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Davie, James, 45 Hope st
Dick-Cleland, Harper & Co., 49
Jamaica st
Dixon, John, A.M.I.M.E., 219 St
Vincent st
DixoD, Walter, & Co., 59 Bath st
Dobbie, Alex. Brown, B.Sc, 24
West Cumberland st
Donald & Donald, ventilating and
heating, 60 Bothwell circus
Donaldson, James, 88 Great Clyde
Dunwoodie & Jackson, 99 Great
Clyde street
Engineering Ageocy (The), 11
Bothwell st
Evans, W. T., A.M. Inst E.E., 93
Hope st
Fairman, Frank 93 Hope st
Fairweather, Wallace. 62 St Vin-
cent St. and 65 66 Chancery
lane, London, W.C.
Farmer, John, 25G Nithsdale rd.
Findlay, Louis (marine and sur-
veyor), Baltic Chambers, 60
Wellington st
Finlayson, Finlay, M.L Mech. E.,
Atlas Works, Airdrie
Fitzpatrick, Hugh D. (patent
agent and expert in patent
cases), 100 Wellington st
Forbes & M'Barnet, 29 Water-
loo street
Fullerton, R. A., & Co., 116 Hope
Fulton, T. Crichton,C.E., A.LE.E.,
44 West George st
Gibson, Ge). H., Assoc. M. Inst.
C.E., A.M LE.E., lao Bath St.
Gillespie, A., & Son, 65 Bath st
Gray, David, M.InstOon.E. also
valuator, plant & machinery, 77
W. Nile street
Grindlay, Ross & Co.. 278 St.
Vincett st
Hamilton & Co., 230 Berkeley st
Hamilton, Wm. D. & Co. 59 Bath st
Hamilton, W. D., 147 West George
Harvey, Robert (sugar, &c.), 224
West street
Henderson, W. S , 3 Westfield st,
Home, George S , 45 Hope st
Hunt & C>i., Edmund (.chartered
patent agents), 121 W. George
Hutton, R. B., 184 Woodlands rd
Jacks(m, P., & Son, 109 Hope st
Jamieson. Pruf. Andrew, M.Inst.
C.E., F.R.S.E., mechanical and
electrical engineering {tuition by
correspondence)^ 16 Rosalyn ten,
Kelvin side
Johnsons, Me>sra., office for pa-
tents, 37 W. Nile st. (St. Vin-
cent tt. corner); handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Keith, James, & Black man Co.,
Ltd.. specialists in ventilating
and warming, drying, h\ draulics,
gai, &c., 90 Mitchell street
Ker, W. Arthur, A.M.LC.E., 124
St. Vincent st
Kerr & Crawford, 145 Bath st
Key, Wm. (ventilation mechani-
cally with v?arm pure air), 109
Hope st
King, John, 68 Gordon st
Kirkland, John, 93 Bothwell st
Law, David, M.LE S., 3 Kinshel-
wood dr., Ibrox
Leitch, Arch., M.I. Mech. E ,
Arsiyle arcide, 30 Buchanan st
Lindsay, Wm. F., 203 Nithsdale rd
Maccallum, P. F., 93 Hope st
Macdonald, J. F., 65 W. Regent st
Macfarlane, James W., 138 West
Regent st & Cartbank, Caihoart
M'Farljne, George, M.I. Mech. E.
(of A. R. Brown, M'Farlane &
Co. Ltd.,) 34 West Geortje st
M'^Tibbon, W. C, 2 Carlton c^urt
M'Gilvray, John A, A.M.LE.S.,
12 Dison st
M'Guffie, H. A., A.M.IE.E., 87
Union st
ISl'Kay, Robt., 13 Leslie st
Mackay & Macarthur, Ltd., 62
Robertson st
Maclean, Magnu', Technical Coll
M'Naughton, J. J. 52 St. Enoch
MacNicoll & Co. (N. MacNicoll,
M.LN.A. and M.LE.S.),6 Dixon
Maxwell, Alex., 121 W. Regent st
iMiiler, Arthur C, 4i Hope st
Milne, Alex., 87 Union f^t
MoUison, Hector A., B.Sc,
A.M.LC.E., 68 Gordon st
MoUison & King. 68 Gordon st
Morison, W. M' Arthur, 29 Water-
bo st
Morton, Andrew Home, Assoc. M.
Inst. C.E., A.M.LE.E., 130
Bath st
Morton, David Home, M.Inst.
C.E., M.L Mech. E., 130 Bath st
Mirton, Robert, 8 Prince's square,
Buchanan st
Moss, Jas. 16 Beech wood drive,
Motion, Robert, M.L Mech. E.,
M.I.E.S., 180 W. George st
Muir & Forsyth, 97 St. James rd
Muir, Tiliton & Co., 105 West
Geo'ge st
Munro, R. D., M.Inst.Mech.E., 121
W. Regent street
Murray, Angus, 13 Dargarvel
avenue, Dumbreck ; Nat. tel.
134 Ibrox
Murray, Angus, & Sons, Craig-
ton Engintermg vVoiks, Craig-
ton rd. off Paisley rd.; Nat. tel.
195 Govan
Murray, Richard, 109 Hope at
Napier, D. Dehane, 196 Central
Chambers, 93 Hope st
Napier, Robt. T. M.LC.E., 75
Bothwell st
Neil & Richmond, 76 Howard st
Niccol, Thomas, 93 Hope st
Norman, John, M.I.E. & S. (valu-
ator of plant and machinery),
65 West Regent st
Park, .James & Co. (chemical), 95
St. James's road
Paterso!), Thos., 223 St Vincent
Pickering, Jonathan, M.I.Mech.E,,
50 Wellington st
Pollock, John, & Co., 76 Lance-
field street
Purnell, H. A. (established 1829),
Breadalbane ter., 103 Hill St.,
Reid, Jas., 65 West Regent street
Rose, Joseph, 45 Hope st
Ross, Wm. & Sons, 27 Thistle st,
Rowan, Fredk. J., 5 W. Regent
Russell, F. A., 147 Bath st
Russell, J. R., 147 Bath st
Russell & Smith, 147 Bath
Russell & Spence, 132 W. Regent
Salmond, H., & Co., 25 Wellington
Sayers, James E., & Caldwell
(consulting enuineers and elec-
tricians), '67 West George St.,;
telegrams," Schedule," Glasgow;
telephone, 471 Argyle
Scotland, T. M. (heating and venti-
lating), Balmoral ten, ToUcross
S-aih, r. B. & Co., 121 St. Vin-
cent st
Sellar, Chas. J., 141 St. Vincent
Shute, A. E., U4 Union st
Smith, Hartley & TurnbuU (gas
plants and furnaces), 53 Water-
loo st
Smith, Wincolt & Co. (gas plants
and furnaces), .^3 Waterloo st
Sp-nce, Wilfrid L., 31 St. Vincant
Stevenson, John, 9 Douue terrace,
Kelvinside, N
Stevenson, M'Guffie & Milne, 87
Union st
Stewart, A. W.,M.LE.E., M.LN.A.
55 West Regent st.
Stewart, D. M'Gregor, 166 Buch-
anan st
Stewart, W. Maxwell, A.M.LE.E.,
55 West Regent st.
Strain & Robertson, 154 West
George st
Sutherhnd, Jas., 1 Robertson st.,
Sykes, Robert, & Co., A.M.I.E E
12 Dixon st

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