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Ebbertson, Wm. 62 Argyle st
Thomson, A. C. 113 Union street
Thomson, Jas. 79 George st. city.
— See Advt. in Appendix
Anderson, Jas. & Co, ; office, 124 St.
Vincent st. ; works, Surre}' st.
Brown & Poison, Royal Starch
Works, Paislej'
Browns & Co. Mair st. Govan rd
Colman, J. & J. (London), agency,
41 Ann street, Glasgow
Edwardsburg Starch Co. (Limited)
Ontario; agent, G. R. Murray,
131 W. Regent street
Hollingworth, Alfred, 105 Virginia
Hyland, Thos. & Co. 65 Rose st. s.s.
Jones, Orlando, & Co. 50 York st
Kingsford & Sons, Oswego, U. S. ;
agent, James Mutter, 98 West
George street
Lilley, H. L. & Co. Albert Works,
Lilleyst. Queen's rd. Manchester;
agents, W. Grant Paton & Co.
136 Wellington street
Lion Brand Starch; agents for
Scotland, Siewart, Neish & Co.,
48 Dandas st
Plantation Starch Works, Mair st.
Govan rd
Wotherspoon, Robt. & Co. and corn
flour, Kinning park.
Young & Strang, 30 Gordon st
Baltic Dye Works, Ruby street,
Dalmarnock road
Blackwood, John, & Son, Spring-
field Bleach works, Springfield
road; orders left at Miller &
Co.'s, 179 Ingram street
Blackwood, M. & Son, Barrhead
Blackwood, Wm. & Son, Miln-
gavie. Orders left at 82 Virg. st
Cunningham, Jas. & Sons ; house
of call, Kerr & Richardson's, 89
Queen street
Denholm, George, & Co. Glenpark
works, off Duke st.
Hamilton, E. & Son, 53,63 Candle-
riggs, 62 Brunswick st. and
19 Wilson st
M'Connell, W. 24 Duncan street;
orders left at 66 Miller street
M'Nab, A. & J. 250 Sauchieh. st
Simpson, T. 19 Graham st. Bridgt.
Williams & Co., Ruby st. Dal-
marnock rd
Wilson, Andw. & Co. 145 Crown-
point road
Those marked a are also librarians.
Ahercrombie, A. 4 Frederick lane
Abercrombie, J.& A. 25 Elderslie st
Adam, J. 146 St. George's rd.
Adshead, N. 11 Union st
Agnew, R. 40G Argyle street
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Aitchison, Mary, 12 Sedan pi
Aitken, Robert, 31 Gilmour st
Aitken & Fairie, 116 St. Vincent
st. — See Advt. in Appen.
Aitkenhead, R. A. 10 London rd
Allan & Ferguson, wJiolesale, 126
Eenfield st. — See Adv. in App.
Allan, James (wholesale), 13 In-
gram st
Allan, Mrs. Grace, 70 Soho st
Anderson, David & Co. envelope
and fancy knife makers, 173
Grreme st
Anderson, R. 159 Parliament, rd
Anderson, Wm. (wholesale and
manufacturing), 174 Ingram st
Andrew, Burns, 85 Candleriggs
Angus, John, 8 Main st. Anderston
Annandale, Helen, 229 Cambridge
Baillie, Wm. Main st. Barrhead
Baird, Ales. 255 Gt. Western rd
Barr, F. 11 J Morrison street
Barr, John, 81 High st. Paisley
Barr, William, 42 Dumbarton road
and 228 New City road
Baxter, D. 282 St. George's road
Bay ley & Ferguson, 54 Queen st
Begg, James, 54 Miller st
Begg, Kennedy & Harper, 118
Union st
Bell, Ales. 73 Paisley road, west
Bell, C. 37 Byars road, Hillhead
Bertram, P. 355 Argyle street
and 41 York st.
Beveridge, A. B. 62 Queen st
Bissett W. S. 19 W. Howard st
Black, Walter, 209, 211 Cambridge
Blackburn, J. & Son, 384 Ruther-
glen road
aBlair, Miss M. 109 Victoria rd.
Blellock, A. 4 Bath st
Bookless, A. 121 Renfield street
Bower, J. C. 83 John st. Bridgeton
Braid & Laing, 54 Robertson st
Brodie, Hugh, 419 Eglinton st
Brown, Jas. & Son, 35 Mitchell st.
and 54 Union st
Brown, John, 29a St. Vincent pi
Brown, John, 274 Dalmarnock rd
Brown, T. & Son, 342 Argyle st
Brown & Young, 6 Montrose st
Brown, Mrs. 12 Greenhill st
aBrown, Miss A., 14 Nithsdale rd.
PoUokshields, E.
Bruce, Jas. 36 West Nile st.—See
Advt. in Appen.
aBryce, D. & Son, 129 Buchanan st.
Bryce, Mrs. 156 Rutherglen road
Bryden, Jane, 10 Parliamentary rd
Brjson, A. & Co. 142 Trongate
Buchanan & Pearson, 104 Bruns-
wick street
Buchanan, Wm. 486 Paisley rd
Burns, A. C. 383 Sauchiehdl st
Burns, Crawford, & Co. 84 Miller
Calder, Jno. & Co. 126 Renfield st
Caldwell, D. 246 St. George's rd
Callender, Miss E , 3 Albert rd.
Cameron & Ferguson, 88 W. Nile st
Cameron, Jas. 59 Bath st
Cameron, Scott, & Co. 83 Dunlop
Cameron, Mrs. Mary, 8 Queen's
Campbell, Alex. 56 Hutcheson st
Campbell, D. & Son, 96 St. Vin-
cent street
Campbell, Daniel, 201 Stirling rd
Campbell, John, 71 Elderslie street
Campbell, W. 63 Gt. Hamilton st
a Campbell, Wm. 324 Argyle st
Carmichael, J. 202 Dumbarton rd
Cassells, Eliza, 145 Garscube rd
Clark, D. J. 74 Buchanan st
Clark, Miss, 20 Tit wood pi. Strath-
bun go
Cochrane, A. 189 London road
Cochrane, A. 329, 350 Paisley rd
Cochrane, John W. 71 Waterloo st
Cocker, J. 151a West George st
Cohen, E. 38 Sauchiehall st
Collins Bros. & Co., wholesale,
Sydney, Melbourne, and Auck-
land; office, 139 Stirling rd
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Lmtd.)
wholesale, 139, 153 Stirling rd
Colquhoun, Jos., 8 Govan rd
Cook, James, 182 North street and
9 Buckingham buildings, Hillh'd
Cooper, E., 11 Backingham bdgs.,
Conway, D. 8 Possil rd
Gossar, John, Portland buildings,
Craig, A. 99 Victoria rd. Crossbill
Craig, M. & A., 11 Bute terrace,
Crawford, Archd. 398 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Crawford, Mrs. Janet, 157 Kentrd
Cree, J. jun. & Co. 21 Royal Ex-
change sq
Crosbie, John, 316 Paisley road
Croley, D. 41 Gt. Western rd
Cruickshank, J. & E. 15 South
Portland street
Cunningham, A. 53 London st
Currie, James, 153 Queen st
Currie, R. 62 Argyle st
Dalziel, Jn. & Sons, 220 Ingram st
Darge, James F. 48 Cowcad. st
Davidson, Miss J. 519 Gallongate
Dawson, R. 49 Dalmarnock road
De la Rue, Thomas & Co. whole-
sale manufacturing, London ;
27 Ann st. city
Dickie & Inglis, wholesale and
export, 58, 60 Renfrew st
Dickson, J. G. 192 Sauchiehall it

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