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Burgh of Govanhill created 4th July,
1877. Population, estimated
at 12,291. Assessable rental,
£44,000. Memher of Parha-
ment for the Govan Division, W.
Pearce, Esq. Senior magistrate,
Thos. Smith, J.P.; junior magis-
trates, Andi'ew Murray and S.
G. G. Copestake ; commissioners
— east ward, Thomas Smith,
J. P., S. G. G. Copestake,
and A. S. Whyte; middle
"ivard, John Strang, Wm. Wal-
lace, and A. J. Fitch; west
ward, Andrew Murray, James
Hunter, and Peter R. Smyth ;
clerk, J. M. Robertson ;
treas., James Wallace ; collector,
Thomas Donald ; procurator-
fiscal, J, M'lntosh; sanitary
inspector and master of works,
Moses Thomas, Burgh chambers,
Cathcart road; medical officer,
John v. Wallace
Burgh Chambers and Dixon Hall,
Cathcart road ; John Kennedy,
Session Clerk's Office, 14 Main st.
Gorbals ; Thomas Smith, session
Registrars — From centre of Cath-
cart road, east, office, 313 Crown
street, Donald Hamilton ; from
centre of Cathcart road to centre
ofVictoria road, office, 94 South
Portland street, John Brown ;
from centre of Victoria rd. west,
office, 92 Gloucester street, Daniel
Govan School Board — Publi
School, Calder st. Joseph ScotI
head master
District Post Office, 174 Cathcaii
road; Miss Etherington, post
mistress; money order and saving
bank; deliveries, 1st, 7.30 a.m
2nd, 11.0 a.m.; 3rd, 3.25 p.m.
4th, 7.45 p.m. Box closes a
9.5 a.m. ; 12.15, 2.5, 4.15, 1
6.5, 6.55 p.m.
Parcels Post Collections, 9.
a.m., 12.5, 2.5, 5, and 6 5
For List of Names see Genera
Street and Trades Directorie
H I L L H E A D.
Burgh of Hillhead, created 14th May, 1869. Population in 1881, 6683. Included in Partick division i
Lanarkshire, A. Craig Sellar, Esq. M.P. Provost, John King ; magistrates, Alex. S. Baird and Jol
Cameron. Gross rental, £84,841 4s. 6d, For names, see General, Streets, and Trades Directories.
Burgh of Kinning Park, created 6th November, 1871. Assessable rental for 1882-83 £52,367, Parli.
mentary constituency, 407. Provost, George Lindsay ; magistrates, Wm. M'Donald, George Thomso
and Robert Thomson. For names, see General, Streets, and Trades Directories. Member of ParU
ment for East Renfrewshire, James Finlayson, Esq.
Member of Parliament for Dum-
bartonshire — Sir A. Orr Ewing,
Adam, Baird, & Co., manufrs. of
coffin furniture
Adams, William, Merkwood
Aitken Wm. Garngaber cott.age
Akitt, Mrs. James, 3 Victoria rd
Alexander, T. E. Sunnyknowe
Alexander, William, Merchiston
Anderson, Geo. L. druggist, Alex-
ander ten-ate
Anderson, James, Craighill
Anderson, Thomas, G. Myrtle pk
Annan, Thos. Elmbank house
Annan, Thomas & Robert, photo-
graphers, Glenbank
Archer, John, Viewfield
Ai-chibald, Mary, Glengair
Back, Wm. George, Glenbank ter
Ballantyne, J. M., Rosebank villa
B.alloch, John, Dundarroch
Barr, Mrs. Victoria road
Beith, James, Bothlin
Bews, Alex. B., Albany cottage
I Bexfield, Henry Joseph, Viewtield
j Black, David, Elderslie
I Black, David G., Ancruni cottage
Boston, F. Carrington lodge
■ Boyd, Robert A. Mossba:lik cottage
! Boyd, Wm. Maharatta cottage
Broadfoot, Sydney, Linden cottage
Brown, Alex., Strathlea
Brownlee, Mrs. Thos. Spring bank
Bryce, David, Berkswell house
Buchanan, John, farmer, Gadloch
j Buchanan, Mrs. Greenwood cottage
Cadenhead, D. Victoria road
Cameron, James, joiner and builde
Burnbank terrace
Cameron, John, Castlehill
Cameron, Mrs. I. Rowanlea
Cameron, Helen, Prospect villa
Campbell, David A. Heathfield
Chalmers, A. K. Victoria bdgs.
Carlow, George, station master
Clark, William, Glenholm
Clarkson, David D. Norwood
Clugston, James, Viewfield
Crawford, Robert, Sunnyside, Yi(
foria road
Cree, J. S. Ingleside house
Cree, W. C. Ingleside j
Cree, William J. Ingleside x
Cunningham, George, Kilchurnl
Davidson, Andrew, Sunnyside «

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