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Maclehose, Jas. & Sons, Western
Book Club, 61 St. Vincent st —
See Ad. in App.
M'Raith, John, 61 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Magauran, P. College of Sciences
and Arts, Bath st
Mason, Thos., Stirling's Library,
48 Miller st
Mechanics' Hallj Calton, &c. 46
Canning street
Miller, Robert, 182, 186 Trongate
Mitchell (tree), 60 Ingram st,
Murray, Thos. & Son, 31 Buchanan
More, Robert, 505 Sauchiehall st.
and 167 Gt. Western rd
Muir, John, 62 St. George's place
Napier, Thos. 207 Bath st
Procurators' Library, 62 St. Geo.'s
pi.; John Muir
Robertson, Robert, 304 and 595
Duke st
Sime, W. S. 331 Sauchiehall st
Simpson, Frank, 69 Sauchiehall st
Stenhouse, A. University avenue,
Stevenson, Jas. 308 Cathcart rd
Stirling's, and Glasgow Public
Library, 48 Miller st.
The Glasgow Reading Club, lib-
rarians, 31 Buchanan st
Warren, Ales. 79 Struan terrace,
Victoria rd. Crosshill
Western Book Club; J. MacLehose,
61 St. Vincent st. — See Adv. in
Wilkie, C. A. 27 Stevenson st
Wilson & M'Cormick, 73 St. Vin-
cent st. — See Adv. in Appen.
Campbell, Acbnach, & Co. (air
proof), 33 Jama'ca st.; wholesale
warehouse, Morrison's court, 108
Argyle st.
Currie, Thomson & Co., 43, 45,
47 Jamaica st. ; wholesale de-
partment, 9 Howard st
Clydesdale Rubber Co. and belt,
58 Gordon st. and 2 Renfield st
Goudie, James T. & Co. (and belt)
149 and 151 Argyle street, 3
St. Enoch square, 25 Prince's
street, Edinburgh, 15 Fore street,
London, E.C.
Maxwell, Jas. & Son (and belt),
43 St. James' st. Kingston
Steedman & M'Allister, 35 Ard-
gowan street
The Argyle Rubber Co., 60 Bu-
chanan st.
The Irwell India-rubber & Gutta
percha Works (Ld.), 101 Mitchell
Wilson, J. 15 Portman st. Paisley
Bryden, Won. & Son, 112 St. Vin-
cent street, and 55 George st.
Callahan, Wm. 183 Allander st,
Finlay, John, & Co. 18 Renfield st.
and Overnewton works
Graham, D. & G. Sauchiehall st.
and 134 to 140 Douglas st. ;
branch, 20 1 Byars' rd. Dowanhill
Holmes, Joseph R. & Co. 12
Waterloo street
Llewellius' Machine Co. (Llewellins
& James) 28 Bath st
Mason, Bros. & Co. 17 Hope st. ;
London office, Gray's Inn Cham-
ber--, 20 High Holborn, W.C.
Newall, R. S. & Co. 68 Anderston
Stewart, W. W. & Co., 365 Scot-
land st
Stewa't, W. W. & Co. supply
their conductors to public works,
builders, ironmongers, or any
others who may require or favour
them with their orders, for either
band or cable wire conductors ;
estimates given by sending
dimensions and length required.
Stewart, W. W. & Co.'s conductors
are all solid copper, and their
finals are made of the finest
metal, with screw couplings, held
with bra^s brackets and holdfasts
with or without glass insulators.
Stewart, W. W. & Co. fit up their
newly improved lightning con-
ductors on church spires, chim-
ney stalks, oil tanks, powder
magazines, or any other structure
requiring the same ; estimates
for all or any part by return;
office, 365 Scotland street
Thomson, Wm. 36 Grove st
Tosh, David, 3 and 11 Brougham
street, Greenock. — See Advt.
Irish Lime Works (Telephone Ex-
change No. 1500), 49 to 69
Kinniog street, s.s.
M'Ara,Alex (Telephone Exchange
No. 1500) office, 65 Morrison
st. s.f. — See Adv. in App.
Aberdeen Lime Co. ; agent, Wm.
Coutts, 12 Wilton st
Arden Hydraulic Lime Works,
Nitshill Station, by Hurlet ;
Glasgow depot at G. B. and K.
Joint Railway, 7 Pollokshaws rd
Barrhead Hydraulic Lime Co. D.
Keith, Barrhead, near Glasgow
Barrowman &Son,76Lancefieldst
Caimtable Gas Coal Co., Limited,
100 Wellington street
Campsie Lime Stores (Telephone
Exchange No. 544), 66 to 84
St. James' street, and 52 to 58
Clarence street, Kingston, s.s. ;
office, 27 Wellington st.
Campsie Lime Works office, 65
Morrison st
Crawford, J. M. & H., Glens, near
Lame, Irish lime burners :
agents, Currie & Co. (Tele-
phone Exchange No. 544),
27 Wellington st. ; stores and
stables, 66 to 84 St. James' st.
and 52 to 58 Clarence street,
Crossflatt Lime Co. Muirkirk,
88 Bath street
Crossflatt Coal, Lime, and Brick
Co., 11 Both well st.
Currie & Co. Telephone Exchange
No. 544, 27 Wellington street;
stores, 66 to 84 St. James' st.
and 52 to 58 Clarence street,
D'Arcy Lime Works ; sole agents,
Forbes & Co. 17 to 21 Fort-
Dundas road
Eglinton Chemical Co., 27 St.
Vincent pi.
Forbes & Co. 17 to 21 Port-
Dundas road
Glorat Lime Works ; office, 60
Cadogan street ; D. Wilson. — See
Advert, in Appen.
Hamilton, Jn. & Co., lime burners,
Lesmahagow (agts. Currie & Co.,
Telephone Exchange No. 544),
27 Wellington st, ; stores and
stable, 60^84 St. James' st.
52-58 Clarence st., Kingston
Hunter, Robert, & Co. 194 Eglin-
ton st.
Irish Lime Stores, Currie & Co.,
Telephone Exchange No. 544,
80-82 St. James' st. Kingston;
office, 27 Wellington st
Irish Lime Stores, John Martin &
Co. 26 to 30 Clarence st.; office,
50 West Campbell street
Irish Lime Works (Telephone Ex-
change No. 1500), 49 to 69
Kinning st. Kingston
Keith, Daniel, Barrhead Hydraulic
Lime Co , Barrhead
Kennedy, Robert, 4 Sydney st
King, Robert A. 130 Waterloo st
Kirkwood, Allan, Arden hydraulic
lime manufacturer; works, Nits-
hill Station, by Hurlet, Glasgow ;
depot at G. B. and K. Joint
Railway, 7 Pollokshaws road
M'Ara, Alex. (Telephone Exchange
No. 1500), 65 Morrison st. —
See Adv. in App.
M'Lean, Dalzell, & Co. Leshma-
hagow, Scotch - lime burners ;
agents, Currie & Co., Telephone
Exchange No. 544, 27 Well in g-
Maclean, John, 49 Jamaica street

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