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. Brodie, Robert, chemist and druggist, 253 Crown st,,
s.s. ; ho., 8 Apsley pi.
Brodie, Robert, commercial traveller (at James Sin-
clair & Co.'s, 61 Oswald st.), ho. 92 Abbotsford pi.
Brodie, Thomas, teacher, Kinning Park Public School ;
ho. 60 M'CulIoch street, Pollokshields.
Brodie, Thomas (of Brown Bros. & Co.), ho. 6
BinLie place.
Brodie, William M., coal merchant, 192 Rottenrow.
BROGAN, A. D. (of Glasgow Plate Glass Co.), Firhill ;
house, Anthonbrae, Cambridge drive, Kelvin?ide.
Brogan, Alex., painter and decorator, 25 Albyn st.;
house, 4 Adelphi street.
Brogan, Dennis, tailor and clothier, 6 Eastfield place,
Springburn road ; house, Baillieston.
Brogan, James, plasterer, 1 Albert street ; house,
50 Glebe street.
Brogan, John, butcher, 365 Argyle street; house, 22
Robertson street.
Brogan, M., flesher, 7 Norfolk street; house, 167
Main street, s.s.
Brogan, Margaret, greengrocer, 704 Rutherglen rd.;
house, 702 do.
BROMHEAD, Horatio K., architect, 245 St. Vincent
street ; house, 14 Bothwell terrace, Hillhead.
BROOKE, Geo., woollen merchant, 80 Ingram st.
Brook, Jonas, & Brothers, cotton thread manufac-
turers, 10 Garthland st.; works, Meliham mills,
Huddersfield; agent, R. T. Challand.
Brook, Joseph, church and chamber organ builder,
Bulterbiggins road, s.?. ; ho. 2 Brougham terrace,
Brooke, J., & Co., manufacturers of frillings, linen-
faced collars, &c., DufFerin st., Bunhill row, Lon-
don, E.G.; agent, D. Taylor, 49 Virginia st.
Brooke, Simpson, & Spiller (Ltd.), manufacturers of
aniline dyes; agents, Henderson, Hogg, & Co.,
15 Cddogan street.
BROOKS, Alexander, plumber and gasfitter, 10 Dixon
avenue, Govanhill; ho. 20 do.
Brooks & Hamilton, sewed muslin manufacturers, 27
Ann street.
Brooks, John, spirit merchant, 253 Parliamentary
road; house, .10 Findlay street.
Brooks, J., & Co., blockmakers and turners, 33 St.
James' street, Kingston ; house, 93 Gloucester st.
Brooks, John, commission agent, 40 Union street ;
house, 108 West Graham street.
Brooks, John, musicseller, 91 Eglinton street; house,
17 Cumberland street, s.p.
Brooks, John, anvil and vice manufacturer. Lye,
near Stourbridge; James Todd, agent, 16 Hope St.
Brooks, Peter, 189 Pitt street.
Brooks, Peter M. (of Brooks & Hamilton), ho, 189
Pitt street.
Brooks, Mr?. Ann, bread shop, 16 Sbaftesbury st.
Brooks, Mrs. D., 251 Parliamentary road.
BROOKSBANK & Sanby, lace manufacturers, 42
Argyle street, and 20 Stoney st., Nottingham.
BROOM, David, property and insurance agent, 75
Bath St.; ho. 35 Elmbank place.
Broom, George, schoolmaster, 40 Braid street ; ho.
106 Buccleuch street.
Broom, James, 42 Herriot street, Pollokshields.
Broom, John, commercial traveller, 88 No. Hanover st.
Broom & Moir, coal and iron merchants ; office, 4
York st. ; depot, Bridgeton station, Dalmarnock.
BROOME, Hallworth & Foster, manufacturers of
velveteens, &c., Manchester, and 1 Prince's sq.
BROOMHALL, Charles, locksmith and jobbing
blacksmith, 30 Carlyle place, Springburn.
Broomward Weaving Co. (Limited), John Gourlay,
C.A., secretary; office, 24 George sqr.; factory,
West street, Calton.
BROSTER, Wm., & Co., silk manufacturers, Lfek,
Staffordshire; agents, John Nicolton & Son,
38 Queen st.
BROTCHIE,Robert,&Co.,teamerchants, 58Hopest.
Brotcbie, John Russell, printers' brass rule maker,
25 Eglinton street; house, 17 Devon street.
Brotcbie, Miss, irantle maker, 140 Buccleuch tt
BROTHERSTON, T., dairy, 30 Bedford street; ho.
612 Eglinton street.
BROUGH, David, teacher, City Boys' School ; ho.
1G4 Woodlands road.
BROUGHTON, W. H., & Co., manufacturers of
iron tubes and fittings, crane and colliery chains,
&c., Smethwick, Birmingham ; J. J. H. Cruik-
shank, 62 St. Vincent street, agent.
Broughton (The) Copper Co. (Ltd), I\Iancbester,
makers of copper and brass rollers for calico printers;
M'Crindell, Schaw, & Coy., agents, 180 West
George street.
Broughton Copper Co. (Ltd.), Manchester,
manufacturers of copper and brass cylinders, tubes
for locomotive and marine boilers, condensers, &c.,
rods, sheets, ingots, &c. , hydraulic rams, fee.,
electro- coppered, antifriction metal, phosphor
bronze, 28 St. Enoch sq.
BROWN, Adam G.(at Ralston, Goodwin,& Co.'s), ho.
• 30 Pollok street.
Brown, Adam (at Wm. B. Watson & Co.'s, Bernard
St. Mills, Bridgeton), ho. 315 London rd.
Brown, Adam, grocer, 142 Maclean street.
Brown, Alexander, house factor, property and in-
surance agent, 102 Burnside street; house, 3
Holyrood crescent.
Brown, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 94 W. Nile st.
Brown, Alexander, ham curer and wholesale pro-
vision merchant, 25 Spoutmouth and 48 E. Nde
street ; house, 59 Abbotsford place.
Brown, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 1
Argyle arcade; house, 93 Norfolk street.
BrowD, Alexander, house factor, coal and grain mer-
chant, Alexandria place, Kirn.
Brown, Alex., tailor and clothier, 162 Cathcart road,
Brown, Ales, (of Alex. Brown & Co.), 94 W. Nile
street; residence, the ''Craigs," Cannunnock.
Brown, Alexander (at Willis, Nelson & Co.'s), house,
3 Whitevale street.
Brown, Alexander, & Co., tea and commission agents,
33 Virginia st. ; ho. 15 Regent Park terrace.
Brown, Alex., writer (at Smillie & Blyth's) ; house,
121 Raeberry street.
Brown, Alex, (of Brown & M'Neil), ho., 3 Abbot.s-
ford place.
Brown, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 172 Main
St., Bridgeton ; house, 3 Dalmarnock road.
Brown, Alexander (at Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean's),
house, 26 Cathcart street. Paisley road.
Brown, Alexander (of Brown & Young), house, 190
Bath street
Brown, Alex. K., house factor and insurance agent, 243
St. Vincent St.; house, 60 Victoria road, Govanhill.
Brown, Alex. K., artist, 152 Wellington st.; house,
Bellevue bank, Helensburgh.
Brown, Alex. Tennent, 101 Greenhead street.

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