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Falkirk Iron Co. 16 Bothwell St.
and 39, 45 St. Vincent In.; Wm.
Clark, agent
Farrell, Thos., 35 Napiershall st
Finlay, M'Intyre, & Co. Barrhead
Forsyth, Miller, & Co. or steel, 44
Broad St. Mile-end
Glasgow Foundry, Rae street, Port
Dundas, John Law & Co.
Glasgow Malleable Cast Iron Co. ;
Forsyth, Miller, & Co. 20 Sum-
mer street and 44 Broad street
Goodwin, Jas. & Co. Motherwell
Gourlay, R. 130, 132, 134 Renfield
St.; works, Bishopbriggs
Govan Colliery office, 1 Dixon st
Govan Forge & Steel Co. (Ltd.),
Helen st. Govan
Gowanbank Foundry Co. Oakbank
street, Garscube road
Grahamston Iron Co., Falkirk ;
warehouse, 38 S. St. Mungo st ;
Glasgow manag., Fran. Greenoak
Gray, John, & Co. Uddingston
Iron Works, Uddingston, near
Handyside, Andrew, & Co. (Limt.),
Derby; sole agents for Scotland,
Hen. Bennett & Co. 45 Bothwell
Harrison & Camm, Rotherham ;
sole agents in Scotland, Andw.
S. Nelson & Co., 18a Renfield st
Harvey, Robert, & Co. Parkgrove
Iron Works, off Paisley road
Hatch, J. & R. oak, patent, and
plumbago blacking, coal dust,
paint and varnish manufacturers,
83 Pitt street
Hay, Geo. M. Arthur st. Bridgeton
Hay field Foundry, 319 Rutherglen
Hecla Foundry Co. 272 Dobbie's
Henderson, Robt. 777 London rd
Hill & Smith, Brierly Hill Iron-
works, iron and steel forgings,
73 Elmbank st
Homan & Rodgers, London, Man-
chester, and Belgium ; Christie
Bros., 188 St. Vincent st.
Howitt, Jas. Oakbank st. Garscube
Hutcheson, Archibald, 21 Mair St.
Hutcheson, J. C. (of the Gowanbank
Foundry Co.), 708 Garscube rd
Hydepark Foundry, 54 to 74 Fin-
nieston st
Inglis, A. & J. Whitehall Foundry,
64 Warroch st
Kenrick, Archd. & Sons, 12 Max-
well st
Kerr & Co. Caledonian Foundry,
Maryhill rd. — See Adv. in App.
Kesson, Andw. (of Kesson & Camp-
bell), Carntyne Foundry, Parkh.
Kesson & Campbell, Carntyne
Foundry, Parkhead
King, David, & Son, Keppoch
Iron works, Keppochhill rd
Kingston Iron Works, 71 Park st.
Kinning park
Kinnaird & Ferguson, 41 Caven-
dish street
Kinning Park Foundry, Gt. Wel-
lington st
Laidlaw, R. & Son, Alliance Found.
147 E. Milton st. and Broomhill
Foundry, 358 Dobbie's loan, &
Lambhill Foundry, Lambhill
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Bar-
rowfield Ironworks, Fordneuk st
Laing, R. G. hoops, bars, &c. 29
Waterloo st
Lamberton & Co. Sunnyside En-
gine Works, Coatbridge
Lance field Forge Co. 151 Scotland
st. south
Law, David (of J. & A. Law), Rae
Street Foundry and Pinkston
Law, John, jun. Pinkston Ironwks
Law, J. & A. Pinkston Ironworks,
and Rae St. Foundry
Lawson, Hugh, & Sons, Broom-
loan Foundry, Woodville street,
Leeds Forge Co. (Ld.) C. W. Scott,
agent, 30 Buchanan st
Lion Foundry Co. Kiikintilloch ;
Glasgow wareh. 73 W. Regent st
Llewellins & James, Bristol
London & Glasgow Engineering &
Shipbuilding Co. (Limited); D.
Kinghorn, general manager, St.
James' Foundry, 49 Anders, qy.
and 172 Lancefield st. Middleton
Ship-yard, Govan
M'Callum & Hope, architectural,
32 Cadogan st.; works, Ruchill
bridge, Maryhill
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. Cum-
berland Foundry, 168 Gallowgt
M'Dowall, Steven, & Co. Milton
Iron Works, 142 N. Woodside rd
M'Evoy, William, Kelvin Foundry,
M'Ewan, Law, & Lindsay, Cyclops
Foundry 50 Peel st. London rd
Macfarlane, Strang, & Co. (Limited)
water and gas pipes ; office, 145
St. Vincent street
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. archi-
tectural, sanitary, and general,
Saracen Foundry, Possil park
M'Gilchrist, A. & Co. Stonefield
Foundry, 268 Govan street,
M'Innes, A. Firhill Iron Works
M'Intyre, John, Eagle Foundry,
20 Gairbraid st
M'Intyre, R. & Co. Clyde Forge,
M'Laren, Robert, & Co. Eglinton
Iron Works, Canal st. Pt. Eglint.
M'Leod, W. & Co. 56 Robertson
M'Millan, Jas. 57 Scott st. Port-
Dun das
M'Neil, Charles, jun. Kinning
Park Iron Works, 270 W.
Scotland st. Kinning Park
M'Pherson & Aitken, 51 Bisho;
street, Anderston
M'Pherson, Waddell, & Co. Mount-
blue works, Camlachie
M Vicar, A. forgemaster, St. James'
street, and 15 Robertson street
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
Ironworks, Possilpark
Marshall, John, & Sons, Glasgow
Tube Works, Swanston st
Martin, Hugh, & Sons, Ccatbridge
Iron Works, Coatbridge
Menzies & Johnston, 41 Eagles-
ham street, s.s. — See Adv. in App.
Mersey Forge Co. (Limited),
Liverpool ; Christie Bros, agents,
188 St. Vincent street
Miller & Co. Vulcan Foundry,
Milton Iron Works, 142 North
Woodside road
Mirrlees, Watson, & Co. Scotland
Street Ironworks ; office, 45
Scotland st. south
Moses, Wm. & Co. Plantation
Found. Vermont st. off Paisley rd
Muirhead, J. (and steel), Cait
Forge, Crossmyloof
Mylno, George, 33 Bath st
Nairne, Andw. R. Bridgeton Foun-
dry and Forge
Nairn?, A. R. & Co. Bridgeton
Foundry and Forge, 48 French
street, Bridgeton
Nelson, D. M. 164 St. Vincent
Neilson, Walter, & Co. Pk. Foundry,
Kinning park
Nisbet, A. & Son, Star Foundry,
100 Portman st. Kinning park
Nisbet, Robert, Star Foundry, 100
Portman street
Oswald, John, & Co. 92 Elliot st
Park Foundry, Paisley road ; W.
Neilson & Co
Parkhead Foundry Co. Van street,
Parkhd.; office, 57 Cook st. ss
Parkholm Foundry, 40Smith st. off
Paisley road
Pearson & Knowles Coal and Iron
Co. (Lim.) Warrington; agent,
Thos. Hannay, 166 Buchanan st
Phoenix Iron Works, 94 Gars-
cube road
Plantation Foundry, Vermont st.
Paisley road; Wm. Moses & Co.
Priory Foundry Co. 37 Napiershall
Rennie, Dugald, & Co. (steel and
malleable cast founders), Cam-
lachie Foundry, 823 Gallowgate
Riddel, John H. 49 Jamaica st
Robertson & Thomson, Parkholm
Foundry, Smith st. Kinning park

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