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j *'\Vright, Graham & Co., 7
[ Eoyal Bank place
' *Wrif;ht, Jn. & Co. (forwarding),
74 Broomielaw
« Young, J. & E. & Co. Ill Union
Yaill, Charles, 16 Govan road
Abercorn Shipbuilding Co, (H. D.
& W.), Abercorn St. Paisley
Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Troon
Alley & MacLellan, Sentmel Works,
Anderson & Lyall, Whitefield rd.
Barclay, Connell & Co. boats, 169
Finnieston street
Barclay, Curie, & Co. Ltd. South
St. Whiteinch
Blackwood & Gordon, shipbuilders,
engineers, boilermakers, and
repairing contractors, with wet
dock and hauling up repairing
slip. Castle Building Yard, Port-
' Glasgow
Borthwick, J. F. & Co. con-
tractors for steam and sailing
yachts and launches; agents for
the Liquid Fuel Engineering
Co. oil burning launches, 102
Hope street
Brown & Watson, 16 Both well
■ street
Burrell & Son, 54 George square
Cameron, Jno. B. & Co. Ill Union
' street
Campbell, Andrew & Co. Spring-
field quay
Carse & Holmes, Mavisbank quay
Chalmers & M'Kivett, Broomloan
Shipyard, Govan
Connell, Chas. & Co. Scotstoun
Shipbuilding Yard, Whiteinch
Connell, W. C. S., Scotstoun Ship-
yard, Whiteinch
Connell, J. C. Scotstoun Shipyard,
Camming, D. M., Blackhill dock,
Darroch & Espie, 27 S. Kinning pi
Dobbie, W. L. & Co. (sole agents
for " Saville's " best tool steel
and ",Trinmph" files, "Rogers"
Belfast felts, wire-cloth, "Si-
vadi " bronzes and white metal,
101 Waterloo st
Duncan, Robert, & Co. Ltd. 1
Brown st. Port-Glasgow
Dunlop, David J. & Co., Inch
Works, Port-Glasgow
Dunsmuir & Jackson, Windsor st.,
Fairfield (The) Shipbuilding and
Engineering Co., Ltd., Fairfield
Works, Govan
Fleming & Ferguson, Ltd. Merks-
worth, Paisley
Fullerton, John, & Co. Merks-
worth, Paisley
Hall-Brown, Buttery & Co., St.
Helen's Engine Works, Govan
Hamilton, Wm. & Co. Glen and
Newark shipbuilding yard, Port-
Henderson, Chas. Baltic Chambers,
102 Holm st
Henderson, David & Wm. & Co.
Meadowside building yard, and
graving and slip docks, Partick,
and 190 Elliot street
Howden, James,&Co. 195 Scotland
Hutson & Sons, 126 Kelvinhaugh
Inglis, A. & J. 64 Warroch st.;
shipbuilding yard and slip dock,
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office for
patents, 115 St. Vincent St.;
handbook, " Hints to Inventors,"
Kelso & Co. ship model makers,
55 Oxford st
Lees, Anderson & Co. 100 Clyde
street, Anderston
Lester, Wm., & Sons, shipbuilders'
furnishers, 11 West Regent
London & Glasgow Engineering &
Iron Shipbuilding Co. (Lim.),
Middleton Ship Yard, Govan
M'Brayne, Jno. & Co. Mavis-
bank quay
M'Donald, C. & Co. 6 to 8
Mair street
M'Farlane, Geo. consulting,inspect-
ing, and arranging contracts,
Sun Insurance Buildings, 121
W. George st.
M'Intyre, H. 17 Oswald street
Mackie & Thomson, 746 Govan
road, Govan
M'Kie & Baxter, Copland Works,
Copland road, Govan
M' Knight, S. & Co. Ld. slip- dock,
M'Laren, Thomas, & Co. contractors
for steam and sailing ships and
yachts, &c., 10 Bothwell st
M'Millan, A. & Son, Ltd. Dock-
yard, Dumbarton
MacNicoU & Co. (consulting, de-
signing, and inspecting, with
arranging of contracts), 6 Dixon
Marshall & Co. Kelvin dock, Mary-
Mechan & Sons, ships' steel life-
boats, 60 Elliot st
Moir, Robert, Craigton rd. Govan
Morton & Williamson, 237 West
George st
Murdoch & Murray, Port-Glasgow
Napier & Miller, Ltd. Yoker
Napier, R. & Sons, Ltd. Govan rd.
Napier, Shanks & Bell, also en-
gineers, consulting, contracts
arranged, supervision, 75 Both-
well street
Pollock, David (consulting),
M.LN.A. 128 Hope st
Reid, A. Dawson, & Co. contrac-
tors for steam and sailing yachts
and launches, 5 W. Regent st
Reid, John, & Co. Ltd. Whiteinch.
Ritchie, Graham,& Milne,Park Ship-
building Yard, Whiteinch
Rodger, A., & Co. shipbuilders,
ship repairers, dock shipbuilding
yard and graving dock, Port-
Ross & Duncan, Whitefield Works,
Whitefield road, Govan
Rowan, David, & Son, 231 Elliot st
Russell & Co. steel spar makers.
Port- Glasgow
Saville, J. J., & Co., Sheffield,
" Saville's " best tool steel and.
" Triumph " files ; sole agents,
W. L. Dobbie & Co. 101 Water-
loo street
Seamless (The) Steel Boat Co. Ltd.
Wakefield, ships' steel lifeboats;
representative, Wm. A. King-
horn, 81 St. Vincent st
Seath, Thos. B. & Co, 42 Broom-
Shearer, John, & Son, Kelvinhaugh
Slip Docks and Shipyard, Kel-
Simons, William, & Co. Ltd.
London Works, Renfrew
Sivadi (The) Metal Co. Birming-
ham, "Sivadi" bronzes and.
white metal ; sole agents, lOL
Waterloo st
Smith Brothers & Co., 71 Parkst.
Kinning park
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, off Possil road
Stephen, A. & Sons, Linthonse,
Stewart, John, & Co. (iron, steel,
and ironmongery furnishings),
28, 82 Oswald st
Waugh, Jas. 21 Hope street ; con-
tractor for steam and sailing
ships and yachts, &c.
White, David, & Co. 37 Eaglesham
street. Plantation
Whyte, J. & J. Whitefield road,
Wylie, Wm. Anderson st. Kinning
Barton, William, & Co. 55 Clyde pi
Bishop, Thomas, 52 Clyde pi
Boyle, Robt. & Son, Ltd. 110
Bothwell st
Brown, Stephenson, & Co. 51
Cadogan street
,Brownlee,Alex.&Co. 33,34And8r-
ston quay

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