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Glasgow, Royal Bank,Paisley Ed., G. Lindsay
" do. Exch. Sq., A. Kobertson
[& John Taylor
" do. AnderstoD, C. Phillips
" do. Argyle Street, W. E. Crombie
" do. Bridget on Cross, A, & J. Waddel
" do. Canning St., A. & J. Waddel
" do Charing Cross, J. T. Sinclair
" do. Cowcaddens, "W. Denham
" do. Duke Street, A. & J. Waddel
" do. Gallowgate, A. & J. Waddel
" do. Garscube Cross, J. A. Adam
" do. Plantation, Jas. Blair
" do. Springbnrn, John Young
" do. St. Sollox, John Young
" do. Hutchesontown, H. Dallachy
" do. Tradeston, E. Graham
" do. lOi TroDgate, W. Sloan
" do. West Branch, 140 ) ^ j, . ,
St. Vincent St. [ ^'^''^
''• Union Bank, Anderston, Wm. Mackie
" do. 174 Argyle St., E. R. B.
" do. Bridgeton Cross, J. Wither
" do. 7 New City Ed., A. Forsyth
" do. Hillhead, A. Forsyth
" do. Kinning Park, W. L. Eome
" do. St. Vincent Street, J. Wallace
" do. Tradeston, J. Frame
" do. Trongate, D. M'Arthur
Glenlivat, K of Scot. Bank, G. S. Grant
Glenluce, National Bank, G. Symington
Glenuequhaet, Caledonian Bank, P. Burgess
Golspie, Aber. & Cty., G.&G.E. Lawson
" British Linen, Geo. G. Tait
GouROCK, Union Bank, W. H. Turner
GoTAN, Union Bank, D. D. Baird
" Eoyal Bank, John Eankin
" National Bank, C. S. Macmillan
Grangemouth, Commercial, J. S.Mackay&Son
" Bk. of Scotland, E. Mackenzie
GRA-NTON(Ediab.),... Eoyal Bank, Thos. Wilkie
" Caledonian, W. Fleming
Grantown, National Bank, Jas. Macintosh
" ' Eoyal Bank, D. & J. Grant
Greenlaw Eoyal Bank, W. A. Hunter
Greenock, Bank of Scotland, T. Stark
" British Linen Co., J. Glen
' [and W. Philp
" Commercial Bank, A. Gauld
" do.. West End, J. Tannyhill
" Clydesdale Bank, John Eodger
" do., East End, W. Bruce
" National Bank, J. Thomson
" Eoyal Bank, D. M. Latham
" do. W. Blackball St. A. Tait
" Union Bank, F. G. Bruce
Haddington BankofScotland,T.&R.Todrick
" British Linen Co., Ferme &
" Clydesdale Bank, A. Geramell
" Eojal Bank, J. & J. D. Watson
" Com. Bank, W. Dodds & Son
Halkirk, Caledonian Bank, W. AV. Jack
Hamilton Bank of Scotland, J. C. Kay
" Brit. Lin. Co., John C. Forrest
" Clydesdale Bank, D. Patrick
" Commercial Bank, T. S. Jlichie
" Eoyal Bk., T. J. & W. A. Dykes
Hamilton, Union Bank, Wm. Forrest
Haavick British Linen, G. Davidson
" Commercial Bank, G.& J.Oliver
" National Bank, T. Purdon
" Eoyal Bank, Walter Hadden
Helensburgh, Bank of Scot., Ales. Breingan
" Union Bank, Jas. Milne
" Clydesdale, A. M. M. G. Kidston
Helmsdale British Linen Co., J. J. Hill
HoLYTOWN Clydesdale Bank, J. D. Fairley
HuNTLT, Aber. & County, J.&J.E.Lawson
" North of Scotland, W. Walker
" Union Bank, James Milne
Innellan, Clydesdale, Charles Turner
Innerleithen, Bank of Scotland, Thos. Young
Insch, Aberdeen & County, J. Bisset
" North of Scot., W. F.G.Dawson
Inveraray, National Bank, J. JIacarthur
" Union Bank, Q. M. Wright
Inveegarry, Caledoniiin Bank, Geo. Malcolm
Invergordon, Commercial Bank, Munro &
" No. of Scot. H. H. Smith
Inverkeithing, Clydesdale Bk., G. M. Stewart
Inverness, Bank of Scotland, D. Duif
" British Linen, A. Williamson
" Commercial Bank, A. Eraser
" Eoyal Bank, H. C. Macandrew
" National, W. T. Eule & W.
" Aber. & County, W. Douglas
" Union Bank, Geo. Black
Inveeort,..,,. Aberdeen & County, J. Charles
" N. of Scot. Bank, Alex. Smith
" Union Bank, G. P. Wilson
Irvine, British Linen, W. M'Jannet
" Clydesdale Bank, A. Longmuir
" Eoyal Bank, GilraoHr& Christie
" Union Bank, J. Patterson
IsLAY (Bridgend) National Bank, J. Cullen
Jedburgh, Bank of Scotland, W. A. Skead
" British Linen Co., J. Cumraing
" Commercial, J. Gibson
" National Bank, W. Mason
" Royal Bank, C. Anderson
JoHNSTONic, Eoyal Bank, W. Holmes
" Union Bank, J. Holmes and
[A. Bartlemore
" National Bank, Eobert Eeid
Keith, ,..,-., Aber. & County, Thurburn &
" North of Scot., Adam Annand
" Union Bank, Jas. A. Steven
Kelso, Bank of Scotland, P. S. Darling
" British Linen Co., T. B. Dove
" Commercial Bank, A. Stevenson
" National Bank, James Tait
[& D. W. B. Tait
" Eoyal Bank, Wm. Eobson
Kemnay', Aberdeen & County, A. Petrie
Kenmore (Perthshire), Union Bank, C. Munro
Kilbarchan, Clydesdale, J. M'N. Porteous
KiLBiRNiE, Clydesdale Bank, J. Alexander
[and Jas. Aitken
KiLDEUMMY', Aberdeen & County, D. Christie
KiLLiN, Bank of Scot., E. A. Eobertson
" Union Bank, J. M'Naugbton
Kilmalcolm..., Eoyal Bank, W. Holmes &
[Wm. Forgie

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