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Pearce, J. & Co. (electric light),
182 W. Regent street
Peat, Jas. D. Tunnel st. Finnies-
ton quay
Penman & Co. Caledonian Iron
Works, Strathclyde street
Pennycook, The, Patent Glazing &
Engineering Co. (Limited), 11
W. Regent st
Phillips, Robert, sen. 274 George
Pickering, John, 1 Hillend grdns.
Pollock, David, 128 Hope st
Pollock, Macnab, & Highgate,
Firpark Ironworks, Shettleston
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ld. 22 Queen
St. and Albion Works, 25 South
Kinning pi
Pott,Cassels,& Williamson, makers
of " Weston " centrifugals and
hydro extractors, Motherwell ;
telegrams, " Pott," Motherwell
Pott, Gideon (of Pott, Cassels &
Williamson) ; works, B'lother-
well ; bo. 1 Park quadrant
Potter, Thomas, 78 Clyde street,
Piatt & Pringle, 332 Maxwell rd
Priest, Rowland, Cradley Heath ;
agent, J. Thomson Macleod, 76
Robertson st
Pullan & Adams, 3 Love loan
Pulsometer Engineering Co., Ltd.,
8 York street;
Purden, John, Lambhill Forge
Purnell, H. A. 102 Hill street,
Purvis, A. & W. 212 Preston st
Purvis, Adam, 212 Preston st
Purvis, Wm. 212 Preston st
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (laundry), copper
boiler makers, 38 Elliot st
Rae, Alex. 15 Vermont st
Rae, Thomas, 15 Carlton court, s.s.
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cado-
gan street
Ramsay, William, & Co. (electric
lighting and gas lighting and
heating), 11 Jamaica st
Kattray, John, & Son, 233 Hope
Reid, A. & Co., 9 Oswald st
Eeid, Andrew T. 10 Woodside
Eeid Brothers, 67 St. Enoch sq
Reid & Cook, 35 Dundas st city
Reid, Hugh, Belmont, Springburn
Eeid, John, & Co. Ltd. Whiteinch
Eeid, John, 14 Montgomerie cres.
Eeid, Thos. & Son, Thread street,
Paisley. — See Advt. in App.
Reid, Walter M. N. 10 Woodside
Eiddel, J. H. 40 St. Enoch square
Eitchie, Graham, & Milne, Park
I Shipbuilding Yard, Whiteinch
Eitchie & Co. Victoria st. s.s.
Ritchie, James (laundry), patentee
and manufacturer of collar, cufF,
and shirt ironing machines, gas
irons, washing, wringing, mang-
ling, and starching machines.
Sawmill road and Milton street,
Road Steam Engine Co., Limited,
136 LanceSeld st
Robertson, Andrew, 17 Minerva
Robertson & Eraser, 12 St. Vin-
cent place
Robertson & M'Gill, 135 Waterloo
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street.
Robey & Co. Ltd.; representative,
E. C. Dunkerton, Box 13, Royal
Exchange ; telegraphic address,
" Maquina,"' Glasgow
Robson, Hazelton R. 14 Royal
crescent, west
Robson, Geo. J. & Co. 22, 24 Bath
Roger, Robert, & Co. Stockton-on-
Tees; agent, W. Nimmo, 2 Oswald
Ronald, R. A. & Co. (piston rings),
15 York st
Rose's Patents Co. (lighting and
heating), 6 Dorset street
Ross & Duncan, Whitefield Works,
Ross, R. G. & Son, Greenhead
Engine Wks. 21 Greenhead st
Rowan Bros. & Co. Belfast
(Rowan's patent pistons) ; re-
presentative, J. A. Rudd, 177
W. George st
Rowan, D. & Son, 231 Elliot st
Rowan, Fred. J. 121 W. Regent st
Rowan, W. & Co. 18 Park lane.
Mile- end
Rudd, J. A. 177 W. George st
Russell, Geo. & Co. Alpha Works,
Motherwell. — See Adv. in App.
Russell, J. R. 132 W. Regent st
Russell & Spence, 132 W. Regent st
Russell, Thos. 36 Albert drive,
Sagar, J. & Co. (wood working
machines). Canal Works, Hali-
fax, Yorks ; sole agent, Thos.
Niccol, 93 Hope street
Salmon, H. & Co. 395 Central
chambers, 93 Hope st
Saville, J. J. & Co. Sheffield
(" Saville's " best tool steel and
" Triumph " files) ; sole agents,
W. L. Dobbie, & Co. 101
Waterloo st
Sayers, Wm. Brooks, M.LE.E.
engineer and electrician, 189 St.
Vincent st.; telegraphic address,
"Winding," Glasgow; telephone
No. 6044
Schaffer & Budenberg, hydraulic
and steam gauge makers, engine
governors, Thomson and Rich-
ards' indicators, steam traps,
perfect re-starting injectors, &c.
&c. 5 Wellington st
Scott, Ernest, & Mountain, Ltd.
(electrical and general). Close
Works, Newcastle - on - Tyne ;
res. engineer, R. Hood Haggle,,
jun. 137a St. Vincent st
Scott, Thos. Sons, & Watts, 64
Lancefield street
Seath, Thos. B. & Co. Rutherglen^
office, 42 Broomielaw
Shanks, Anderson, & Co. Polmadie
Shanks & Co. Tubal Works, Barr-
Sharp, Stewart & Co. Limited,
Atlas Works, Springburn.
Shearer, John, & Son, Kelvinhaugh
Slip Dock and Ship Yard, Kel-
Shiels, Elliot & Nelson, 25 Gate-
side street
Simpson, Alex. 175 Hope street
Simpson, Edward, & Co. Harriet
St. Rutherglen
Simpson & Farmer (heating),
Partick. — See Adv.
Simpson, Robert, 175 Hope st
Simpson & Wilson, 175 Hope st
Small, David, 9 Shuttle st
Smillie, R. D. & Co. 39 Cadogan st
Smith, Alex. 98 Crookston street
Smith, A. & W. C& Co. Ltd. Eglin-
ton Engine Works, 57 Cook st
Smith Brothers & Co. 71 Park st.
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridgeton
Smith, G. B. & Co. CraighaU IrOD
Works and 127 St. Vincent st
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Fossil Engine
Works, Possil rd
Smith, M. W. 14 Fairley st
Somervail & Co. Dalmuir Bridge
and Roof Works, Dalmuir. —
See Advt. in App.
Somervail, P. A. Dalmuir
Somerville, D. & Co. 35 King sti,
Speirs & Co. (iron buildings a
specialty, roofs, and structural
work), city ofiice, 125 W. Regent
Star Engine Works, 149 to 155
Moncur street
Stephen, Alex. & Sons, Linthouse,,
Sterne, L. & Co. Ltd. (refrigerating)'
Crown Iron Works, 156 North
Woodside road; London office,
Donington Ho. Norfolk st. W.C,
Steven, A. & P. Provanside Engine
Works, 115 Stirling road ; cart
entrance, 175 St. James' road j
telephone No. 728 ; telegraphic
address, " Provanside." Their
specialities being patent hy-
draulic elevators for passenger
and freight service, wrought
either on the high pressurBj

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