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68 Trongate, opposite Tkon Steeple.
The objects of this institute are to promote the
social, moral, and intellectual welfare and recreation
of the Industrial classes. These objects are sought
to be obtained by the following means: — (1) The
provision of a spacious reading-room, well supplied
with the Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, and principal
provincial newspapers and magazines, and other
periodicals. (2) Recreation halls, in which are pro-
vided the articles for the games of billiards, bagatelle,
chess, draughts, dominoes, &c. (3) Conversation,
discussion, literary, musical, and social meetings.
The club halls are open every lawful day from 9
a.m. till 10.30 p.m., Saturdays, 11 p.m. The annual
subscription is 5s.; monthly, 6d. ; visitors, Id. each.
A. M'Dougall, president ; J. Sutherland, vice-presi-
dent ; Wm. Melvin, treasurer; J. Scott, secretary;
J. Ingram, Robt. Hillhouse, D. Fisher, D. M'Gillivray,
J. Coui-t, J. M'Gregor, W. W. Wylie, J. A. Bertram,
R. Watt, W. T. M'Culloch, and W. Cameron, directors.
48 Miller Street.
Founded in 1791 by the late Walter Stirling,
merchant in Glasgow, and has since received many
very valuable additions from various donors. The
estimated number of volumes at present in the
library is about 40,000,
The library is open daily from 10 till 4, and from
7 till 9 in the evening, excepting Saturdays, when
it is closed at 12. It is the only free library in
Glasgow, and the public are supplied with ample
facilities for consulting the books in the library hall.
Closed in July for cleaning.
Life subscription to lending department, £5 5s.;
annual subscription, 15s. the first year, and 10s. 6d.
yearly afterwards.
The Glasgow Public Library is now amalgamated
with Stirling's, and the subscribers to the former
receive all the privileges of the latter, all the books
being removed to Miller Street ; and there has also
been added recently the valuable library of the late
Dr. Scoular, who bequeathed the whole of his books
and manuscripts.
Directors. — From the Town Council, the Lord
Provost, W, Miller, Ale.t. Gray M'Donald, Henry
Grierson ; froiu Presbytery of Glasgow, Revs. David
Johnston, G. S. Burns, D.D., J. E. Cumming, D.D,;
from Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. G.
Buchanan, Dr. Perry, Dr. Miller; from Merchants'
House, David M'Cowan, Charles Gairdner, J. Smith;
from subscribers, G. W. Clark, R. S. Cunliff, Rev.
Dr. Jamieson, M. Connal, C. Monteath, W. Keddie,
H. H. Galloway, D. Sandeman.
Cunninghame Monteath, hon. secretary; G, W.
Clark and C. Monteath, secretaries ; R. S. Cunlift,
treasurer; David Blair, librarian.
Receives regularly all the latest home and foreign tele-
grams, and the London, English, Provincial, Scotch,
and Irish newspapers and Directories ; also. Commer-
cial Lists, French, German, Colonial, Canton, Indian,
and American papers, with all the leading reviews,
magazines, &c. Open daily from 8 morning till 8
evening, Sundays from 9 morning till 5 evening.
Strangers resident beyond 45 miles introduced by
subscribers not charged, unless they attend for more
than four weeks.
Slanager, G. B. M. Beatson ; Master of Room,
Alexander Russell; clerk, George Smith, and two
President, H. E. Crura Ewing, jun., Esq. ; vice-
presidents, B. B. Macgeorge, Esq., J. W. Arthur, Esq.,
Sheriff Spans, and W. R. Maxwell, Esq.; secretary,
Jas. Ritchie, 45 Hope Street ; treasurer, Nathaniel
Spens, 12 St. Vincent Place; convener of Cricket
Committee, H. MEwan, 11 Park Terrace ; convener
of Football Committee, G. R. Fleming, Newlandsfield;
convener of Fishing Committee, Wm. Harvey, 33 Vir-
ginia Street. Colours, Blue and White.
Only former pupils of the Glasgow Academy are
eligible as members.
Instituted 1869.
Patrons — The Hon. the Lord Provost ; Right Hon.
the Earl of Glasgow; Dr. Chas. Cameron, M.P. ; Alex.
Whitelaw, M.P. ; Bailie W. Collins; Councillor Finlay;
Jas. A. Campbell, Esq. ; John Matheson, jun., Esq, ;
Stephen Mason, Esq. ; Daniel Burns, Esq. ; president,
John Mathie, M.D. ; vice-president, James Wilson ;
secretary, Robert Farmer, 28 Tobago Street.
Patroness — The Queen.
Commodore, the Right Hon. the Earl of Glasgow ;
vice-commodore, Sir Slichael Robert Shaw Stewart,
Bart.; rear-commodore, Robt. Pirrie ; stewards, David
Tod, Chas. T. Couper, jun., Thomas Houldsworth,
Douglas M. Hannay, John Harvey, Francis Powell,
Thomas Henderson, R. Y. Richardson, Robert Dal-
glish, jun., Wm. Houldsworth, F. Robertson Reid,
and Thomas L. Arnott; secretary and treasurer, R.
Hope Robertson, 58 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
The admission for ordinary members is £,h entrance
money, and £o annual subscription.
The yachts of this club have the special privilege,
by warrants from the Lords of the Admiralty, of wear-
ing the blue ensign; they have also the privilege of
entering the ports of France, Holland, &c., free of
dues. The Lords Commissioners of her Majesty's
Treasury have been pleased to concede to this club all
the privileges usually granted to other Royal Yacht
Clubs. The distinguishing flags of the Club are, "Blue
Burgee with Yellow Crown and Anchor, and Blue En-
The Annual Regattas of tl'.e Club take place at
various ports on the Clyde.

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