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'2.' No person living within an official delivery,
.unless he rent a private box, can claim to have his
letters delivered at the office window if a delivery
by postman or a despatch by messenger is about to
take place ; but letters which arrive by a mail after
which there is no immediate delivery by postman,
may be obtained by any person on application at the
office window, so long as the office is open for delivery.
3. When letters directed to a Post Office for per-
sons who reside within a free delivery from such
office, but who have no private box, arrive by a mail
for which there is a delivery from house to house, a
Postmaster may refuse to deliver them at the window,
and may send them out by the postmen, except
such as are addressed to the military in barracks.
4. Any person can hare a private box who is
willing to pay the appointed fee. The fee goes to the
revenue, and is at the rate of £B per annum, pay-
able in advance. Special arrangements are made for
locked bags to and from the renters of private boxes
and the Post Office.
A Returned Letter Office is established in
Glasgow, and all undeliveiable letters addressed to
Glasgow and its sub-offices are disposed of there.
On reaching the Eeturned Letter Office a letter
originating in the United Kingdom is at once opened,
and if found to contain the writer's address is
returned to him. If it does not contain either the
writer's address or an article of value the letter is
destroyed. Any letter or packet which on being
opened is found to contain value is, for its safety,
recorded and returned registered and, unless regis-
tered at the time of posting, the registration fee of
2d, is charged on the sender. Letters bearing the
sender's name and address impressed or printed on
the envelopes are returned unopened.
After being retained for periods varying from one
week to two months, foreign and colonial letters are,
with few exceptions, returned unopened to the coun-
tries from which they were received.
! Stamps {Postage and Inland Revenue).
At every Money Order Office the Postmaster is
required to keep for sale to the public a sufficient
stock of the different postage stamps in use ; envelopes
with an embossed penny postage stamp ; registered
letter envelopes; newspaper wrappers with an im-
pressed halfpenny and penny postage stamps; and
inland and foreign post cards.
Postage Stamps,* which are available for the
prepayment of telegrams, are of the respective values
of K, Id., lid,, 2d., 2|d., 3d., 4d., 5d., 6d., 9d.,
Is., 2s. 6d., 5s., 10s., and£l.
■ Stamped Envelopes. — The embossed postage en-
velopes are of three sizes, viz, A. 4| by 3^-* inches
* The documents for which Postage Stamps may in
future be used are : —
Agreements liable to a duty of 6d.
Bills of Exchange for payment of money on demand
liable to the duty of Id.
Certified copies of, or extracts from, registers of births,
&c. (duty Id.)
Charter parties (duty 6d.)
Contract notes (dnty Id.)
Delivery orders (duty Id.)
Lease, or tack, or agreement, for the letting, for any
definite term less than a year, of a dwelling-house,
or part of a dwelling-house, at a rent not exceeding
£10 a year (duty Id.) Of a furnished dwelling-house,
or apartments, for any definite term less than a year
(duties 6d., Is., Is. 6d. 2s., and 2s. 6d.)
(white), 0. 5 J by 3 inches (white), and "Commercial"
(white), and are sold at the following prices : —
1 -
2 -
4 -
A. (Square shape, white.)
s. d.
- ]J I 6-
- 2| I 8 -
- S| I 12-
- 4|i24-
j- - C Size. . - .
s. d. ' - * •
12 -
s. d.
1 2
2 4
s. d.
- 6^
- 8|
- 1 1
4 -
1|| 5
2^ I 10
b\\ 20
4| I 240
£, s. d.
- 5J
- io|
- 1 9
- 1 1
Eegistered letter envelopes, bearing a twopenny
stamp embossed on the flap for the payment of the
registration fee, are of five sizes, and are sold at the
following prices : — F. 5J by 3 J inches, and G. 6 by
3|^ inches, 2|d. each, or 2s. 2^d. per packet of twelve ;
H. 8 by 5 inches, and H^. 9 by 4 inches, 2^d. each,
or 2s. 7d. per packet of twelve ; I. 10 by 7| inches,
and K. 11^ by 6 inches, 3d. each, or 2s. lOd. per
packet of twelve.
Newspaper wrappers are sold at the following
prices; —
Bearing Halfpenny Stamp.
1 . |d. 4 . 2^d. 7 - 4d.
2 - l|d. 5 - 3d. 14 - 8d.
3 - l|d. 6 . S.^d. 21 - Is.
and so on at the rate of 4d. for every complete 7.
£1 2s. lOd. per parcel of 480. '
Bearing Penny Stamp.
1 - Hd, 1 4 - 4id. I 8 - 8|d.
2 - 2id. I 5 - 5id. I 16 - Is. od.
3 - S^d, 6 - 6^d. I 24 - 2s.l^d.
I 7 - 7id. I
and so on at the rate of 8|d. for every complete 8.
£1 Is. 3d. per parcel of 240.
Uncut sheets of these wrappers impressed with
halfpenny or penny postage stamps can be ob-
tained at any Post Office by giving two or three days'
notice. They are sold only in qu.arter reams of 120
sheets ; each sheet containing 14 wrappers, and the
prices per quarter ream are £3 18s. for the wrappers
bearing the halfpenny stamp, and £7 8s. for those
bearing the penny stamp.
Letters of renunciation (duty Id.)
Notarial acts (duty Is.)
Policies of Insurance (not life or marine — duty Id.)
Protests of bills of exchange or of promissory notes
(duties Id., 2d., 3d., 6d., 9d., and Is.)
Proxies liable to the duty of Id.
Eeceipts ("duty Id.)
Transfers of shares in cost book mines (duty 6d.)
Voting papers (duty Id.)
Warrants for goods (duty 3d.)
Af..B.— Postage Stamps cannot he used for Inland or
Foreign Bills payable otherwise than on demand— tor
Promissory notes, for Law or other fees, nor for any docu-
ments other than those above enumerated.
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