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Gardner, James, 198 Cambridge st
Gilchrist, Wm., 392 Garscube rd.
Gilligan, Jas., 60 N. Hanov. street
and 397 Parliamentary road
Glasgow Funeral Undertaking and
Carriage Hiring Co. 182 Salt-
market street and branches
Govan, P. A. Bnrnbank cot. Lenzie
Granger & Neaves, 165 W. Graham
St, 28 Grindlay street and 21
Bread st. Edinburgh
Gray, Jas. 231 Dumbarton rd. and
St. Enoch station
GreJg, Joseph, Garngaber road,
Grindlay, H. 136 Plantation street
Hart, Alex. 11, 13 S. Portland st
Henderson, James, 4, 6 Govan rd.
and 4 Shields rd. Pollokshields
Hodge, Wm. Grahamstone, Barr-
Howden, John, 130 Renfrew st
Jenkins, D. i Greenhaugh st. Gov.
Jerrett, George, 107, 109 North
Frederick st
Johnston, James, 128 Kent rd
Johnston, John, Smith st. Gov'hill.
Kerr, Jas. & Co., 136 Sword st.
and 83 Bellgrove street
Lawson, H. & Son, 14 Berkeley st.
and branches
M'Ara, Robt. 65, 77 Smmyside rd.
M'GeowD, Bernard, 39 Commercial
M'Gregor, Andrew, 101 St. James
M'Gregor, Francis, 213 North st
M'Kenzie, G. 138 Kennedy street
M'Lellan, Angus, 56 S. Woodsiderd
M'Lellan, Thos. 36 Scotia st
M'Lerie, John, & Co. 215 and 217
Great Western rd
M'iilorran, W. L. & Co. 51 Vic-
toria buildings, Byars road
Menzies, Andw. 118 and 122 St.
George's road and branches
Mitchell, John, 57 Port-Dundasrd
Morrison, Ales. 249 Dumbarton rd.
Munn, G. S. & Co. 18 Abercromby
street, and branches
Murray, A. & D. 217 Gt. Western
Robertson, Robt. 12 Albert road,
Shand, John, Langslde village
Simpson, Jas. 230 Cumberland st.
and 6 London road
Stoddart, Wm. 1 Shields road,
Thomson, Adam, 35 Stanhope st
Thomson, Jas. 122 Cumberland st
Watson, Geo. 98 Bellgrove street,
and branches
White, William, Cross Arthurlie,
Whitelaw, E. & A., 8 Kirkpatrick
Wilson, Jas. 8 Great Wellington st.
and branches
Wilson, Robt. 120 Englesham st
Wylio & Lochhead, 96 Union st.
India st. west, and Berkeley st
Young, John, 4 Hyndland street,
Agnew, Eobt. H. 51 Brown st
Alexander & Howell, 108 St.
Vincent street
Alexander, John, 60 Muslin st
Alexander, R. 96 Gt. Western rd
Allan, Andw. 143, 163 London rd
Alston, Wm. 81 John st
Anderson, Jas. & Co. 81 Cam-
bridge st
Anderson, John, 91 to 99 Argyle st
Anderson, Robt. & Co. 97 Ren-
frew street
Anderson, W. J. 3 Salkeld street
Anderson, W. 50 S. Woodside rd
Balfour, Robt. 9 & 11 Wellington
St. off Argyle st. and 119, 121
Holm St. ; steam factory, Beith
Bell & Mills, 48 Elmbank'st
Bell, Wm. 63 Park road
Bissett, Alex. 119 S.auchiehall st.
235 Hope st.; works, 25 Rupert
Black, A. & J. 18 No. Portland st
Black, Andw. 25 S. Portland st
Boyle, Jas. 137 Wellington lane
Brown, Archibald, 63 Stirling st.
Brown, Gavin, 18 N. Portland st
Brown, Geo. W. 71 Gt. Western rd
Brown, James, & Co. 33 South
Portland street
Brown, James, 76 Scott st
Brown & M'Neill, 39 Surrey street
and 194 Main street, s.s.
Brown, Wm. 84 Green st. Calton
Brownlie, Alex. 16 Valeview ter.
Bryce, M.&SoD, 126 Sauchiehall st
Bryson, R. B. 240 Gt. Western rd
Burleigh, Alexander, 87 Pitt st
Caldwell, W. & G. 46 Park rd
Calton, James M., mannfr?. of
folding forms, tables, and chairs
for purveyors, steamers, &o., in-
ventor of Calton'sEglin's simplex
patent, 38 Forth street, Pollok-
shields, east
Cameron, Robt. 228 Paisley road,
and 30 Albert drive
Campbell, Barr, & Peddle, 75 East
Howard street
Campbell & Co. 97 West Camp-
bell street
Campbell, John, 239 Govan st
Campbell, J. B. 308 Buchanan st
Campbell, Wm. 62 W. Graham st
Campbell, Wm. 47 Dale st. s.s.
Carruthers, Robt. 34 Abbotsford La
Clark, Adam, jun. 121 Sword st
Clelland & Robertson, 5 1 James st.
Cochran, Alex. 202 Hope st
Cochran, A. E. 73 London rd
Craig, Jas. 562 Govan rd
Craig, John, 94 Paterson st. s.s.
Crawford, Hugh, 63a Park rd
Crawford, H. W., March street,
Cree, Alex. & Co. 34 Bothwell st
Crichton & Mooney, 54 Sword st
Crow, Thomas, 170 North street
Cumming, Andw. 19 Tylefield st
Gumming & Smith, 135 N. Wallace
st. and 96 Curtain rd., London
Cunningham, Wm. 35 St. Andrew's
road, Pollokshields, east
Currie, Felix, 5 to 11 Nicholson
street, s.s.
Cuthbert, Ralph, 145 W.Bath lane
Docherty, Wm. 14 James Morrison
Duffy, Bernard, 55 Duke st
Dunbar, Alex. Kelvinside ter.
Duncan, John, 142 North st
Dunlop, Robt. 13 Victoria road
Ferguson, Allan, & Co., Welling-
ton House, 104 Cowcaddens st
Eraser, James, 17 Shamrock st
F3'fe, Ales., 11 Summerfield place,
Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica
Gardner, Jas. & Sons, 42 Gt. Clyde
Gemmell, John, 79 Oxford st
Gentle, Robert, 42 Lyon st
Glendinning, John, 40 Renfrew st
Goldie, Wm. 87 Dtimbarton road
Gould, D. & J. 35 Logan st
Gow, J. & Sons, 181 Trongate
Gow, John, 106 Gt. Western rd
Gow, Walter, 106 Gt. Western rd
Gow, W. & J. 106 Gt. Western rd
Go wans, Jas. 280 North Woodside
Grant, Alex. & Co. 54 G. Clyde st
Gray, Jas. sen. 49 Carrick st
Greenshields, Jas. 116 Stirling rd
Grieve, John A. Ill Bothwell st
Hanley, Cornelius, 573 Gallowgatc
Hardie, John F. 239 Govan rd
Hardie, John, 60 Gt. Clyde st. and
101 Maxwell st
Harper, James, 26 West st. and 11
Paisley rd
Harper, John, 239 Govan st
Hatch, J. & R., glue and gum
and wood stains, 60 Bothwell
Henderson, John, 143 Wellington
Hill, John, 73 Kelvin street
Hill, W. jun. bedroom furniture
manufacturer for home and ex-
port trade; works, Langlands
rd. Govan
Houston, Jas. 461-473 Gallowgate
Howie, A. Bruce, 13 Egliaton st

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