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M'Naught, David, carver and gilder, 84 George st.,
city ; house, 17G Stirling road.
M'Naught, George C. H. (at Hayfield Dyewood
Mills, South York st.), house, 11 Stonefield ter.
M'Naught, Rev. James, clergyman, of Abbotsford
Parish Church ; ho. 31 Moray place, Strathbungo.
M'Naught, James, baker, 51 Nelson St., Tradeston ;
house, 103 Norfolk street.
M'Naught, James, biscuit baker, 100 Centre street;
house, 81 do.
M'Naught, James (at G. & J. Burns'), house, 61
Roslea drive, Dennistoun.
M'Naught, John (of Kinning Park Oil and Grease
Co.), house, 5 Walmer crescent.
Macnaught, John, physician and surgeon, 536 Kep-
pochhill road and 226 Saracen street; house, 61
Bardowie street.
M'Naught, John, metal broker, tinplater, copper,
yellow metals, lead, spelter, 168 St. James street,
Kinning park ; house, 5 Walmer crescent.
M'Naught, John, church officer, Townhead Parish
Church; house, 170 Garngad hill.
M'Naught, John, smith, gasfitter, and bellhanger,
81 Hospital street; house, 73 Thistle street.
M'Naught, John B. (of R. & J. M'Naught), house, 8
Mathieson street.
M'Naught, Peter, drysalter, dyewood and dye extract
manufacturer and grinder, Hayfield Dyewood Mills,
269 and 271 South York st. ; ho. 8 Stonefield ter.
M'Naught, R. & J., grocers and provision merchants,
42 Crown street.
M'Naught, Robert (of R. & J. M'Naught), house, 8
Mathieson street.
M'Naught, Robert, & Son, painters and decorators, 8
Moir street ; house, 10 Belgrave street.
M'Naught, Robert (of M'Naught Bros. & Co.), ho.
282 Bath street.
M'Naught, Thomas, assistant inspector, Barony ; ho.
11 Meadowpark street, Dennistoun.
M'Naught, Thomas P., detective officer, Central police
chambers; house, 61 Roslea drive.
M'Naught, William, steam engine indicator and
oil test maker, 26 Robertson street; residence, 16
Clarendon road, Manchester.
M'Naught, William, engineer, 63 King st., Man-
chester ; house, 16 Clarendon road, do.
M'Naught, William, slater and plasterer, 40 Burgher
street, Parkhead ; ho. 9 M'Ewen street, do.
M'Naught, Mrs. Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 46
I West Bothwell street ; house, 5 Richard street.
IM'NAUGHTAN, Alex, (of M'Naughtan & Sinclair),
residence, Marybank, Laigh Galaflat, near Rutherg.
M'Naughton, D., wholesale and retail grocer, French
and Italian warehouseman, 274 Buchanan st. and
147 Main st., Anderston ; ho. 193 Kent rd.
M'Naughton, D., agent, Commercial Bank, St. Enoch
square ; house, 6 Paxton terrace, Crosshill.
M'Naughtan, Donald, 26 Findlay street.
M'Naughton, Duncan C, dyer, scourer, and hot
presser, 170 North st. ; house, 25 Kelvingrove st.
M'Naughtan, Duncan, grocer and provision merchant,
92 Cathcart road, Govanhill; ho. 18 Govanhill
Macnaughton, D., wine and spirit merchant, 4 and 6
Cornwall street, Paisley road.
'Naughton, D., collector, Corporation Water Office,
23 Miller street; house, 84 Allison st., Govanhill.
M'Naughtan, Duncan, I.A., architect, 140 Bath street;
house, 91 Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
M ; Naughtan, Duncan (at M'Naughtan & Sinclair's),
house, 215 Crookston street.
M'Naughton, James, accountant and insurance agent,
123 West George street ; house, Renfrew.
M'Naughton, J. C., & Co., coal merchants, 40 St.
Enoch square.
M'Naughton, James, jun. (of J. C. M'Naughton & Co.),
house, 77 Taylor street.
M'Naughton, James, Son,& Co.,coalmasters; collieries,
Netherjohnston, Motherwell ; depots, Kinning park
and St. Rollox ; office, 11 West Regent street.
M'Naughton, James J. (of James M'Naughton, Son,
& Co.), house, Roseburn, Ayr.
M'Naughton, James (of James M'Naughton, Son, &
Co.), house, Roseburn, Ayr.
M'Naughton, James, & Co., saddlers and harness
makers, 110 Bath street.
M'Naughton, Jas. A. (at A. & J. Inglis', Pointhouse),
house, 4 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
M'Naughton, James H, cashier (at Peter M'Intosh &
Sons'), house, 8 Stonefield terrace.
M'Naughton, J. C. (of James C. M'Naughton & Co.),
house, 77 Taylor street.
Macnaughton, Josh. B., teacher, Rockvilla Public
School ; house, 43 Park road.
Macnaughtan, Joseph, Lewis villa, Langside.
M'Naughton, Neil, wood turner, 38 Thistle street, s.s.;
house, 197 Crown street.
Macnaughtan, Peter, merchant, 110a Wellington st. ;
residence, 3 Belhaven terrace, Great Western road.
M'Naughton & Thorn, calico printers, 34 Glassford
street and 42 Portland street, Manchester.
M'Naughtan & Sinclair, mercantile and export sta-
tioners, printers, and lithographers, 93 St. Vincent
M'Naughtan, William, Woodside house, Ibroxholm.
M'Naughton, William, eating-house keeper, 111 Crown
street ; house, 6 Cleland street.
M'Naughton, Wm., tobacconist, 155 Crown street ;
house, 6 Cleland street.
MacNaughton, Miss, tobacconist, 28 Stirling road ;
house, 39 St. Mungo street.
M'NEE, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 130
King street, Calton ; house, 100 Barrack street.
Macnee & Co., wholesale tea merchants and grocers,
73 Main street, Gorbals cross.
MacNee, D., & Son, flag makers (patent seamless),
184 Broomielaw ; house, 228 Dumbarton road.
M'Nee, Forrest, 23 Monteith row.
M'Nee, George, writer, 67 West Nile street; house,
185 Kent road.
M'Nee, James, smith and ironmonger, 121 North st. ;
house, 401 St. Vincent street.
Macnee, James, corn factor and produce broker,
and oatmeal and flour merchant, wholesale con-
tractor for feeding stuffs for poultry, horses, and
cattle, 98 West George st.; house, 54 St. James' St.,
M'Nee, John, wine and spirit merchant, 279 Pollok-
shaws rd., 1 Victoria rd., and 299 Govan street ; ho.
Greenhill cottage.
M'Nee, John, spirit merchant, 190 Castlebank street,
Partick ; house, 5 Hamilton terrace, west.
M'Nee, John, tea merchant, 104 Crown street.
M'Nie, John, tailor and clothier, 23 Oxford street.
M'Nee, John, grocer, 84 Main st., Bridgeton.
M'Nee, Peter, tobacconist, 215 Parliamentary road ;
house, 26 Hopetoun place.
Macnee, M., tobacconist, 278 Buchanan street.

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