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Clarkson Brothers, engineers, millwrights, and machine
makers, 8 and 12 Little Hamilton street, and 95
High John street; machinery show room and
stores, 63 and 65 Dunlop street.
Clarkson, David D. (of Peterson & Co.), residence,
St. Eonans, Lenzie.
Clarkson, James (of James Clarkson & Co.), house,
95 Finlay drive.
Clarkson, James, & Co., cotton spinners and
doublers, 125 and 131 Ci'ownpoint street and
256 and 264 Crownpoint road.
Clarkson, John, secretary Cairntable Gas Coal Co.
(Limited), ho. Woodbank, Cathcart.
Clarkson, Peter, engineer, 8 and 12 Little Hamilton
street, and 63 and 65 Dunlop street; house, 32
Grafton street.
Clarkson, Eobert (of Peterson & Co.), residence,
Toravon, Stirlingshire.
Clarkson, Thomas, engineer and machinery merchant,
65 Dunlop St.; ho. 67 Waverley gardens, Cross-
Clarkson, Wm., engineer, 8 and 12 Little Hamilton
street, and 63 and 65 Dunlop street; ho. Beeches,
Ckrkson, "\Vm. (at Strathclyde Paint Co.), house,
Chapel street, Carluke.
CLAUSSEN, A. L., & Co., agents and merchants,
118 Broomielaw.
Claussen, A. L. (of A. L. Claussen & Co.), house, 11
Westminster gardens.
CLAVEEING, Thomas, Son, & Co., merchants, 141
Buchanan st.
Clavering, Thomas (of Thos. Clavering, Son & Co.),
ho. 14 Woodside terrace.
Cleansing Department OflBce, 64 Cochrane street.
Cleansing Department, D. M'Call, superintendent,
City Chambers, 64 Cochrane sireet.
CLEAEY, Jas., inspector of cleansing. Crow rd.; ho.
192 Dumbarton rd., Partick
€LEEVE Bros , The Condensed Milk Co. of Ireland,
Ltd., 24 Howard st.
CLEGG, H. H., manufacturers' agent, 54 Miller
street ; ho. Eooklyn, Uddingston.
CLEGHORN, Duncau Clark, writer (of Cleghorn &
Temploton), bo. 296 Renfrew st.
Oleghorn & Templetou, writers, 157 West George st.
Cleghorn, Thomas B. (at John Shearer & Son's),
Kelvinhaugh Slip Docks; ho. 2 Clelland pi., Ibrox.
Cleghorn, Wm., oakum manufacturer, Dundee; agents.
Ales. Brown & Co., 194 St. Vmcent st. Tele-
phone No. 3064.
Cleghorn Terra Cotta Co., Ltd., terra cotta
facing bricks, roofing and flooring tiles, ridging,
chimney tops, etc., blue building and facing bricks,
etc.; works, Cleghorn; offices, 144 West Regent
street. Telephone No. 147 ; telegraphic address,
" Hm-11," Glasgow.
■CLELAND, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant,
546 Main st. , Anderston ; house, 540 St. Vincent
Cleland, Campbell & Co., lace curtain manufacturers,
19 Jlontrose st.
Cleland, Chas. J. (of Martin, Cleland & Taylor), ho.
Bonville, Maryhill.
Clelland, James, & Son, tinsmiths and hardware mer-
chants, 312 Cumberland street; house, 371 Cale-
donia road.
Cleland, John, M.D., LL.D. Professor of Anatomy,
University, 2 The University.
Clelland, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 289 London
road ; house, 301 do.
Cleland, John M., family grocer and wine merchant,
141, 143 and 286 St. George's road, 2 Queen
Margaret drive, Kelvinside, and 13 Vernon street,
Maryhill; ho. Kerrfield, Bearsden.
Cleland, John, grocer and provision merchant, 101
Hospital St.; ho. 15 Camden st.
Clelland, John, grocer and provision merchant, 20a
Stirliog road ; house, 2 Firpark ter.
Cleland, Matthew (at R. Laidlaw & Son's), house,
14 West Princes street.
Clelland, Peter, provision merchant and commission
agent, 130 Stu-ling road; house, Buchanan
drive, Cambuslang.
Clelland, Peter, pilot, 343 Paisley road.
Cleland, R., cabinetmaker and upholsterer. Com-
mercial buildings. Main st., Cambuslang ; house,
13 Clifton ter., do.
Cleland Robert, secretary " Plantation " Lodge St.
A.O.A.F. Gardeners, 43 M'Lean street.
Clelland, Robert, bootmaker, 1S5 Parliamentary rd. ;
house, 135 Parson street.
Cleland & Robertson, wrights and builders, 51 James
street and 14^ Millroad street, Calton.
Cleland & Thorbm-n, coppersmiths and brassfounders,
23 Hydepark street.
Cleland, William, provision merchant, 22 Smith st.,
Whiteinch; house, 24 Balshagray avenue.
Cleland, William (of Cleland, Campbell, & Co.), ho.
33 Granville street.
Cleland (The) Pottery Co., Ltd., stoneware manu-
facturers), works, Cleland, N.B.; office, 65 Bath
CLEMENS, John Matthew, Inland Revenue, 280
George st. ; ho. 28 Bute ter., Strathbungo
CLEMENT, Andrew, & Son, cheese and produce
merchants, 21 South Albion st.; ho. 35 Maxwell dr.
Clement, D. VV., draper, 661, 663 New City road;
ho. 3 Donne quadrant.
Clement, Jas., provision merchant, 212 Dumbarton
road, Partick.
Clement, John, family grocer and wine merchant,
154 Darnley st; ho. 4 Leslie st.
Clement, Thos. (of Andrew Clement & Son), house,
7 Newark drive.
Clement, William, butter merchant, agent for the
United Creameries, Ltd., 3 and 5 East Nile st. ;
house, Dunlop, Ayrshire.
CLEPHAN, Wm., & Sons, Lancefield Copper Works,
19 Lancefield street; house, 486 St. Vincent st.
Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance
Society, established 1824 ; agents. Black, Honey-
man, & Monteath, writers, 88 West Regent st.
Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance Co.;
agent, Arthur F. TurnbuU, 46 Gordon st.
CLERK. See Clark.
CLERKSON. See Clarkson.
CLIFFORD, Chas., & Son, Birmingham, metal
rollers, wire drawers, and manufacturers of brazed
and solid di'awn tubes ; sole agents, Thos. B. Camp-
bell & Sons, 29 Wellington st. — See Adv. in App.
Clifibrd, H. E., I.A., architect, 193 St. Vincent street.
Clifford, Mrs., milliner, ladies' and children's cos-
tumier, 73 Finlay drive.
Clifford, Mi.ss M. S., milliner, 613 Dalmamock road;
house, 15 Wardlawhill, Rutherglen.
Clifford, Misses, school for young ladies, 12 Moray

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