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B b Great Western Terrace, Kelvinside. 16.
Green Bank, Govan road. 15.
Hf Greenlodge Terrace, Greenhead street. 1.
H f Green Street, Bridgeton, off Main street. 4.
E e Green Street, Calton, off Great Hamilton st. 4.
G e Green Street (Low), off Greendyke street. 5.
Ef Green St. La., west side of Green st., Bridget. 4.
Greenbank Terrace, end of Springburn road.
G e Greendyke Street, foot of Saltmarket. 5.
Greenfield Place, Govan. 15.
B d Greenhaugh Place, Govan. 15.
B d Greenhaugh Street, Govan. 15.
E f Greenhead Buildings, Canning st., Calton. 4.
Ef Greenhead Street, fr. William st. to Newhall st.
Do. from William street to John st. 4.
Do. from John street to Newhall st. 1.
Greenhead Street, Govan. 15.
E d Greenhill Place, St. Vincent st., from Pitt st. to
India street. 9.
D d Greenhill Place, 80 Finnieston street. 10.
Greenhill Eoad, Eutherglen.
B d Greenhill St., f. St. Vine. st. to Bishop st. 10.
D e Greenlaw Place, 447 to 473 Paisley road. 14.
Ef Greenock Place, 40 West St., Tradeston. 13.
Greenside Ln., f. Greenside st. to Cumberl. st. 12.
Ff Greenside Street, from Hospital st. to Main st.,
Gorbals. 12.
Greenvale, from Bluevale to Glenpark. 2.
E c Greenvale PI., 10 to 26 Cumberland st, west. 9.
Hf Greenvale Street, from East Eose street to
Thomson's lane., east. 2.
Greenwell Place, Govan. 15.
H e Greig's Place, corner of Green street and King
street, Calton. 4.
Grosvenor Place, Allison street and Cathcart rd.,
G b Grosvenor Ter., at Botanic gars., Kelvinside. 16.
E c Grove Street, from Garscube rd. to Scotia st. 8.
D c Grovebank Place, off Park road. 9.
D c Grovebank Terrace, off Park road. 9.
G e Guildry Ct., 137 Bridgegate & 25 E. Clyde st. 7.
Gushet Faulds, Hutchesontown. 12.
Haghill, Cumbernauld road. 3.
F g Hallside St., Naburn st. to Upper Camden st. 11.
Be Hamilton Crescent, Hamilton street and Peel
street, Partick. 16.
D b Hamilton Drive, off Gt. Western road. 16.
D b Hamilton Dr. (N.), off St. James' st. Hillh. 16.
F b Hamilton Hill, off Possil road. 16.
D b Hamilton Park Quadrant, off Gt. West. rd. 16.
D b Hamilton Park Terrace, off Gt. Western rd. 16.
B c Hamilton Place, from Hamilton street to Peel
street, Partick. 16.
E c Hamilton Place, 46 to 72 Gt. Western rd. 16.
D i Hamilton Place, Langside.
Hamilton Eoad, Eutherglen.
G d Hamilton Street (Little), from High John street
to North Frederick street 7.
A d Hamilton Street, Govan. 15.
Hamilton Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
B c Hamilton Street, Dumbarton road.
Hf Hamilton Street (Great), from South St. Mungo
street to Canning street, Calton. 4.
B c Hamilton Ter. (West), off Peel St., Partick. 16.
Hampden Place, Mount Florida.
F i Hampden Terrace, Mount Florida. 17.
E c Hampton Buildings, west end of Shamrock st. 9.
G e Hampton Buildings, Shuttle street. 5.
E d Hampton Court Ter., 208-234 Eenfrew st. 9.
Hampton Place, Gallowgate. 2.
Ff Handel Place, Upper Crown street. 11.
I g Hannah Street, Bridgeton.
F d Hanover St. (N.), f. Geo. sq. to Parliament, rd.
Do. from George square to Cathedral st. 7.
Do. f. Cathedral st. to Parliamentary rd. 6.
F e Hanover St. (So.), f. Ingram st. to Geo. sq. 7.
B b Hanover Terrace, Dowanhill. 16.
E e Harbour (South Side), from Glasgow bridge to
Plantation quay.
E e Harbour, f. Glasgow bridge to Springfield la. 13.
D e Do. from Springfield lane to Mavisbank quay
at Municipal boundary. 14 ; from Municipal
boundary, Mavisbank quay, west. 15.
C e Harbour (N. Side), f. Glasg. bridge to E. Kelvin.
F e Do. from Glasgow bridge to MAlpine st. 7.
E e Do. from M'Alpine street to Kelvin. 10.
Harmony Place, Cathcart road, Govanhill.
Harmony Place, Govan. 15.
A d Harmony Eow, Govan. 15.
Harrington Street, off Gairbraid street. 18.
Hart Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2.
H d Hartfield Street, off east end of Parliamentary
road, Townhead. 6.
Fc Harvey Street, Port Dundas.
If Hanie's Place, 223 New Dalmamock road. 1.
1 g Harvie Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1.
If Hatter's Eow, Dalmarnock road. 1.
G e Havannah St., from High st. to Burnside ln. 5.
Fe HavelockBldgs., Maxwell st. & E. Howard st. 7.
Ff Havelock PI , 106 Cumberland st. (South). 12.
D d Havelock Street, Finnieston st. to Elliot st. 10.
C c Havelock Street, Partick. 16.
C f Havelock Terrace, off Paisley road. 15.
F a Hawthorn St., fr. Balmore st. to Ashfield st.
B c Hayburn Street, Partick. 16.
B b Hayburn Terrace, Dowanhill. 16.
Gf Hayfield St., M'Neil st., Hutchesontown. 11.
Hayfield Terrace, Mount Florida.
Hazelbank Place, New Cathcart.
B d Helen Street, Govan. 15.
Helenvale Street, Parkhead. 2.
D b Henderson St., f. N. City rd. to Kelvin dr. 9.
D f Henderson Street, off West Scotland st. 14.
77 e Henrietta Street, f. Gallowgate to East Eose st.
East side of do. 2 ; west side. 4.
Fe Herald Buildings, 67 Buchanan street. 7.
Ff Herbertson St., f. S. Coburgst. to Eglint. st. 12.
F d Hereford PI., cor. of Renfrew st. and Eose st. 7.
E c Hereford Place, cor, of Grove st. and Braid st. 8.
G d Heriothill, 137 Stirling road. 6.
Heriot Street, Pollokshaws.
Do. Eutherglen.
D g Herriet Street, off Maxwell st., Pollokshields.
G e High St., f. the Cross to Infirmary sq. 5.
C c Highburgh Road, Dowanhill. 16.
E d Highbury Place, 39, 41 Scott st., Garnethill. 9.
G d Hill Place, 20 Stirling road. 7.
D d Hill Sq. and St., off Stobcross st, Anderston. 10.
II e Hill Street, from Duke st. to Gallowgate. 3.
E d Hill St., Garneth., f. Cambr. st. to St. George's rd.
Do. from Cambridge street to Scott st. 7.
Do. from Scott street to St. George's rd. 9.
D d Hill St., f. Stobcross st. to Main st, Anderst. 10.
H d Hill St., off Springburn rd., Springburn. 6.
Gf Hill's Ct., 30 Rose st, Hutchesontown. 11.

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