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Burgh of Kinning Park, erected
6th November, 1871. Popula-
tion, 16th January, 1871, 6684.
Assessable rental for 1878-79,
William Mair, senior magistrate;
Joseph Leckie and Osbourne
Smith, junior magistrates
1st Ward. — Joseph Leckie, James
Whyte, Andw. Dunleavy
2nd Ward.— Wm. M'D. George,
Wffl. Aitchison, Jas. Simpson
3rd Ward.— William Mair, Robt.
Graham, Walter M'Farlane
4th Ward. — Osbourne Smith, Jn.
Crosher, William Burns
William Lucas, clerk; Charles
M'Arthur, fiscal; Robert Dun-
lop, C.E. surveyor; Jas. Pa-
terson, treasurer and collector;
John Dougall, M.D. medical
officer ; and Donald M'Donald,
sanitary inspector ; Burgh office,
Retreat pi. Stanley street
Population in 1871, 2836 males,
2997 females; total, 5833.
Municipal constituency for 1877,
Post Office, 135 Main street,
open from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. ;
Money order, Savings Bank;
and Telegraph office. Box
closes at 8.25 and 11.45 a.m.;
1.25, 4.25, 6.10, and 7.30 p.m.
Deliveries — 8.10 a.m.; 2.20
and 5.30 p.m. Open on Sun-
days from 9 till 10 a.m. for de-
livery of letters to callers, and
for sale of stamps and telegraph
James Robertson, provost ; John
Murray, senior bailie; David
C. Dick, jun. bailie ; Thomas
Cameron, Wm. M'Adam, Arch.
M'Innes, Ales. Thompson, Jas.
Meiklejones, Robert Stirrat,
Laurence Thompson, and Alex.
Moir, commisnrs.; J. M. Taylor
and D. Foulis, assessors ; Robt.
A. M'Indoe, collector of burgh
taxes — office, New Municipal
buildings, Maryhill ; George
Anderson, sup. of police, fiscal,
and sanitary inspector; ho. 10
Lome terrace
Clergymen — Rev. W. S. Shanks,
the Manse ; Rev. John Girvan, I

Free Church manse ; Rev. Jas.
M. Rae, U.P. manse ; Rev. Jas.
Cameron, R.C. Chapel house
School Board — William Wilson,
(chairman), Rev. W. S. Shanks,
Rev. Jas. M. Rae, Alex. Moir,
James O'Hear, Thomas Keay,
James CulleD, William Wilson,
Rev. James Cameron; R. W.
Sinclair, clerk and treasurer ; D.
H. Gerrard, compulsory officer
Registrar — John Russell, 260
Main street ; office hours, 10
till 12 a.m., and 6 till 9 p.m.;
Saturdays, 10 till 12 a.m.
Aitken, L. baker, 84 Main st
Aitken, Wm. spirit merchant, 71
Main street
Alexander, Ferguson, & Co. metal
merchants, sheet lead, lead
pipes, white lead, red lead,
litharge, paint, colour, and
varnish manufacturers, oil mer-
chants and refiners ; lead works
and counting-house, 36, 48
M'Alpine St.; white lead, red
lead, litharge, paint, colour, and
varnish works, Ruchill wharf,
Forth and Clyde Canal
Allan, Robt. manager, Balgray and
Gartnavel pits
Allan, R. manager, Kelvindale
Paper Mills
Allison, M. C. draper, tailor and
clothier, 82 Main st. ; ho. Lome
terrace; agent for J. Pullar
& Sons, and the Scot. National
Insurance Co.
Alston, David, draper, 402 Gair-
braid street
Antitropic Company (The), manu-
facturers of glacialine, 126 Ren-
field st.; manager's address, 75
Kelvinside avenue
Baikie, John, builder, Afton ter.
335 Gairbraid street
Baldie, J. C. grocer, 150 Main st.:
house, 10 Lome terrace
Ballantyne, Agnes, tobacconist,
396 Gairbraid street
Bauchop, Mrs. George, grocer and
provision merchant, 2 White-
law street ; house, 9 do.
Beitb, Jno. smith and ironmonger,
163 Gairbraid st
Bennie, Matthew, china merchant,
news-agent, and tobacconist, 142
Main street
Bell, Laurence, coal merchant, 150
Gairbraid st.; ho. 1 Belfort st
Bell, Wm. M. 6 Lome terrace
Bickerton, T. C. post office, 135
Main st
Boyd, Tho's. instructor of volun-
teers, 197 Main street
Brown, James, house factor and
insurance agent, 16 Windsor St.;
ho. 75 Kelvinside avenue

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