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Fe Scott's Place, 60 Centre street. 13.
Eg Scott St., f. Newhall st. to Mill st , Bridgeton. 1
F c Scott St., f. Bishop st. to Dobbie's loan. 6.
E d Scott Street, f. Sauchiehall st. to Shamrock st.
East side. 7 ; West side. 9.
Seafield Terrace, 94 to 170 Raebury Street.
It Seton Ter., off Westercraig st., Dennistoun. 3.
Sedan Place, Paisley road. 15.
E c Seamour Street, off New City road. 9.
B b Seymour Terrace, Dowanhill. 16.
Seyton Avenue, Langside road, Langside.
Shaftesbury Buildings, Paisley road.
E d Shaftesbury Lane, off Shaftesbury street. 10.
E d Shaftesbury Street, from Main street, Anderston,
to William street. 10.
E d Shaftesbury Ter., West Regent street, Holland
street, and Pitt street. 9.
E c Shamrock Street, off New City road. 9.
Gf Shamrock St. (South), off Rutherglen In. 11.
B d Shan don Street, off Govan road. 15.
E d Sharp's La., f. Main st, Ander., to Stobc. st. 10.
H f Shaw's Court, 62 John street, Bridgeton. 4.
Shaw Street, Govan. 15.
Shawmill Street, Pollokshaws.
Sheppard Street, Springburn. 6.
Df Shields Place, 232 to 266 St. James' street,
Kinning park. 14.
Df Shields Road, from Paisley rd. to Nithsdale rd.
Do., west side. 14.
Do., E. side, f. Paisley rd. to Shields bridge. 14.
Do., do. f. Shields bdge. to Nithsdale rd. 13.
D f Shields Terrace, Kinning park. 14.
Short's Court, 258 Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
G e Shuttle Street, f. E. Ingram st. to George st. 5.
G e Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle street. 5.
H b Sighthill Cemetery.
Silverfir Street, off Rutherglen road. 11.
H f Silvergrove, Duncan street, Calton. 4.
H f Silvergrove Street, off Canning st., Calton. 4.
H g Simpson's Court, 5 Franklin street. 1.
E b Simpson Street, off New City road.
Sinclair's Court, 363 Gallowgate. 3.
Ef Sister Street, Orr Street, Calton. 4.
H e Skeivingdyke Street, off Henrietta street.
/ e Slatefield Street, east end of Gallowgate. 3.
Slitmills, Ferry road, Partick. 10.
Small Street, off Cumberland road.
Smeal's Buildings, Govanhaugh. 11.
Smith Square, Rutherglen.
D c Smith Street, Hillhead, off Glasgow street. 16.
Smith Street, Whiteinch. 16.
Df Smith Street, off Paisley road. 14.
K h Smith Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen.
F e Smithfield Buildings, foot of Oswald street. 7.
G e Smith's Court, 62 Brunswick street and 53
Candleriggs. 7.
Smith's Court, 192 Dalmarnock road. 1.
F e Smith's Court, 62 Jamaica street. 7.
Smith's Place, 40 Dalmarnock road. 1.
Fb Society Row, from Garscube rd. lo Possil rd. 8.
K e Society Street, Great Eastern road. 2.
/ e Soho Place, off Soho street. 2.
/ e Soho St., Gallowgate to Crownpoint rd. 2.
D d Somerset Place, Sauchiehall st., west end. 9.
G e Somerville Place, Monteith row. 4.
B a South Balgray Rd., off Gt. Western road.
Southgreen Bank, Butterbiggins row. 12.
Southview Terrace, Onslow drive.
D c South Woodside Road, off Woodlands road. 9.
Southpark, Ann street, Hillhead. 16.
Southpark Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 16.
Id Southview Ter., 117-149 Onslow drive. 3.
F c Speirs' Wharf, Port Dundas. 8.
Spiers' PL, Queen Mary avenue, Crosshill. 17.
G e Spoutmouth, fr. Gallowgate to Old Vennel. 5.
G e Spreull's Court, 172 Trongate. 7.
Gf Spring Lane, off South Wellington street. 11.
C a Spring Gardens, Kelvinside. 16.
Spring Place, Crossmyloof.
Spring Place, opposite Lawmoor place. 11.
Springbank, Garscube road. 8.
K g Springbank, London road. 2.
E b Springburn road, fr. Castle st. to Springburn.
East side. 3; west side. 6.
F e Springfield Ct., 69 Queen st.& 58 Buchanan st. 7.
Springfield Lane and Buildings, off Paisley rd.
East side. 13 ; west side. 14.
E e Springfield PI. and Buildings, off Paisley rd. 14.
Springfield Place, off Garscube road. 9.
E e Springfield Quay, off Paisley road. 14.
Springfield Road, off New Dalmarnock road. 1.
Springgrove Place, Grove street. 8.
Springhill Place, 342 St. George's road. 8.
Springhill Ter , Pollokshaws rd., Crossmyloof.
Stafford Place, 160-176 New City road. 8.
G c Stafford Street, from Pulteney street, east. 6.
D d Stanhope PI., 1. Hill st. to Oak St., Anderst. 10.
G d Stanhope St., f. Dobbie's loan to Parson st. 6.
Stan more Terrace, Mount Florida.
Stanley Buildings, Paisley road, west.
Df Stanley PL, 1-11 Stanley st., Paisley road. 14.
Ff Stanley Place, off Eglinton street. 12.
D f Stanley St., f. Kinning pk., Paisley rd., south. 14.
E c Stanley Street, from Woodlands road to Car-
narvon street. 9.
G e Steel Street, f. Saltmarket to Low Green st. 5.
G e Stepney Court, 137 London street. 5.
G e Stepney PL, cor. of London and Charlotte sts. 5.
E c Steven St., fr. Shamrock st. to New City rd. 9.
Hf Stevenson St., f. Kirk st. to Clyde st., Calton. 4.
G e Stewart Court, 45 Candleriggs. 7.
Stewart Place, Cathcart road, Govanhill. 11.
C c Stewart Street, top of Clyde St., Partick. 16.
Fc Stewart Street, from Ann street to Stirling st.,
Port Dundas. 8.
Stuart Terrace, Aitkenhead road.
Stewartvale Place. Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
B c Stewartville St., off Dumbart. rd., Partick. 16.
G d Stirling Road, from High John st. to Castle st.
Do., north side, to Mason st., and both sides
from Mason st. eastwards. 6.
Do., south side, f. John st. to Montrose st. 7.
Do., do., f. Montrose st. to Mason st. 5.
G e Stirling Square, west end of Stirling street. 5.
G e Stirling Street, from High st. to Stirling sq. 5.
Ff Stirling Street (South), from Bedford street to
Margaret street. 12.
F c Stirling St., f. Cowcads. st. to Dobbie's loan. 8.
F d Stirrat's Court, 53 Cowcaddens street. 7.
D e Stobcross St., f. Washing, st. to Finnieston. 10.
Fe Stockwell Court, 39 Stockwell street. 7.
F e Stockwell PL, off Stockwell st., west side. 7.
F e Stockwell St., f. Trongate to Victoria bridge. 7.
Gf Stonefield Terrace, South Wellington street. 11.
/ i Stonelaw Street, Rutherglen.
E h Strathbungo, Pollokshaws road, Queen's park.
Strathclyde Street, off Swanston street. 1.
Strathearn Place, Paisley road. 14.

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