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(Tor list of Managers, Medical Officers, and other particulars, see page 121 in the Appendix).
I. The Western Infirmary was opened in the beginning of November, 1874, and conclusive
evidence has been afforded that the v?ants of the community urgently required this additional
Hospital. Although the Eoyal Infirmary continues full of patients, the accommodation both
in the Surgical and Medical Wards of the Western Infirmary has been taken advantage of
as quickly as it was ready; and with the exception of a few beds always reserved for cases
of accident, the house is full.
II. There are no funds on hand for the maintenance of the Institution, except such as
are provided from week to week by the voluntary liberality of the Citizens of Glasgow and its
vicinity. The cost of maintaining the Western Infirmary is estimated at £10,000 per annum,
and the Managers cannot doubt that the community will cheerfully contribute what is required
for this purpose.
III. The Managers take the liberty of drawing attention to the subjoined Form of Bequest, in
the hope that from that source they may be enabled gradually to accumulate a special fund from
the investment of which, in so far as it is not required for contingencies, a considerable sup-
plementary revenue may in time be derived.
I of do hereby leave to the Westekn
Infiemaky of Glasgow, free of legacy duty and cliargea, a Legacy of* pounds
sterling, which I authorise and direct ray Executors to pay to the Treasurer or any two of the Managers
thereof for the time being, upon his or their receipt, which sball be a sufficient discharge.
Dated at Glasgow, this* day of Eighteen Hundred and
Seventy years.
iTestator''s Signature).
* Bum and Date to be expressed in words, not in figures.
Meantime funds are urgently required and earnestly solicited for the upkeep of the lufirmarj',
and all annual Contributions and Donations sent to the Subscribers in answer to this appeal will
be thankfully received and duly acknowledged.
ADAM PATEESON, LL.D., Hon. Treasurer.
Western Infirmary Office,
SO Gordon Street. Glasgow.

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