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Roberton, James, 122 St. George's
road and 273, Eglinton st
Eussell, John, 134 W. Campbell st
Shand, John, Millbrae rd. Langside
Sinnpson, Jas. 230 Cumberland st.
and 136 Canning st
Smith, George, PoUokshaws road,
Stewart, E., 412 Springburn road
Stoddart, Wni. 347 Shields road
Thomson, Adam, 39 Stanhope st
Thomson, Jas. 122 Cumberland st
Watson, Geo. 98 Bellgrove street,
and branches
Whjte, John, Cross Arthurlie, Barr-
Wright, Thomas D. & Co. 56
Eglinton street and 62 Dum-
barton road
Wylie & Locbhead, Limited, 96
Union St., India st. west, and
Berkeley st stables
Young, John, 4 Hyndland street,
Agnew, Robt. H. 381 Ai-gyle st
Alexander, K. 98 Gt. Western rd
Alexander, Thomas, 60 Muslin st
Allison & Co. 86 to 96 Darnley st,
Alston, Wm. 84 John st
Anderson, Geo. B. 8 W. Graham st
Anderson, Geo. 176 Clay thorn st
Anderson, James, 347 Duke st
Anderson, John, 91 to 99 Argyle st
Anderson, Robt. & Co. 97 Ren-
frew street
Anderson, W. J. 3 Salkeld street
Balfour, Robt. & Son, 9 & 11 Wel-
lington St. off Argyle st. and
119, 121 Holm St.; steam fac-
tory, Beith
Bell & Mills, 48 Elmbank st
Bennett (The) Furnishing Co.,
manufacturers of church , school,
and hall furniture, 40 Tennant st
and showroom 1 W. Regent st
Bissett, Alex. & Sons, 235 Hope st.
Black, A. & J. 18 No. Portland st
Black, Andw. 25 S. Portland st
Blyth, Wm. 26 Main st., s.s.
Boyle, Jas. 137 Wellington lane
Brown, Archibald, 65 Stirling st.
Brown & Co., 33 So. Portland st
Brown, David, 21 John street lane,
Brown, Gavin, 18 N. Portland st
Brown, Geo. W. 71 Gt. Western rd
Brown, James, 45 Duke street
Brown, John, 48 French street
Brown & M'Neill, 39 Surrey street
Brownlie, Ales., 14 Randolph pi.,
Mount Florida
Bryce,M.&Son,l26 Sauchiehall st
Bryson, James, 9 Great Dovehill
Bryson, E. B. 242 Gt. Western rd
Burleigh, Alexander, 85 Pitt street
Burleigh, Henry A. 61 Wallington
Burns, John, 193 Crown street
Calton, James M. 56 Forth street,
Pollokshields, east
Cameron, Wm. 211 St Andrew's rd
Campbell, Barr, & Peddle, 75 East
Howard street
Campbell & Co. 97 W. Campbell st
Campbell, John, 194 Main street,
Campbell, Wm. 47 Dale st. s.s.
Campbell, Mrs. Wm. 77 Buccleuch
Carruthers, Robt. 34 Abbotsford la
Chalmers, James, 12 Russell st. W.
Clarke, George, 104 HiU st. east
Cleland, David, 386a Great West-
ern road
Clelland & Robertson, 51 James st.
Cleland, R. 6 Eglinton lane
Cochran, Alex. & Co. 202 Hope
street and 97 St. George's road
Craig, John, 94 Paterson st. s.s.
Crawford, Hugh, 3 Lily'oank build-
ings, Hillhead
Crawford, H. W. & Co. March st.
Cree, Alex. & Co. Kelvindale lane
Crichton & Mooney, 31 and 35
Abercromby street
Crow & Adams, 4 Charing cross
Cruickshank, Jas. M., 20 Elmbank
lane, off North street
Cummirg, Aridw. 79^ Whitevale st
Gumming & Smith, North Wallace
St. and 84-88 Great Eastern st.,
Cunningham, Jas. 5 Eghnton lane
Cunningham, R. & Co. PoUok-
shaws road
Cunningham, Wm. 165 Albert rd.
Currie, James, lOlA W. Graham st
Dagnall & Dagnail, 7 St.George'srd
Davidson, Wm. 84 Main street,
Devlin, James, 14 Carlton court
Dickson, Wm., 108 Saltmarket
Docherty, Wm. 14 Low Green st
Downing, John S. (inkstands and
stationery cabinets), 73 Virginia
Duffy, Bernard, 55 Duke st
Dunbar, Alex. 44 Bankst. Hillhead
Duncan, John, 142 North st
Dunlop, Eobt. 11 Victoria road
Falconer, Geo. 519 St. Vincent st
Farquhar, Wm., 83 Forth street,
Ferguson, Allan, & Co., Welling-
ton House, 104 Cowcaddens st
Findlay, James, 15 Otago street,
Fisher, John, & Son, 151 Geo. st
Fisken, John, & Son, 25 Norfolk
Fraser, James, 207 St. James rd
Fraser, J. S. 165 Dumbarton rd
Fraser, Robert, 108 North st
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica
Gemmell, J. & Sons, 79 Oxford st
Gemmell, J. & Sons, 177 Maxwell
Gibson, George, 42 Elmbank st
Gillies, John, 17 and 19 South
Woodside road
Goodfellow, J. & Co., 54 Gramme st
Gould, D. & J. 35 Logan st
Gourlie & Barnet (furnishers), 50
and 52 Robertson street
Gow, J. & Sons, 181 Trongate
Grant, Alex. & Co. 54 G. Clyde
Gray, John, 79 N. Frederick st-
Grieve, John A. 11 St. Peters In
Hall, Wm. 267 Langside rd
Hally, Robert A., 233 Shields rd
Hanley, Cornelius, 573 Gallowgate
Hardie, John, 60 Gt. Clyde st
Harper, John, 43 Cumberland lane
Harvey, Wm. 194 Main street, s.s.
HeatoD, Robert, & Co. 8 Dixon st
Hill & Stewart (bedroom furni-
ture manufacturers for home and
export trade), 99 Jlaxwell St.,
city; works, Langlandsrd. Govan
Hosie, Wm. 9 Havelock lane
Houston, Jas. 461 Gallowgate
Howell & Small, 108 St. Vincent
St.; and steam factory, Forth st.
Howie, A. Bruce, 13 Eglinton st
Hughes, W. &M. 168 Crown st
Hunter, E. 181, 183 Gt. Hamltn.st
Hutchison, J. & J. 105 St. Vincent
Inglis, John, 377 St. Vincent st
Jack, Murdoch, 14 Cambridge st
Jack, Thos., 240 Albert road, Pol-
Jamieson, John, 119 Duke st
Jebb, Alex. & Son, 267 Argyle st
Johnston, A. W, 9 Macfarlane st
Kennedy, Alex. 3 Prince of Wales
terrace, Hillhead
Kennedy, G., 190 Dumbarton road
Kerr, Colin, 19 Byars rd. Partick
Laird, Geo. & Son, 10 Ann st.
Laird, Jas. 261 Great Western rd.
Laird, Jn. & Son, 207 Dumbarton
road; works, 197 do.
Laird, Thos. 90 Bothwellst
Lamb & Gibson, 36 Gibson st.
Lamberton & Co. 82 Sauchiehall st
Lindsay, Adam, 69 Park rd
Livingstone, Alex. 141 Dumbtn. rd
Louis, F., 16 Great Western road,
and 245 New City rd
Lyon, D. W. 11 Cheapside st
M'Allister, A. 304, 308 New City
M'Allister, Wm. 149 Elderslie st

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