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Denholm, Geo,, dyer, Glenpark Dye Works; liouse,
Park view, off Duke street.
Denholm, James, draper and milliner, 194 New Dal-
marnock road ; ho. 62 Harvie street.
Denkolm, James D. (at A. Denliolm & Co.'s), lio. 30
Monteith row.
Denliolm, Jas., chandler, 3 West Milton st.; ho. 85
Garnethill st.
Denholm, Robert, warehouseman (Gumming & Smith),
ho. 202 Parliamentary road.
Denholm, Wm., clerk, N. B. Railway, 14 W. George
street ; house, Union place, Lennostown.
Denholm, W. M., family grocer and wine merchant,
481 New City road and 2 Wilton st.; ho. 75 do.
Denholm, Mrs., 17 Newton street.
Denholm, Miss Grace, hosier and draper, 104 Great
Hamilton st. ; ho. 6 Morris place, Jlonteith row.
Denia and Glasgow Steam Packet Office ; Henderson
Brothers, agents, 47 Union street.
Denia Steam Packet Office; Bm-rell & Son, 54
George square.
DENIS, J., Hy. Mounle, & Co., brandy shippers.
Cognac ; Archd. An-ol & Sons, agents, 16 Dixon st.
Denness, Wm. (Henderson Bros.), house, Sunnyside,
Dennis Patent FuUway Valves ; agents Henry
Bennett & Co., 45 Bothwell street.
DENNISON, Thomas R., manager, Waterhury Clock
Co.'s European depot, 123 Stockwell st.; ho. 448
Crown st.
Dennison, Wm., civil engineer, land suiTeyor, and
valuator, 175 Hope st. ; house, Cessnock IBank,
Govan road.
Dennison Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of
patent labels, post boxes, and jewellers' morroco
cases, 37 Jamaica st.
DENNISTOUN, Archibald, 188 Hospital street.
Denniston, Peter, & Co., shipowners and ship
and insurance brokers, 92 St. Vincent st.
Denniston, Peter, shipowner, Rowington, 13 Eglinton
drive, Kelvinside.
Dennistoun (The) Baths Co., Ld., Craigpark, Dennis-
toun ; registered office, 81 St George's place,
Henderson & Wilson.
Dennistoun Conservative Club, 373 Duke st. ; Robt.
Anderson, hon. sec. ; ho. 16 Grafton st.
Dennistoun Free Church, Ai-madale st., Rev. John
Stewart, minister.
Dennistoun Rope Works, Paton street, off Duke street ;
office, 56 Broomielaw, and 3 and 5 Oswald st.
Dennistoun U.P. Church, WTiitehill street ; minister,
Rev. James Leslie ]\Iurray.
DENNY, Robert, bellhanger, gasfitter, locksmith, and
tinsmith, 131 Oxford street and 2 North Coburg
street; house, 26 South Apsley place.
Denny, William D., ship owner and insurance broker
(marine), 58 Renfield street.
Dennystown Forge Co., manufacturers of marine
and all other iron and steel forgings, Andrew D.
Tolmie, 166 Buchanan street; works, Dabeoch,
DE NOLF, Rev. Maurice J., Catholic priest, 36
Parson street.
DENOVAN, James, lithographer, 90 Mitchell street;
house, 27 Houldsworth street.
Denovan, John P. (clerk at J. Wilson & Sons), 468
Gallowgate ; house, 1 Tureen street.
Denovan, Wm., saw, file, and edge tool maker, 77J
Main st., Anderston ; house, 27 Clarendon st.
Dental Hospital (The Glasgow), 56 George square;
president, the Duke of Montrose ; secretary and
treasurer, D. M. Alexander, writer, 117 WeUington
St. ; collector, Jas. Dougall, 4 Bath st.
DE PELETTE, Richard, boot and shoe manufac-
turer, 118 Green street, Calton.
turers of glycerine, stearine, and oleine. Royal
Candle Jlanufactoiy, Antwerp; sole agents for
Scotland, Thomas JI'Kinnon & Co., chemical and
produce brokers, 40 Hope st.
DERRY, John, wine and spirit merchant, 143 West
Nile St. and 61 Clyde pi.; ho. 1 Hill st., Garnethill.
Deny, Wm. E., grocer, 159 Main street, s.s., and 639
Duke St.; ho. 336 Crown street.
Designs and Trade Marks Office, David D.
Austin, Fel. Inst., P. A., 101 St. Vincent st.
Designs and Trade Marks Office, J. H. Johnson,
Day, & Johnson, 115 St. Vincent st.
Designs & Trade Marks Registry & Patent
Office, Cruikshank & Fairweather, 62 St. Vincent
street — See Adv.
Designs, Trade Marks, and Patent Office,
W. R. M. Thomson & Co., 96 Buchanan street. —
See Advt. in Appendix.
DESSENON, A., machine embroiderer, &c.,32 to 36
Clarence street, Kingston, and 24 St. James' st.,
off Paisley road; ho. 391 Paisley rd.
Deubuen Rope Works, John Love & Son, 79 West
street, s.s.
DEUCHAR, J. J. W., actuaiy, 28a Renfield street ;
ho. 7 Clifton place.
DEVINE Bros., boot and shoe makers, 194 Ruther-
glen road ; house, 154 Waddell street.
Devine, Joseph, waste merchant, 9 MoncriefF lane,
Gorbals ; house, 41 Annette street, Govanhill.
Devine, W., tailor and clothier, 10 Kelvinside
DEVLIN, Alex., currier, leather merchant, and boot
manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street, and St. Helens
Works, Maybole ; ho. 45 Abbotsford pi.
Devlin, E., fish market ; ho. 7 S. Wellington pi.
Devlin, James, iron merchant (scrap), 106 Great
Eastern road ; ho. 32 East Hope st. Camlachie.
Devlin, John, builder, 11 Bothwell street; ho. Swiss
Cottage, St. Andrew's road, Pollokshields.
Devlin, Thomas (at Muirhead & Guthrie Smith's, 54
West Nile street), ho. 284 Great Western road.
Devlin, Wm., marine engineer ; ho. 53 Dumbarton rd,
DEVON, David, confectioner, 160 Kelvinhaugh st
Devonshire Cider Stores, 49, 51 Pitt street.
DEWAR, Alex., registrar of births, &c., Milton
District, 21 Ci-ossbum st; ho. 35 Eldon st.
Dewar, Alex., grocer and wine merchant, 71 and 73
Cambridge street ; ho. 7 Killermont street.
Dewar, Alexander, missionaiy, 150 Woodlands road.
Dewar, Alexander (at Muirhead & Arthur's), house,
31 Airlie terrace, Pollokshields.
Dewar, Alex., general smith and cartwright, 45
Anderston quay ; house, 7 Broomhall st., Kinning
Dewar, Andrew, gi-indstone and hollystone maker.
Queen's Park pL, Strathbungo.
Dewar, Archd., manager, Sailors' Home, 150 Broomie-
law ; ho. Home cottage, Cathcart.
Dewar & Co., wool brokers and commission mer-
chants, 6 Dixon street.
Dewar, David H. (at David MacBrayne's, 119 Hope
street), house, 2 Douglas terrace, Pollokshields.

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