6142 Royal
The B.itibh Life Office Ltd., 154>
St. Vincent st
The Empire Plate Glass Insurance
Company, 83 Renfield st
The London and Manchester In-
dustrial Assurince Co., Ltd.,
164 West Regent street
The London & North British Plate
Glass Insurance Co., Ltd., 69
Union st
The Regent Fire Insurance Coy.,
Ltd., 140 West George st (novr
amalgamated with the General
Accident, Fire, and Life Assur-
ance Corporation, Ltd.)
The Scottish Burglary and Fidelity
Insurance Co., Ltd. ; resident
secretaries, Brodie, Burns, &
Anderson, 116 St. Vincent
Tbe Westminster Fire Office;
Scottish branch, 151 W. George
St. ; Stewart Lawrie, local secy.
Third Party Insurance — Empire
Guarantee & Insurance Corpora-
tion, Ltd., 247 West George
Third Party Vehicle and other
Indemnity Insurance, Workmen's
Compensation, Fidelity Guaran-
tees, Sickness — The General
AccidrfLt, Fire and Life Insur-
ance Corporation, Ltd., 142
St. Vincent street ; E. E.
Clutterbuck, res. secy.
Third Party Vehicle and other
Indemnity Insurance, includiag
Motor Cars, &c., also Work-
men's Compensation, Employers
Liability, Fire, Burglary, Sick-
ness, Personal Accident, Live
Stock, &c., &c. ; Electric and
General Assurance Ltd., 65
Bath street
Transatlantic (The) Marine Insur-
ance Co. (Ltd.), 18a Renfield st

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