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Robertson st; R. Gait, 98 W. George st.; G.
M'Gregor, 53 W. Regent St.; G. Muir, 25 Bath st.;
Walter Denham, Royal Bank, 130 Cowcaddens ;
Walter Galbraith, 91 Buchanan st.; T. Smith, Bank
of Scotlaod, 14 Main St., s.s. ; J. A Adam, Royal
Bank, Garscube Cross ; W. S. Harvey, Bank of
Scotland, 67 Canning st. ; Thomas Young, Royal
Bank, Castle st.; Andersons & Pattison, 137 St.
Vincent street; Anderson & Mackinnon, 175 W.
George st.; Crawford & Herron, 104 W. Regent
St.; Jamieson, Son, & Maclae, 149 St. Vincent
St.; Fisher & Watt, 183 St. Vincent St.; Mackay
& Mackintosh, 194 St. Vincent St.; A. Ferguson
& J. T. T. Brown, 58 West Regent St.; William
Neilson, 43 Renfield st.; Wm. Dickson, Royal
Bank, Trongate ; Henry Dallachy, Royal Bank,
Crown street ; George Hoy, Royal Bank, Bridge-
ton ; James Hamilton, Royal Bank, Eglinton St.;
Bannatyne & Whyte, 4 West Nile street ; W. G.
& J. W. Lindsay, Bank of Scotland buildings,
George sq.; J. C. & J. Lee Smith, 62 St. Vincent
street; R. & T. Sinclair, 14 Miller street; Colin
Brown, 192 High street; G. C. Bruce, 33 Vir-
ginia st. ; Crawford & Shearer, 234 Thistle st.,
s.s.; R. Stobo, 26 Bellgrove St.; R. W. Marshall,
214 Kent rd. ; W. Stewart, 179 Eglinton street;
Andrew Dougall, 184 Gallowgate ; George Gray,
73a S. Portland st.; P. T. Hendry, 79 Great
Clyde St.; John Hendry, 502 St. Vincent St.; T.
N. Hart, County buildings; Milton & Waddell,
264 Duke st.; J. J. Robertson, jun., 80 Renfield
St.; John Moss, 29 Waterloo st.; John M'Kellar,
11 Miller st.; John Parker, 58 W. Regent St.;
Alex. Stewart, 47 W. Milton St.; Scott & Car-
ruthers, 144 W. Regent St.; W. Mackay, 119 W.
George St.; Adam Gossman, 79 Robertson st.;
James A. M'Lean, 163 St. Vincent st. ; Robert
Graham, Royal Bank, 83 Crown street ; Wyse &
Stewart, 76 Wilson street; Alexander Stewart,
218 Saracen street, Possil park; W. Johnstone,
16 Hope street; W. J. Milligan. 180 West Regent
street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Caledonian and Hamilton Railway Station, south
side, head of Main street, Gorbals.
Caledonian Insurance Co., Fire and Life; John Mann,
C.A., agent, 154 St. Vincent street.
Caledonian Insurance Co., 130 Cowcaddens ; W.
Denham, agent.
Caledonian Permanent Property Investment Co. ;
George Walker, manager, 223 Hope street.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co., head
office, 131 Hope street; W. M'Gavin M'Culloch,
managing director ; George Mackie, secretary. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co.; John Mann,
C.A., agent, 154 St. Vincent street.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co.; John Parker,
accountant, agent, 58 W. Regent st.
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co.; Charles
Hamilton, agent, 33 Bath street.
Caledonian Railway Carting Agents ; Wordie
& Co., head office, 49 West Nile street; goods
receiving office, 9 Ann st., off Jamaica street, 12
Cochrane st., 14 Jackson street, 8 Paul street, 62
West street, s.s., 38 Oak street, Anderston, 12
Canning street, Calton.
Caledonian Railway Lodge, No. 354 Masonic, 213
Buchanan st. ; John Harley, R.W.M.
Caledonian Railway Station, head of Buchanan st.
Caledonian Railway Trackage Department, Forth
and Clyde Canal ; head office, 11 Germiston st. ;
stables, 464 Dobbie's loan.
Caledonian Railway Carting Superintendent's office,
11 Germiston street.
Caledonian Railway Carting Department;
head office, 26 Waterloo st.; goods receiving and
enquiry offices, 24 Waterloo street, 164 Trongate,
Orr street, Bridgeton Cross, and Buchanan st.,
Eglinton st., South Side General Terminus,
Bridgeton and Stobcross Stations ; James Morton,
district superintendent.
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Head Offices, 302 Bu-
chanan st.; James Smithells, general manager.
Caledonian Railway Factor's Office, 75 Union st.
Caledonian Railway General Goods Manager's Office,
302 Buchanan street.
Caledonian Railway Co.'s General Office ; A. Fergus-
son, treasurer.
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Goods Station, Buchanan
street and Killermont street.
Caledonian Railway Co., goods and mineral station,
Crow road, Partick, John Bryden, superintendent.
Caledonian Railway Solicitor's Office, 302 Buchanan
street ; James Kerr, writer, solicitor.
Caledonian Railway Traffic Audit Office, 4 West
Regent street.
Caledonian Temperance Hotel, 296 Buchanan st,
John M'Kenzie.
Caledonian Tube Company, boiler tube manu-
facturers, Coatbridge.
CALLAGHAN, Patrick, broker, 234 Garscube road ;
house, 8 Mathieson road.
CALLAHAN, William, slater, Allander st, Possil
park; house, 77 Barloch st do.
Callahan, William, lightning conductor and filtre
manufacturer, 79 Barloch St., Possil park.
CALLAN, William, spirit merchant, 56 Barrack
street; bouse, 341 Gallowgate.
CALLENDER, Adam (of G.P.O.), ho. 405 Eglinton st
Callander, A. & J., drapers and shirt manufacturers,
8 Kirk street, s.s.
Callander, Mrs. Peter, bread and biscuit shop, 409
Eglinton street; house, 405 do.
Callander, Misses, 33a Burnbank gardens.
Callander and Oban Railway Co. ; J. Anderson,
secretary, 4 Bath street.
Callander Hydropathic Co. (Limited), Jas. Affleck,
C.A., secretary, 115 St Vincent st
CALLEN, James, sailmaker (foreman), 114 Broomie-
law ; house, 77 West street, Kingston.
CALLOW, Frederick, ticket writer and lithographer,
48 Stockwell street.
CALLUM, John, grocer, 58 Candleriggs ; house,
122 N. Frederick st.
Callum, Mrs. Charles, 4 Parkgrove terrace.
Callum, Mrs., hosier and draper, 68 Cowcaddens;
house, 24 Garscadden street.
CALTON, James, M., moddeller and sign carver,
model horses, life-size, for saddlers and coach-
builders, VS., stables, &c, 3 Cavendish place,
Port Eglinton; house, 1 Ethel pi., Pollokshields. —
See Advt.
Calton, Mile-end, and Bridgeton Mechanics' Institu-
tion, 46 Canning street.
Calton Mission Church and School, 32 Bell street
Calton Parish Church, Tobago street, Rev. John
Calton Post Office, 4 Abercromby street.

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