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Can-uthers, Wm. & Co. 68 Batb st
Hiiliard, W, B. & Sons, 65 Ren-
field street
Adamson,AV. M. L.D.S., F.P.S.G.
4'J Abbotsford pi
Agiiew, James, 8 Blythswood sq
Agnew, Joseph, 47 Bath st
Bell, Georgp, 3 Brooklyn place,
Copeland rd. Govan
Biggs, John A. 46 St. George's rd
Black, J. S. 115 So. Portland st.
and 56 Bedford st
Brown, Tbos. M. L.D.S. D.D.S.
56 St. George's road
Brownlie, J. R. L.D.S. 10 Brandon
pi. 220 West George st
Bryan, Jas. 425 Springburn rd
Bryden, Wm. 6 Bridgeton cross
Cameron, D. R. L.D.S., F.P.S.G.
118 Saucbieball st
Cameron, Jas. L.D.S., F.P.S.G.,
77 Main St. Gorbals
Cameron, Wm. mechanical, 366
Crown st
Carson, James, 134 Crown st
Christie, John, 188 Stobcrosa st.
and 356 Dumbarton rd
Clark, Geo. 72 Canning street
Clarke, Joseph A. 148 Gallowgate
Coutts, J., L.F.P.S.G. 176 Castle
Coutts & Stevenson, 176 Castle st
Gumming, Jas. L.D.S. F.P.S.G.
86 Bath street
Dall, Wm. L.D.S. 4 Newton ter
De Nance & Co. 281 St. George's
rd. and 231 New City rd
Dickie, M. 91 Saucbieball st.
Fergus, Oswald, L.D.S. 41 Elm-
bank st
Fleming, Jas. H. 394 Duke st
Foulds, John, L.D.S., 173 Bath st.
Foulds, W. H. 95 Dundas st. city
Fulton, Robert, 16 Scotia street
Geercke, H. J. A. 40 Cowcaddens st
Gibson, J. W. 87 Gt. Hamilton st.
— See Advt. in App.
Gillespie, W. S. L.D.S. 248 Saucb-
ieball st
Gilmour, Geo. 20, 22 Paterson st.
and 17 W. Scotland st
Gourlay, John, L.D.S. 252 Bu-
chanan st
Grant, A. 37 Eglinton street
Gray, W. H. 9 Sandyford pi
Hay, W. D. 95 S. Portland st
Hetherton, E. R. A. 556 N. Cityrd
Lang, Wm. L.D.S. 166 Saucbieball
Liddle, John, 36 Dundas st. city
M'Casb, Jas.M. L.D.S., F.P.S.G.
5 Winton terrace, Victoria road,
M'Cracken, R. 286 Bath st
M'Cracken, S. W. L.D.S. 286 Bath
IM'Culloch, Robt. 65 Brdge st
M'Donald, H. S. 51 London st
Martin, W. F. 162 Oxford st. s.s.
Slelville, John, 13 Abbotsford pi
i\Iorrison, Alex. 315Areylest
0.''miston, Robert, 141 Dumbarton
Paterson, A. 133 Govan road
Pettigrew, James A. 77 Ren-
field street
Pinberton, Wm. W. 285 Crown st
Price, Rees, L.D.S.Eng., 1 Mon-
tague pi. 147 Bath st
Robertson, A. P. 6 Cathedral st
Shirlaw, David, 3 Sauchiehall st
Sinclair, C. S. 196 Pitt street
Smyth, Alex. 239 Buchanan st
Sutherland, B. L.D.S., 108 Ren-
field st
Taylor, C. D. G. 153 London st
Taylor, D. 144 Wellington street
Taylor, Wm. 144 Wellington st
Taylor, Wm. 290 Duke st
Thomson, R. L.D.S., F.P.S.G. 1
Wellington st. Paisley road
Tracey, James, 3 Findlay st
Traeey, Messrs. 341 Bath st. and 3
West Campbell street
Tracey, Dr. T. F. dental surgeon
to the late Earl of Breadalbane
and Sir James Cjlquboun, of
Luss, registered (pupil of the late
Dr. F. H. Thomson, dental sur.,
fellow of the faculty of physicians
and surgeons, Glasgow), 341
Bath st. and 3 West Campbell st
Wallace, James, 48 Dundas st. —
See Adv. in App.
Wallace, James, 249 Saracen st
Whyte, Alex. L.D.S. 140 Mains st
White, J. G. 42 Dundas st. city
Wills, Robt. L.D.S. 291 Paisley rd
Woodburn, J. Cowan, M.D. 197
Bath street
Woodburn, W. S. 17 Carlton pi
Young, A. B., L.D.S. 162 North st
Young, J. H. 42 Dundas st
Young, J. M. 1 Pollok st
Abercrombie, A. 4 Frederick lane,
44 N. Hanover st. — See Advt.
Bulloch, Jas. 184 Buchanan st
Cameron, Robert, 106 Oxford st.
Darroch, William, 11 Bothwell st
Davidson, Thos. 128 Hope street
Davidson, Wm. 147 Reidvale st
Designs and Trade Marks OtHce,
J. H. Johnson, Day, & Johnson,
115 St. Vincent st
Designs and Patents, Office for Re-
gistration of; E. Hunt, 87 St.
Vincent st. — See Advt. in App
Designs and Trade Marks Regis-
try and Patent Office ; David D.
Austin, FeL Inst. P.A. 101 St.
Vincent street
Designs, Trade Marks, and Patent
OtSce; W. R. M. Thomson &
Co. 96 Buchanan st — See Advt.
Designs, Patent, and Trade Ma'ks
Registry, Crnikshank & Fair-
weather, 62 St. Vincent street.
— See Advt. in App.
Dingwall, John, 16 Searaour st
Dixon, D. & Son, to calico printers,
101 St. Vincent st
Douglas, Wm. 51 Buchanan st
Fourquemin, Vin. 124 Oxford st
Gillespie Bros. (Ltd.), litho3. 253
Argyle st
Gillespie, Thos. 63 St. Vincent st
Grant & Co. 31 Elmbank ores
Hayward, A. & Co. 95 Bath st
Irving <fe Co. 145 Tronga^e
Kier, W. & J. J., for glass, 368
St. Vincent st
Lantz, C. 4 North Exchange court
Logan, John, 6 Cleland st
M'Laren & Meikle, heraldic, 25
Gordon st. — See Adv. in App.
Maclaren & Sons, 128 Renfield st
Miller, Stephen, draughtsman, 103
North Hanover st
Mitchell, Thomas, 21 Drury st
Mollison, W. M. & Co. show-card
and circular designers, 133 Ren-
field street.
Nisbet, Thos. 75 Buchanan st
Office for Patents, Designs, and
Trade Marks, W. R. M. Thom-
son & Co. 96 Buchanan street.
— See Advt. in App.
Ofiice for Registration of Patents,
Designs, & Trade Ma'ks, Cruik-
sbank & Fiiirweather, Fels. Inst.
Patent Agents, 62 St. Vincent
street. — See Advt. in App.
Paul, J. B. 96 Buchanan street
Richmond, Andw. 175 St. Vine, st
Robertson, William, heraldic, 62
Argyle street
Stewart, Robt. 105 Eaglesham st
Tennant, John, 30 Gordon st
Thomson, Geo. R., pattern to calico
printers, 131 Annfield street
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. 96 Bu-
chanan st. — See Advt. in App.
Nobel's Explosives Co. Limited,
149 West George street
Adshead, N. 11 Union street
Allan & Ferguson, trade marks,
ornamental tickets, &c. 126 Ren-
field st. — See Advt. in Appen.
Atkinson, Robt. 30 Charlotte st
Baird, Alex. 255 Gt. Western rd
Boardman, Jas. 55 Charlotte lane.
— See Ad. in App.
Campbell, John S. 55 Charlotte la.
ColHns, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Lim.),
139 to 153 Stirling road

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