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%an, Charles, & Co. 20 Baird st
-Scott, Ales. 84 Firhill rd
Scott, John, Finnieston st
Scott, John, Kelvinhaugh st
Shearer, John, & Son, 247 Paisley
Stevenson & Co. 62 Logan st. s.s.
Stewart, C. Y. 207 St. James' rd
•Stewart, J. & A. 120 Kelvinhaugh
Temple Saw Mills, Robinson, Dunn
& Co (letters to Partick Saw
Torrance, J. Watt, & Co. Muir-
house Saw Mills, contractors to
H.M. Government, Maxwell rd.
and at Eastern Saw Mills,
Tradeston Saw Mills ; Jas. Adams
& Co. 7 Scotland street
Victoria Patent Saw Mills, 207 St.
' ■ James' rd
Wilkie, P. B. & Co. 21 and 25
Maxwell rd
Woyka, John, & Co. Shieldhall
Veneer, Saw, and Moulding
Mills, Shieldhall; head office,
241 Govan st
'Wylie, Stewart, & Marshall, Firhill
Anderson Bros. 35 Stockwell st
Avery, W. & T. Ltd. (original
makers of the famed Scotch
beams and scales, suitable for
grocers, butchers, &c. ; also
bucket-end beams, all sizes,
and adapted for all commercial
purposes); showrooms, 8 and
10 Stockwell St. Glasgow; do.
23 Bread st. Edinburgh ; works
and offices, 179 Dumbarton rd.
Brash, David, & Sons, 167 Eenfield
Fleming, P. R. & Co. 29 Argyle st
Herriot, James, & Co. 163 Gr£eme
Melvin, Thos. & Sons, St. Rollox
Iron Works, Charles street ;
branch, 466 Callowgate
■Omaet, Geo. 13 Norfolk st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ltd. con-
tractors to H.M. Government,
British and foreign railways,
patentees and manufacturers of
every description of weighing
apparatus for railways, iron
works, collieries, mills, ware-
houses, farms, etc. 22 Queen st
and Albion Works, 25 South
Kinning pi
Eobinson, James, 114 Main street,
south side
Spence, David, & Co. 75 Robert-
son street
Taylor, James, Jan. 61, 63, and 65
■ Mitchell st
Wright, Ales. R. & Co, 128 Hope st
Wright, R. E., & Co. 3 Tron-
gate and 2 Saltmarket
Drummond, John, 27 Savoy st.
M'Ewan, & Milligan 15 & 19 Mon-
criefF lane
Barclay, Mackay & Co. 12 Water-
loo st
Barwells, Limited, Birmingham ;
agent, Peter Smith, 4 West
Regent st
Bilsland, John, & Co. 37 Elliot st
Carlaw, Dav. fcSons, 11 Finnieston
St. Telephone No. 5363
Clyde Rivet Works Co. Ill, 115
Dundas st. s.s.
Crosher, E. 31 Gt. Wellington st
Crosher, Wm. & Co. 87 Portman
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49
Robertson street
Donald, James T., & Co., Ltd., 345
Argyle' street
Finnic & Co. 26 Dunmore st
Hunter, Hardin & Wilson, Peters-
hill road
M'Lean, A. & Co. 109 Main st.
MacLelJan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
M'Neil, Chas. jun. 270 West
Scotland street
Motherwell, Wm. & Co. (range
and casting in screws), 32
Portman st
Potter, Thomas, 41 Cumberland st
Ritchie & Whiteman, 24 Robert-
son st
Robson, Geo. J. & Co. 22 Bath st
Rose, James, & Sons, Helen street,
Smith, Peter, 4 West Regent st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28 and 32
Oswald st
Tangyes, Ltd. 96 Hope st
Wilson, Wm. & Ales. 24, 26, 28
Broad St., near Bridgeton Cross
Yuille, Cameron & Co. 17 and 19
West St. s.s.
Amot, John, 439 G. Eastern road
Buchanan, David (artistic), Collins
Brown, John, 441 So. Wellington
Brown, Kellock, 152a Renfrew st
Ewing, A. Jas., 18a Woodlands rd
Ferguson, D.M'G, 13 Carnarvon st
Ferris, Richard. 129 W. Regent st
Finlay, Hugh, & Son, 184 Spring-
burn road
Findlay, John, 184 Springburn rd
Galbraith and Winton, marble,
moQumental, and sculpture
show-rooms, 129 St. Vincent st
Galloway, George, 294 Shields rd
Gibson, J. & Co. 323 Paisley rd. W
Gray & Co. (granite, marble, and
freestone), 460 Sauchiehall st
Gray, David, 365 Bath st
Gray, Robert (in granite, marble,
and freestone), 335a St Vincent
St. and Western Necropolis,
Maryhill; telephone No. 4225
Gray, Wm. A. 23 Bentinck st
Haggart, D. C. artistic, 398
Sauchiehall st
Hodge, Albert H. 31 St. Vincent
Hunter, Thos. F. 435 Gt. Eastern
Keller, Johan, 534 Sauchiehall st
Macdonald, Alex. & Co. Limited,
Aberdeen Granite Works, 67
Stirling road
M'Geohan, Aniza, 134 Bath st
M'Ghie, Nicol, granite, marble,
and freestone, Sandymount
Cemetery, Shettleston
Mossman, J. & G. (established
1816), 34 to 40 Mason st.—
See Adv. in A^jp.
Muir, M. & Co., Kilmarnock and
New Catbcart
Robertson, Jas. Springfield Monu-
mental Work, 734 London rd
Robin, Robt. W. Craigton Ceme-
tery Gate
Scott & Rae (telephone No. 1380)
granite, freestone, and marble ;
works, ' 380-396 Egliuton st.
and 90 Wellington st. ; office 91
Bothwell st
Shannan, A. M'F., T Scott street,
Sherriff, James M. (architectural),
20 Canning pi
ShirreiTs, Wm. 207 West Campbell
Smith, Peter, 8 Mason street
Steven, Arthur, 108 Eaeberry st
Thomson & Kirkpatrick, 15 and
17Maion st
Tonner, Wm. J. 114 W. Campbellst
Tullcch, John S. 121 Raeberry st
Viekers, Wm. 221 W. Regent st
Youden, John, & Co. in marble,
stone, and granite, 12 Bothwell
St.; works, 152 to 154 St. Vin-
cent lane
Young, Jas. 197 Dumbarton rd
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. Ltd..
(bottle), 36 to 48 M'Alpine st
Arbuckle, T., 166 Oxford st

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