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M'Kissack, John, architect (of J. M'Kissack & W.
G. Rowan), house, 1 Hill street, Garnethill.
M'Kissock, Peter, mason and builder, Partick and
Glasgow ; 376 Dumbarton road, Partick ; residence,
9 Hamilton crescent.
M'Kissock, Mary, tobacconist, 35 Bridge st. ; house,
23 Oxford street.
JI'Kissock, Mrs. Agnes, wine and spirit merchant, 75
Greendyke street ; house, 143 London street.
M'KITTRICK, William L., accountant, estate, and
insm-ance agent, 20 St. Vincent place ; house,
Oakbank, Shawlands.
M'KNIGHT, James, livery stables, 13 South Portland
street ; house, 1 South Goburg street.
M'Knight, James, gasfitter, 135 Nabum street.
M'Knight, John G., muslin gas singer. Smith's, court,
63 Candleriggs ; house, 34 Hutcheson square, s.s.
M'Knight, William, grocer, 52 Grove street ; house,
418 New City road.
M'LACHLAN, Alex., bedding manufacturer, 18 Union
street; house, 10 Walworth terrace.
M'Lachlan, Alexander, lieutenant of police, 16 Robert-
son street ; house, 17 Dorset street.
M'Lachlan, Andrew, potato merchant, Queen street
station; house, 109 West Graham street.
M'Lauchlan, Andrew M., wine and spirit merchant,
117 Renfield street; house, 47 Renfrew street.
M'Lachlan, Artt, portioner, 99 Great Clyde street.
M'Lachlan, Angus, messenger-atarms, sheriff officer,
and J.P. constable for the counties of Lanark and
Renfrew, 24 Hutcheson st.; house, 182 Bellfield st.
Maclachlan, A. W., ship broker and commission
merchant, 27 Oswald street; house, 7 Rupert st.,
Great Western road.
JI'Laclilan, C, flesher, 151 Cowcaddens ; ho. 196 do.
M'Lachlan, Chai-les, butcher, 43 Jlilton st. ; ho. 66 do.
M'Lachlan & Co., timber mere,, 122 Wellington st.
M'Lachlan, Daniel, spirit merchant, 70 Maitland st.
and 336 St. George's road ; house, 16 Scotia street.
M'Lachlan, Daniel (at J. & W. Stiell's), house, 255
M'Laughlan, Daniel, cabinetmaker, 239 Govan street.
M'Lachlan, David, proprietor, The George Hotel, 74
George square.
MacLachlan, Donald, grocer and wine merchant, 130.|
South Portland street ; house, 249 Eglinton street.
M'Lachlan, Dugald, wine and spirit merchant,
Breadalbane place, Strathbungo ; house, 1 Darnley
street, Pollokshields.
M'Lachlan, Duncan Ritchie (of M'Haffie, M'Lachlan,
& Co.), house, 2 Ardine terrace, Crossbill.
Maclachlan, Duncan, manager for Archibald Mac-
phorson, 387 Argyle street ; ho. 448 do.
M'Lachlan, D., & Co., Venetian blind makers, 8 Cam-
bridge street ; house, 22 Clarendon street.
M'laachlan, D. R., auctioneer, property, and in-
surance agent, 122 Wellington street; house, 2
Ardine teiTace, Crossbill.
M'Laughlin, Edward, wholesale and retail provision
merchant, Bazaar ; house, 67 Eutherglen loan.
M'Lachlan, Ewen, baker, 369 Crown street ; honse,
3 Apsley place.
M'Laughlin, E. & J., coal merchants, 308 Upper
Crown street
MacLachlan, George, wine and spirit merchant, 31
and 33 Paisley rd., W., and 2 and 4 Stanley st., 21
Gardner street, 15 Gladstone street, and 101 Paisley
road, 4 Smith street, and 1, 3, and 5 Elder street,
Govan ; house, 2 De-anpark terrace, Govan.
M'Lauchlan, George, 74 St. George's road ; house, 32
Scotia street.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, fishcurer, 18 Jackson street; res.
Lewis villa, Pollokshields.
M'Lachlan, Hugh (of M'Allister & M'Lachlan), house,
435 St Vincent street.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 65 Clyde street,
Port Dundas ; house, 41 do.
M'Lauchlan, .James, & Co., provision merchants, 23
Findlay street.
M'Lauchlan, James, tailor, 97 Centre street.
M'Laughlin, Jas., wine and spirit merchant, 4 Clyde
street, Anderston.
JI'Laughlin, James, fire brick and grinding works.
124 Port Dundas rd. ; ho. 1 Hill st., Garnethill.
JI'Lachlan, James, hairdresser, 297 Argyle street.
JI'Lauchlan, James, timber salesman (at Alex. Thomp-
son & Nephew's, 16 St. Enoch square), house, 4
Hampden terrace, Mount Florida.
JI'Lachlan, John, wood carver and gilder, 104 Ren-
frew street; house, 119 Thistle street, s.s.
JM'Laughlin, John, letter-carrier, S.S.O. ; house, 308
Crown street.
M'Lachlan, John, bookkeeper (at R. A. Bogue's, 113
Ingram street), house, 226 Crown street.
MacLachlan, John, wholesale and retail wine and
spirit merchant, 139 Pollok st. and 75 Ardgowan
street, 157, 159 West Scotland street, and 1 and 2
Broomhall street, Kinning Park ; house, 2 Dean-
park terrace, Govan.
M'Lachlan, John, spirit merchant, 40 Dundas street,
south ; house, 47 Naburn street,
M'Lachlan, Rev. John, D.D., rector of St Peter's
Seminai'y, Partickhill.
M'Lauchlan, John, teacher, public school, 18, 22 Bishop
street, Anderston ; house, 7 Steven street.
M'Lachlan, John, flesher, 411 Ai'gjle street; ho. 334
St Vincent street.
M'Lachlan, J., spirit mer., 71 Crown st; ho. 242 do.
M'Lachlan, J., flesher, 159 Cowcaddens; ho. 195 do.
M'Laughlin, John, bootmaker, 331 Argyle street;
house, 827 do.
JI'Lachlan, John, spirit merchant, 51 Clyde street,
M'Laughlin, John, butter and egg merchant, 204 So.
Wellington street; house, 35 Charlotte street
M'Lauchlan, John (at John Stewart & Gillies'), lio.
City Bank buildings, Pollokshaws.
M'Laughlin, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 21
Howard street ; house, 3 Salisbury street.
M'Lauchlan, Peter, provision merchant, 23 Findlay
street; house, 19 do.
JPLachlan, Peter, ironmonger, 51 Crown street;
house, 53 do.
M'Laughlin, Peter, pawnbroker, 75, 77 Abercromby st.
M Laughlin, I'eter, minister of Newlands Parish,
343 London road ; house, 21 Roslea drive.
M'Lauchlan & Reid, furniture dealers, 309 New Cityrd.
M'Lauchlan, Thomas, provision dealer, 23 Findlay
street ; house, 19 do.
SPLaughlin, Wm., salesman. Fish Market, and 42 East
Clyde street.
M'Lauchlan, Wm., & Co., fish salesmen, 42 East
Clyde street.
Maclathlan, Willi.ani (of Andrew Gemmell & Mac-
lachlan, writers),, residence, 39 Whitevale.
M'Lauchlan, Mrs. hlizabeth, grocer and winemerchant,
19 hldei'slie street; ho. 26 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Lachlan,Mrs. Jn,,flesher,110Norfolkst; ho. llldo.

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