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Slackay, Eev. William Murray, Young Street Free
Church ; ho. Free Church Manse, 15 Westercraigs.
Mackay, W. Watson, pawibroker, 99 Cowcaddens.
Mackay, William, grocer, 240 Garngad road ; house,
4 Tharsis street.
Mackay, William, glass and china merchant, 115
George street ; laouse, 82 do.
Mackay, William, church officer, St. George's Parish
Church ; ho. 209 Duke street.
Mackay, William (of Jas. Mackay & Son), ho. 50
Eoslea drive, Dennistoun.
M'Kay, William, inspector of police, Camjicrdown
Police office, 24 Camperdown st. ; house, 72 North
Watson street.
Mackay, William, iron and commission merchant, 4
North court, Eoyal Exchange ; res. Eosebank, East
M'Kay, William, wine and spirit merchant, 252 St.
George's road.
M'Kay, William, spirit merchant, 181 Gallowgate ;
house, 143 London street.
Mackay, Wilson, & Co., merchts., 212 St. Vincent st.
Mackay, Mrs. Angus H., 27 Eose street, Garnethill.
Mackay, Mrs., 40 Eegent Park square.
Mackay, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 13 Newton terrace.
Mackay, Mrs., grocer, 566 Eutherglen road; house,
568 do.
Mackay, Mrs. James, ho. 34 Elmbank crescent.
Mackay, Miss, teacher of music, 27 Eose street,
Garnethill, and 8 Colquhoun square, Helensburgh.
Mackay, Miss, 14 West-end Park street.
Mackay, Miss, 54 Kelvingrove street.
Mackay, Misses M. and E., artificial paper flower
makers (French), 27 Eose street, Garnethill.
Mackay, Miss, 10 Belgrave terrace.
M'Kay, Elizabeth, furnishings, 513 Gallowgate.
Mackay, Jessie, dress and mantle maker, 435
Sauchiehall street.
Mackay, Mary, stationer, 621 Gallowgate.
MACKEAN, Alexander, master mariner, 122 Holland
M'Kean, Alex. G., 7 Allanton terrace, Govanhill.
M'Kean, & Co., drapers, hosiers, and outfitters, 279
Paisley road ; house, 10 Pollok street.
M'Kean, Francis (of Mories, Munro, & Co.), house,
Battleburn villa, Mount Vernon.
M'Kean, George, tailor and clothier, 119 St. George's
road; house, 125 do.
M'Kean, James, coalmaster, 28 St. Enoch square.
M'Kean, James, excess clerk. Central station, Gordon
street; ho. 12 North Coburg street
M'Kean, James, superintendent, Slatefield Industrial
School, Slatefield street; ho. Slatefield house.
M'Kean, James, teacher of music, 100 Bedford street.
M'Kean, John, repairer of china and glass, 23 Eose-
hall street.
M'Kean, John, teacher, Hutchesons' Girls' School, 14
Elgin street ; house, 35 Garden terrace, Cathcart
road, Govanhill.
M'Kean, Eobert, British Workman Public House, 167
London road.
M'Kean, Eobert (of E. & J. M'Kean); house, 149
Watt street, ofi" Paisley road.
M'Kean, E. & J., grocers, 84 Bedford street.
M'Kean, WDliam, grain and seed merchant, 8 Duke
M'Kean, Mrs. Wm., pork butcher, 280 St. George's rd.;
house, 278 do.
M'Kean, Martha, oils and colours, 124 Broad street.
M'KECHNIE, Alex., carting contractor, 128 Stob-
cross street.
M'Kechnie & Co., shawl and skirt manufacturers, 52
Glassford street.
Mackcchnie, Daniel W. (of D. W. Mackechnie & G.
J. Smith), house, Govandale house, Govan.
M'Kechnie, David P. (of John M'Kechnie & Son) ; ho.
465 Paisley road.
M'Kechnie, Dugald (of Chas. Eattray & Co.), house,
. 113 Allison street, Govanhill.
Mackechnie, D. W., and G. J. Smith, average
adjusters, Eoyal Exchange buildings.
M'Kechnie, Henry (of Finlay,. M'Kechnie, & Eaton),
house, Woodbourne, Minard avenue, Partick.
M'Kechnie, James (at Wm. M'Keohnie's, 2 Wallace
court. Bell street), ho. Fauldshill, Baillieston.
M'Kechnie, John, provision merchant, 235 Gallow-
gate street ; house, 143 Main street, Bridgeton.
M'Kechnie, John (of John M'Kechnie & Son) ; ho.
465 Paisley road.
M'Kechnie, John, bootmaker and football manufac-
turer, 2 Victoria place. Mount Florida.
M'Kechnie, J. M., writer (at Mitchell, Cowan, &
Johnston's), 160 West George street.
M'Kechnie, John, engineer, 17 Oswald st. ; house, 3
Westminster ter.. Paisley rd., west.
M'Kechnie, John, & Son, home and foreign timber
merchants and importers, Bankton Timber Yard,
Govan road.
Mackechnie, John (of Henry Lawson & Son),
house, 24 Ashfield terrace, Gibson street, Hillhead.
M'Kechnie, John, carting contractor, stables, 29
M'Intyre st., Anderston ; house, 38 M'Intyre st.
M'Kechnie, John, clothier, 142 Main street, Bridge-
ton; house, 143 do.
M'Kechnie, Eobt., 5 North park terrace, Hamilton
drive, Hillhead.
M'Kechnie, Eobert, retired farmer, 1 Broomhill ter.,
M'Kechnie, Eobert (at James Black & Co.'s), house,
2 Florentine place, Hillhead.
M'Kechnie & Eussell, wine and tea merchants, 47
Braid street.
M'Kechnie, Thomas, writer (at M'Clure, Naismith,
Brodie, & Co.'s), 87 St. Vincent street.
M'Kechnie, William, chemist and drysalter, 2 Wallace
court, off Bell street ; ho. 37 Whitevale street.
M'Kechnie, Helen, hosiery and furnishings, 28 Dun-
das street ; house, 48 Grafton street.
M'Kechnie, Jessie, chandler, 188 Stobcross street.
M'Kechnie, Sarah, greengrocer, 608 Eglinton street ;
house, 111 St. Andrew's road, FoUokshields.
Mackechnie, Miss, 20 Woodlands road.
M'KEE, James, bookseller and importer, 61 Dalmar-
nock road ; ho. 70 do.
M'Kee, John, letter writer, 15 Green street, Calton.
M'Kee, Stewart, & Co., lithographic engravers and
printers, 6 Union street.
M'Kee, Stewart (of Stewart, M'Kee, & Co.) ; ho. 46
Eoslea drive.
M'Kee, Dr. Thomas, surgeon, 204 Parliamentary rd.;
house, 96 South Portland street.
M'Kee, Thomas, physician and surgeon, 386 Cumber-
land street; house, 96 South Portland street.
M'KEEKINE, Mary, tobacconist, 887 Gallowgate;
house, 617 do.
MACKEITH, Ales., tea agent, 19 Howard street;
house, 105 Douglas street.
Maokeith, Alexander A., 125 St. George's road.

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