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Nonpareil Gold S}'ndicate, Ltd., 29 St. Vincent pi.
NoBDDEUTSCHEK Lloyd (N. D.L.), Mail Steamers;
•passenger agents, Gellatly, Hankey & Co., Gordon
chambers, 82 Mitchell st.
Sforddeutscher Lloyd Lines of Steamers,
America, Australia, New Zealand, China, and
Japan ; Jas. Rankine & Son, passenger agents,
.,A!y West Nile st.
NORMAN & Beard, Ltd., patent pedal attachments
for pianos, 8 Dorset street, W. ; ho. 29 Bentinck
^^ St. ; Nat. tel- 212 Y 4 Charing cross.
SSTorman, John, M I E. & S., engineer, millwright,
boilermaker, practical consulting engineer and
machinery valuator, &c., 65 West Regent street;
telegraphic address, '' Norman, Glasgow" ; Nat. tel.
38 Y 1 Arijyle ; res. Beechmount, Lenzie.
Norman, Miss Myra, contralto vocalist, 56 Paisley
road, West.
NORRIE, James D., C.A. (at Moores, Carson &
,. Watson, C.A.), ho 136 Wilton st.
Norrie, J. R., & Co., chiropodists and manicures,
202 Hope st
Norrie, R., tailor and clothier, 105 West George st.;
,. ho. Lindfres, Cumbernauld Station.
NQRRIS, James, & Brash, file manufacturers, 83
Hamilton street, Go van.
Norris, Robt., tea merchant and grocer, 395 Garscube
road; ho. 17 Dry burgh gardens.
Norris, Robert, caretaker (Wright & Greig, Ltd.), ho.
9 Bothwell lane.
Norris, S. E., & Co., Shadwell, London, E., leather mers.
manufrs. of belting, laces, fire hose, hide ropes, pump
and hydraulic leathers, Helvetia belting and laces;
J. J. H. Cruikshank, 95 Bath st.
Norris, Miss Janet, dairy, 129 Watt st.
NORTH, John (at Tillie & Henderson's), ho., 77
Ravenswood drive, Shawlands.
North, John, jun. (Wm. Samson & Co.) ; ho. 77
Ravenswood dr.
NoKTH British Advertising Co., Ltd. ; registered
•office, 53 Bothwell st.
North British Anthracite Co., coalmasters, 96 Ren-
field St. Telephone Nos., Nat. 4890 ; P.O. 2472 ,
telegrams, " Smokeless," Glasgow.
Slorth British Asphalt Co. (Currie & Co., Ltd.);
asphalters, 18 Bothwell St.; works, 31 Cath-
cart St., Kingston, s.s., and at Greenock. Tele.
P.O. No. 544 ; Nat. 547 and 547 Argyle.
Uorth British Bedding Co., 39 Stanhope st.
North British Bottle Manfg. Co., Ltd., Greenfield st.
'North British Canadian Investment Co. (Limited),
James Muirhead, secretary, 205 St. Vincent street.
(North British (The) and Hawkes Bay Freezing Co.,
Ltd., managers, Bryce, Junor& White, New Zealand
frozen meat importers, 60 St. Enoch square, and
at 22 Basinghall st, London, E.C.
North (The) British Boot Lace Company, Ltd., boot
lace manufacturers, 53 Bothwell st.
North British Hairdressing Rooms James Callander,
proprietor, 19 Dunftasst., city; ho.Glassford, Stepps
North British (The), Lifting and Moving Appliance
Co., Ltd., 66 and 68 Robertson st.
iNorih British Loco. Co., Ltd.
North British Locomotive Co , Ltd.
Hyde Park Works, Springburn.
Queen's Park Works, Polmadie.
Atlas Works, Springburn.
Head Office, Hyde Park Works, Springburn.
North British Machine Company, cycle
and sewing machine manufacturers, cycle accessory
and phonograph factors ; depot for Pathe Ster-
ling and Edison Bell records, 19 and 24 Carlton pi.
North British & Mercantile Insurance Co.,
102 St. Vincent st; David L. Laidlaw, manager.
— See Advt. on Front Board.
North British Motor Co., motor car agents, 19 and
24 Curlton pi.
North British Railway, head office, 14 West George
North British Railway Station, 16 Dundas street and
North Queen street
North British (The) Ropework Co., Kirkcaldy;
agent, Allan Wilson, 12 Waterloo lane.
North British Rubber Co. (Limited), manu-
facturers of waterproof sheeting, coats, capes,
ulsters, and leggings, boots and shoes, game and
ammunition bags, fishing stockings, gun and rifle
covers, lawn tennis, golf and cricket requisites,
travelling bags, &c. ; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st.
Telephone No., 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), rubber manu-
facturers, 60 Buchanan street. Telephone No. 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of indestructible door mats and matting, stair
treads for saloons ; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st
Telephone No., 890.
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of the very best india-rubber belting, hose, valves,
washers, gaskets, and piston packing ; warehouse,
60 Buchanan st Telephone, 890 ; T. A. Weba._
North British Rubber Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers
of patent elastic metallic piston packing — the best
packing ever otFered ; warehouse, 60 Buchanan st
Telephone No. 890.
North British Storage and Transit Co., Leith ;
Glasgow office, 33 and 35 Commerce street.
North British Station Hotel, 40 George square.
North British Tea Co., tea merchants, 182 Main st.,
North British Wire Manufacturing Co., wire weavers,
71 West Nile street.
North British Yacht Agency, 19 Waterloo
North-Eastern and Great Northera Railway Com-
panies (East Coast route), 37 West George st.;
telephone, No. 675 Royal ; telegraphic address,
" Tertius, Glasgow." Wm. Waldie, superintendent,
Kirkton House Lenzie.
North (The) Eastern Steel Co. (Lira.), Middles-
borough; agents, .James M Millan & Co., 50 Wel-
lington street.
North of Elngland Protecting and Indemnity Associa-
tion (Walter Patterson, local manager), 94
Hope street.
North German Lloyd Imperial Mail Steamers,
India, China, Australia, and New Zealand; M^ses
Buchanan, 40 Union street.
North (The) of Ireland Chemical Co., Ltd. ; Thomas
N. Wilsoo, agent, 45 Hope st.
North Kelvinside Feuing Co., Ltd., Carswell,
Murray, & Lau-Jer, C.A., secys., 69 St. Vincent st.
North (The) of Scotland Distillery Co., Hardgate,
Aberdeen ; agents, Train & MTntyre, Ltd., 60
Wellington street.
North of Scotland (The) Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Ltd. ; Paterson & Steel, C.A., district managers,
116 St Vincent st.

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