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Parlane, Thomas, hardware and china merchant,
156 and 395 Dumbarton road, Partick; ho. 376
Dumbarton road.
Parlane, Walter, 9 Somerset place, and Finnartmore,
PAENIE, James (of Turnbull, Parnie, & Adam),
house, 32 Lynedoch street.
Parochial Board Chambers, Barony Parish, 38
Cochi-ane street and 26 John sti-eet.
Parochial Board, City Parish, 318 Parliamentary
PARSLOW, Mrs. M., St. George's Club, 253 Sauchie-
haU St.
Paetick Branch Post Office, 11 Hyndland st., Partick.
Partick Brass Foundry Co., brass, copper, and lead
works, 78 Merkland street, Paitick.
Partick Conservative Association, 19 Peel street,
Partick; Wm. Kerr, secy., 15 Dowanhill st.
Partick, HilDiead, and Maryhiil Gas Company
(Limited), John C. Maccall, C.A., secretary, 212 W.
George street ; Hugh Crawford, collector, Bui-gh
buildings, Hillhcad ; James Hislop, manager, The
Gas Works, Maryhiil.
PARTRIDGE, John, & Sons (of Leicester), manufrs.
of worsted gloves, 55 Glassford street; Wm.
Kirkland, agent.
PxVSCOE, Greenfcll, & Sons, copper smelters, Swan-
sea and London; agents, Chas. Henderson & Co.,
9 York buildings, York street.
Pascoe, Rev. W. G., Wesleyan minister, St. John's
Church, Sauchiehall st. ; ho. 8 Queen's crescent.
PASIFULL, Captain Waher, ships' husband (at
Thorn & Cameron's), ho. Hattonburn house,
Barremman, by Roseneath.
PASLEY & Rodie, wrights and stenter makers,
Bourock, Barrhead.
PATALANO, Enrico, artist, 4 Albany place.
Pataea (The) Silver Lead Mining and Smeltmg Co.
(Limited), Alex. Robertson, secy., 108 W. Regent st.
PATE, Robert (at John King & Son's, 38 Wt. George
street), house, 2 Lena bank, Shawlands.
Pate, Thos., merchant, Clasonbank, Airdrie.
Patent Agency and Trade Marks Ofiice,
Mason, Thomson, & Co., engineers and patents
agents, 62 Buchanan street; lowest charges con-
sistent with accuracy.
Patent Agency Designs and Trade Marks
Registration OfiQce, Craikshank & Fairweather,
62 St. Vincent street, and 10 St. Andrew square,
Edinburgh. — See Advt.
Patent Agency a.nd Designs Office, W. R. M.
Thomson & Co., consulting engineers, patent agents,
and registrars of designs and trade marks, 96
Buchanan st. The extensive practical experience
of our Mr. W. R. M. Thomson, Fel. Inst. P.A.,
as a mechanical engineer, since 1833, and as a
patent agent, since 1849, has given hun the most
intunate knowledge of all the important patented
inventions connected with textile mauufactui'es, and
machinery of every description. He can, therefore,
give most reliable opinions or advice upon the
novelty or validity of patentable or patented inven-
tions, and upon all questions of infringement.
— See Adv.
Patent Agency, Trade Marks, and Designs Office,
J. H. Johnson, Day, & Johnson, 115 St. Vincent st.
Patent Agency, Trades Marks and Designs
Office, David D. Austin, Fel. Inst. P. A., 101 St.
Vincent street.
Patents, Designs, and Trades Marks Offices,
Edmund Hunt, 87 St. Vincent st. — See Advt.
Patent (The) Enamel Co., Birmingham, enamellers
in wrought irons for advertising plates and hollow
ware; sole agents for Scotland, Wm. M'Geoch &
Co., 108 Argyle street.
Patent Exhaust Steam Injector Co. (Lim.),
makers of exhaust and live steam injectors, sole
agents, H. Bennett & Co., 45 Buthwell street.
Patent Frictional Gearing Co., engineers and
millwrights, Alliance Foundry, 147 East Milton st.
Patent Heddle Co., manufacturers of heddles, reeds,
and doublers of cotton yarn, 107 High John st.
Patent Lock and Block Electric Signals for Railways ;
agent in Scotland, Wm. Lester, 11 W. Regent st.
Patent Machine Wire-making Co., 59, 61, and 63
Ladywell street ; George Christie.
Patent Metallic Cask Works and office, 63
Wigton street, Port-Dmidas ; Brown & Co., tele-
phone No. 156.
Patent, The, Needle and Threader Co., Limited, 11
Bothwell street.
Patent Nut & Bolt Co., Limited, manufacturers of
railway fastenings, bolts, nuts, rivets, &c., London;
works, Birmingham; sole agents for Scotland, J.
& W. Tinto, 49 Jamaica street.
Patent Office, Mason, Thomson, & Co., engineers
and patent agents, 62 Buchanan street; lowest
charges consistent with accuracy.
Patent Rivet Co., Smethwick, Birmingham, manufac-
turers of bolts, nuts, rivets, spikes, railway fasten-
ings, cotter pins, cotters, washers, &c. ; agent, J.
J. H. Cruikshank, 62 St. Vincent st.
Patent Rivet Works, 204 Stobcross street; James
Miller & Co.
PATERSON, A. & G., timber merchants, St. Rollox
timber yard, 60 to 68 Tennant street.
Paterson, Adam, Scotch tweed merchant, 158 George
street; ho. 70 Roslea drive.
Paterson, A., draper. Ill Parliamentary road; ho.
109 do.
Paterson, Alex, (of Alex. Begg & Co., shawl manu-
facturers, Paisle)'), house. Moss house, Govan.
Paterson, Ales., teacher of singing, 12 Wilton street.
Paterson, Alex, (at Laird & Thomson's, St. Mar-
nock street), house, 3 Roslea drive.
Paterson, Alex, (at David j\IacBrayne's), house, 40
Derby street.
Patterson, Alex., stationer and newsagent, 785 Gal-
lowgate ; ho. 106 Great Eastern road.
Patterson, Alex., M.D., surgeon. Western Infirmary,
48 London street; ho. 22 India street.
Paterson, Alex., letterpress printer, 322 Eutherglen
Paterson, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 102 Oxford st.
Paterson, A. C, & Co., calenderers, packers, hot-
pressers, and finishers, 55 Cochrane street.
Paterson, A. Craig, writer (of MoncriefF, Barr, Pater-
son, & Co.), house, Springhall, Rutherglen.
Paterson, Andrew (of James Paterson & Co., New-
hall street), ho. 4 St. John's terrace, HiUhead.
Paterson, Andrew, wright, 10 Polmadie st; house,
21 do.
Paterson, Andrew, sen., tailor and clothier, 6 Great
Hamilton street; house, Clyde View villa, BaiTow-
Paterson, Andrew, potato merchant, 12 Dover street.
Paterson, Andrew, grain miller, 220 Dobbie's Loan ;-
house, 17 Crossburn street.

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